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Trip Report, The Resorts

Discussion in 'Universal Studios Trip Reports' started by KimCon, Jun 28, 2001.

  1. KimCon

    KimCon Future Floridian

    I returned Tuesday, the 26th after staying 7 nights at Universal Orlando. Although I tried to pay close attention to detail, I just can't remember what we did every single day. (I'm getting old) So, I am going to divide my report into three categories, 1) The resorts,
    2) The food and 3) The parks. I hope I don't bore anyone too much, as I am not nearly as talented a writer as most people on the board.

    The "players" consist of me, age 45
    My 14 year old son, Doug
    My 10 year old daughter, Rachel
    Doug's 16 year old friend, Chris

    Due to the FOTL feature, I decided we would stay at least 5 nights on Universal property. I started calling several months ago to make ressies, and I was unable to get 5 nights in a row at either PB or HRH. I was able to make the first 3 nights at PB and the last 2 nights at HRH. I was able to get an entertainment rate at PB, of $187.50 per night for a bay view room, but had to pay rack rate for a garden view room at HRH, $205.00 per night.

    When we finally pulled up to the Portofino Bay, I thought it was so beautiful that it took my breath away. I felt the same way when we entered the lobby, and also when we entered our room. The room was gorgeous, with a huge bathroom. I couldn't believe how big the bathroom was. I was surprised by the deep bathtub, definitely not what you would expect in a hotel room, but of course this wasn't just any hotel..... The beds at the PB were nothing short of heavenly. This is the only resort that I ever slept the entire first night, it usually takes me one night to just get used to the place. I was also very impressed with the pool. I thought the lava rocks were great and the slide was a blast, especially that zippy little drop!! After 3 nights it was time to move on, and I really hated to leave this place. However, it was easier leaving when I knew that I was going to the Hard Rock!!! Oh, I almost forgot to add, our original plan was to spend 3 nites at PB and 2 nites at HRH, but we were having so much fun, we decided to try and add 2 nites at HR. I called the front desk at the PB and they connected me with Loews Reservations. The lady told me the only thing available for the 2 nights we wanted was club level at $305.00 per night. I asked, don't you have any discount for that? She put me on hold and came back and offered the club level to me with a Loews First card discount of $239.00 per night, sounds good to me!!

    We checked into the Hard Rock and had a garden view room. No one asked me about my Loew's First welcome gift, but I really didn't care. I was too busy looking at all of the Rock n Roll memoribilia all over the place. I had my camera out, walking around taking pictures of Eric Clapton's guitar, Elvis' clothes, Cher's dress, Elton's hats, well you get the picture, no pun intended. Wow! This was without a doubt the coolest place I have ever been, and where did they get all of the cool people that worked there? Did they advertise in the newspaper, cool people only need apply? No stiff shirts here. OUr room was great, although I have to admit that I liked the PB rooms better, but overall I really liked the HRH better. We stayed in our Garden view room for 2 nights, then had to check out to move up to the Club level. The Jefferson's theme song kept going through my head...Movin on up!!!

    We moved up in the world to the 7th floor. I have to admit that I was disappointed that the room was exactly the same as the one I left, but they did have robes that weren't available in the Garden View. The Continental Breakfast was nice, we really appreciated having it, and the kids really took advantage of the soda. My daughter is a fruit lover and always was running to the lounge to get an apple or pear. I also enjoyed getting my morning paper here, something we did not get at the Garden View, but had previously received in the PB. Oh, I forgot to add that the pool is of course awesome, and my son and his friend had a blast playing basketball every night after the parks closed. I enjoyed the club level very much, but would not pay the full price $305.00 per night.

    My impression of the resorts, I loved them both. But if they could take that heavenly room from the PB and put it over at the HRH, then we would have the perfect place. I had to laugh when we checked out of PB into HRH, my 14 yr old DS, said Thank God, we're out of Italy!!!!!!!!!

    Hope I didn't bore you too much.

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  3. SherryfromOK

    SherryfromOK Member

    It sounds wonderful. We are going to the HRH in November, and it sounds great. Were the beds good at HRH too?? I heard they were pretty good.
  4. KimCon

    KimCon Future Floridian

    The beds at the Hard Rock were very comfortable too. Just not as comfortable as PB.

    Kim:wave: :wave: :wave:
  5. fboy9287

    fboy9287 Mouseketeer

    i stayed at a loews in miami. I slept in till 12.
  6. Riverview

    Riverview Member

    Thanks for the report KimCon. We leave in two weeks the wait is becoming unbearable!
    Riverview :smooth: :bounce: :p :bounce: :wave:
  7. KimCon

    KimCon Future Floridian

    I am so envious of you. I think I have the post vacation blues!

    Have a great time!

    Kim:wave: :wave: :wave:
  8. Beckles

    Beckles Mouseketeer

    I've stayed at both the PBH and HRH multiple times, and I always thought the PBH beds were better, but was never sure since I never stayed back-to-back like you did! Glad you confirmed what I always suspected :)
  9. Beckles

    Beckles Mouseketeer

    I'm leaving in two hours :p

    Going to Sarasota and Tampa first though ... don't go to the HRH until Tuesday ... I'll have to "settle" for the Hyatt Sarasota until then ...
  10. Robinrs

    Robinrs DIS Veteran

    This is a GREAT report, Kim!! What in the world did you mean that you'd BORE us????


    How incredible that you had a chance to do the back to back comparison! I'm dying to try the PB now.

    I agree with the :cool: clientele... any hotel that has Scooby Doo in a leather jacket is WAY :cool: in my book!
  11. Lalalindica

    Lalalindica Member

    GREAT report!! Thanks for posting!

    Beckles - how long are you staying at the HRH? We'll be there next Friday thru Sunday!! Boy I can't wait!!:pinkbounc
  12. nhrenee

    nhrenee <font color=royalblue>Oh, meow!!<br><img src=http:

    Thanks for posting. It was a great report, not too short or long!
  13. BarbaraBligh

    BarbaraBligh Earning My Ears

    Thanks for great report. Would love to stay at PBH or HRH summer of 2001. My only concern (from posting on other boards) about HRH is the noise. I love music, however the HR rest. in Mexico had good food but the music was deafening to the point of being VERY uncomfortable. Some posts have stated that the music is "everywhere" and very loud (is it in all pool areas, hallways, etc.?) at the hotel. As much as I enjoy music, quiet areas are delightful also on this type of vacation (esp. since I'll have 3 children along). Also, which has the better pool area - water slide esp.?) Also, does pool area at HRH close later than PBR' 8:00p.m. Can you stay at one and swim at the other resort?
    Thanks for any and all info.
  14. KimCon

    KimCon Future Floridian

    The music at HRH really didn't bother me, you knew it was there but it wasn't really all that loud, not nearly as loud as the restaurant.

    The kids would probably like the HRH pool the best. I think it closes at 10:00PM, but there were usually some teens in there later. They just couldn't use the slide. From info I read on this board, I think pool hopping is allowed. Have fun!!

    Kim :wave: :wave: :wave:
  15. gschmerl

    gschmerl <font color=red>Not ignored by the Tag Fairy any l

    I agree with KimCon--the music at the Hard Rock Cafe really gets to me, but the music at the HRH was fine. They don't blast it at you. In fact the music underwater was awesome!

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