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Transportation to/from airport from Universal Resort

Discussion in 'Universal Orlando Resorts & Hotels' started by kkproulx, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. mycutiepatooties

    mycutiepatooties New Member

    We just got back last week. We used Tony Hinds for our airport transfer and we were very pleased. He has a large van and charged us 100.00 (not including tip) for a roundtrip transfer for 4 people from MCO to Royal Pacific. That included a complimentary grocery store stop. He was the driver for both legs of the trip. He was there early and very polite. I would recommend him. http://taxi-mco.com/Drivers/Tony Hinds.htm
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  3. Metro West

    Metro West <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=blue> Moderator

    This thread is now stuck.
  4. DryCreek

    DryCreek Peter Pan (never grows up)

    OK, I am down to the last part of booking for our vacation this May (12-17). I have it narrowed down to Mears or Super Shuttle. Super Shuttle offers a discount if you use the code "saver" (Mouse-Savers). I read some online reviews of Mears, and the consensus seems to be to avoid them. The horror stories ran about 10 for each good review. I wonder if just unhappy folks posted reviews? I know that Mears provides the service for DME, and every time we've used that it has been great. I guess that it doesn't reflect service across their entire product line though.

    Has anyone had experience with either of those two choices? At around $30 per person, round trip - they seem reasonable enough.

    And yes, I realize that it probably won't be a bee-line shot to our hotel.

    ETA - decided on Super Shuttle based on the good reviews offered by other DisBoards members that use them for DL transportation.
  5. damo

    damo <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><marquee behavior

    We took Mears from the airport...once. First we had to wait about 45 minutes for the van to fill up. Then we had to wait while everyone else was dropped off first. I think it took us about 2 hours.

    I've never taken Super Shuttle or actually even heard of it. We take a cab. $100 return including tip.
  6. shoney

    shoney New Member

    Thanks for posting this! I was able to book him for our upcoming trip...I really like the Publix stop!
  7. randybw1

    randybw1 New Member

    We are going in June, how does the grocery store stop work? I'm assuming there will be others in the van and it might be/get crowded, so I'm wondering how many groceries we'll be able to get? This is how we offset some cost when we went before (We drove so didn't have this problem...)
  8. shoney

    shoney New Member

    I booked him for June too. It is a private van. He told us we could stop at Publix for 30 minutes to shop.
  9. waikiki

    waikiki Swiss'Milch'Cow !

  10. dedex13

    dedex13 New Member

    Forgive my ignorance, but being a country bumpkin with just about no experience with taxis and some assertiveness issues, how do you "grab a cab" at the airport. Do you have to do the whole waving and whistling thing? Embarrassing, but I don't know if I could do that.

    Also, I am considering staying at a hotel near the airport on my arrival and departure days since my flights will likely be arriving late and leaving early. I am a little concerned about getting a taxi from the airport to the hotel and the hotel to the Universal hotel and back again. If it's going to be a huge hassle I might just spend the extra $$$ and just go straight to Universal.
  11. damo

    damo <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><marquee behavior

    Follow the signs for ground transportation. Once there, you will see a employee who will direct you to a cab. It is that easy.

    Did you check the hotel that is directly in the airport? Sometimes you can get some great prices.
  12. shoney

    shoney New Member

    Also, at the larger hotels there are usually taxis right there waiting for passengers. If not, just ask at bell service or someone by the front door and they will call one for you.

    don't worry no hailing cabs like on the streets of Manhattan!

    Just in case you don't know, it is customary to tip your cab driver 15 to 20%.

    Have fun and no worries!!!!
  13. waikiki

    waikiki Swiss'Milch'Cow !

    A taxi to the airport is like a hamburger at McDonalds! You always find some & that is like this anywhere in the world!
    And for me who does not speak English well, I say "hello" to my cabdriver, I give my ticket with destination address and go! 30 minutes I am at the hotel.
    From the hotel to the airport, I ask at desk, too easy !
    (Thanks Google to help me translate...)
  14. Bethry

    Bethry New Member

    Want to ask just for my own peace of mind... Our flight doesn't get in until late (11:45 pm), there will still be taxis waiting around, right? Or would I be much safer to book something in advance?
  15. randybw1

    randybw1 New Member

    I just wanted to post that we just returned from Universal, stayed at the Hard Rock....We used Tony Hinds for our airport transfer and everything was perfect. He was waiting for us at baggage claim. He has a nice large van and charged us 100.00 for a round-trip transfer for 4 people from MCO to the Hard Rock. We stopped at a local Publix to buy groceries. He is very knowlegeable about Universal and had some great tips for us. He was the driver for both legs of the trip. He did collect the $100 after dropping us off and setting up his return time. He was there to pick us up right on time today. I gave him a $20 tip. http://taxi-mco.com/Drivers/Tony Hinds.htm

    Hope this helps someone out. It sure did me!
  16. VLee

    VLee New Member

    Do you know if Tony provides transportation from Disney resort to Universal Hotel as well?? We are using Magic Express to Disney, but will be transferring to Hard Rock and from there to airport.
  17. VLee

    VLee New Member

    Tony responded very promptly to my emails and I have decided to go with him for our trip in early June. For $90, he will pick us up at Animal Kingdom Lodge and take us to Hard Rock Hotel and later take us to the airport from HRH. He even said he would include a grocery stop if we needed one. We have 4.

    I had planned on getting a rental car the entire time, figuring it would be easier, but figured in the $260 rental for 11 days, plus gasoline and parking costs at HRH and decided to save that money toward meals at US.
  18. Brownie54

    Brownie54 New Member

    We have used Tony five times and using him again this week. A pleasant man who has always been on time, is a good driver, and always happy to serve. Our vacation starts as soon as we see Tony waiting for us at the airport.
  19. LovesPineappleFloats

    LovesPineappleFloats Sipping a Pineapple Float in Adventureland :)

    Thanks for this info! We are leaving VWL on Aug 29th and headed to HRR for 4 days and weren't wanting to rent a car, as we won't need it onsite at US. This just may be a cheaper solution for the 4 of us. :)

    I spoke with Tony and he quoted us 90.00 RT for the 4 of us, so we booked with him. Thanks again for the info about Tony!
  20. mrsj1s

    mrsj1s New Member

    Great info on Tony. I've contacted him to quote rates for our transportation needs. Thanks for the post!!
  21. VLee

    VLee New Member

    Just a follow-up to our very recent trip and our great experience with Tony Hinds. He was waiting for us upon departure at 8 am from AKV (actually we headed out about 10 minutes earlier than scheduled and he was there waiting for us!) He was extremely pleasant, and loaded all of our luggage and even assisted with getting in van, etc. He gave us nice-to-know tips about our stay at Hard Rock Hotel.
    Upon our departure, he again was more than prompt. It was a rainy day and he told us not to worry at all about getting anything--just to stay dry. He drove very safely and the van we had was extremely clean and nice. He carried us from the HRH to the airport.
    I definitely will keep his contact info and will call him upon future trips, etc. I highly recommend his service!!

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