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  1. PrincessP

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    Nov 6, 2008
    First of all, I found this site


    listing Universal Express as a free option (sounds just like Fast Pass at WDW)....

    but then I've also read it is only "free" if you stay on site.


    and then I saw on the Universal site that you can pay for this express pass service...


    So what is the true scoop?

    Is there a sticky here where I can read about Express Pass and how it works? :confused3

    Thank you! :)
  2. RMulieri

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    Jul 5, 2001
    There is no FREE version of express pass UNLESS you stay onsite.If you stay onsite you get unlimited express pass,meaning you can use it as many times as you want on eligible attractions ( Forbidden Journey, Ollivanders wands, Rip Ride Rocket and Pteranodon flyers are NOT eligible).There is also a purchase version of it for non resort guests.Costs depends on the projected crowds for the day, higher crowds( when you need the pass most ) can cost as much $79 per park( usually Christmas week) for ONE day and that does not include park admission.They are DATE specific and PARK specific and nonrefundable.The purchase version is only good for ONE ride per eligible attraction.Everyone must have their own express pass( you can not share with someone).There is also a purchase version of unlimited that includes park admission, though its not cheap
  3. damo

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    Jan 1, 2001
    That website must be very, very old. There was free collected express passes at one time but since there was also free unlimited express for onsite guests, the free collected express passes were limited and thus ran out very early and made a lot of people very angry.

    So it got discontinued.

    Now there is only free express passes for those who stay onsite.

    here is the FAQ sticky.... http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1353733

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