Trip report for Oct 6th our first HHN

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    Oct 3, 2012
    Me and the hubby drove down Friday night, stayed at the Westgate Lake and Resort got it for $63 a night, and it was really nice we thought. We had a top floor overlooking the pool. We woke up late Saturday morning and went and shopped a little bit and then hit the pool and hot tub for a couple hours before getting ready. Hit Universal around 3pm to get our real tickets since we had just the confirmation paper from (got two tickets for $101.00). Bought our EP passes online before heading down and has those ready as well. Went back to Nascar Cafe and had some dinner and relaxed a bit more before heading down to the entrance at 5:30. They started letting people in, we started right and hit Alice Cooper (pretty interesting) then hit Pen and Teller,(interesting again LOL) then decided to wait around a bit and watch Bill and Ted show ( LOVVVVVVVVVED IT) then continued to Walking Dead, (huge fan of the show so I loved the house as well) Gothic and Dead End, Silent Hill, never made it back around to House of Horrors got lost in the streets watching the scare actors and just enjoying the park. I will say that I was skeptical at first at buying the express passes because of the price but I am so glad we did. The longest wait the whole night was ten minutes into Silent Hill. We enjoyed it so much we will be going back next year. We rode one ride and that was the mummy. We have been to US many times so the rides weren't a big deal to make sure we rode them that night, just the HHN event.

    So to sum it up we had a amazing time and it was worth the 12 hr drive total to get there and home. And Westgate was enjoyable as well! :thumbsup2:thumbsup2
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    Thanks for sharing your report. :thumbsup2

    I'm going to move this to the Trip Reports board which is more appropriate.

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