Tim and Lisa 05.07.2011 WP/Napa - Planning session this week

Discussion in 'Planning our Happily Ever After' started by SwedishPea, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. SwedishPea

    SwedishPea Earning My Ears

    Dec 12, 2010

    I'm very new to the boards and don't usually post but I've seen all of the wonderful comments and ideas the group shares with eachother and thought I'd give this a try.

    Tim and I got engaged on my birthday in EPCOT last month while on vacation. I am a former WDWCP grad and Tim gets my love of all things Disney. We are getting married in MAY!!! Now before you think I've completely lost my mind (which, I would agree) let me just say I'm confident I can do this without letting it consume my life, assuming I don't get swallowed by the small stuff. My best friend just asked me today if I recall what color her seat covers were at her wedding. I don't, which is her point - focus on what people WILL recall and you'll be fine!

    Tim and I plan to be married in the WP (10 am) and have our brunch reception in Napa room. We are having a small wedding with a max of 40 people, which includes the wedding party. We will have a larger reception later in the summer for our 200+ family and friends back here in the Midwest. The contract should be signed this week as we are finalizing our finances. I already have my planning session booked for late January. That hit me like a reality-ton-o-bricks - Disney wants my plans outline by mid-January. EEK!

    So that's where you come in. I need help and ideas! We are focused on a tight budget. Yes, I'm doing a wishes wedding but I can't spend 20K on it. I've been trying to find creative ways to make the most out of it.

    Thus far I have my dress and veil, a ballpark on colors (as soon as I finalize the bridesmaid dress this will be set in stone next week), flowers ideas, and a general theme in my mind of how I want the WP to look. We will be using an ipod with the speaker package instead of DJ because I can't justify a complete music package for a brunch with 40 people. I also found a good photographer in the area that I think I am going to use who is willing to even take photos of us a Boardwalk post-wedding since we won't be getting engagement photos. And at 1/2 the price Disney charges.

    What I would like to know is ....

    Who else has done a WP/NAPA brunch? What did you love and what would you do different? How was the menu at the California Grill? I don't have all my "planning tools" yet since the contract isn't signed (they are still prepping it) so I don't have everything I need to make the decisions.

    Dessert parties - this is how Tim and I got engaged and Food and Wine fest and I LOVE this idea if I can afford it. Any feedback?

    Anyone taken the Monorail from the ceremony over to the Contemporary? How was the walk? I really want pics on the Monorail but thinking I might need to buy the bridesmaids flip flops so they don't kill themselves getting there?

    Flowers - I'm debating between Disney and non-Disney options I'm leaning towards Disney to keep it easy. Want flowers for wedding party plus aisle runner and petals. Any thoughts?

    I'm all about the DIY centerpieces, etc. So if you have pics or ideas I would love to see them!

    Any other experiences I haven't thought of that you enjoyed? I want to focus keeping our guests' experiences magical without spending a fortune on catered meals, etc.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  3. irishwishes

    irishwishes Mouseketeer

    Jun 16, 2010
    Congratulations and welcome!! :yay: I feel like I've been waiting forever for my wedding so I'm a little jealous of you getting to plan your's for so soon! Everything will work out for the best and I'm sure it will be beautiful.

    My wedding is not at the WP or the Napa room so I really don't have any advice there, but I wanted to congratulate you anyway! I got my flowers from a woman online and couldn't be happier with them. They're fake flowers so I don't know how you would feel about that. I got the idea from another Disney bride on here that used her and it saved me a bunch compared to what Disney would have charged.

    The website is http://www.plumeriasweddingflowerboutique.com/
    The first picture on the welcome page is a former Disney bride with her 2 bridesmaids.
  4. Mindyjoy

    Mindyjoy DIS Veteran

    Oct 25, 2010
    Welcome to the boards!!! My DF is named Tim, too! :love:

    Looking forward to reading all your plans.
  5. Deb loves Disney

    Deb loves Disney Keep Moving Forward

    Jun 18, 2006
    Hi, welcome and congratulations!!!!!

    I am a current seasonal CM but only work a few times a year, I share your Disney enthusiasm. :cool1:

    I was just married at the WP with a lunch at the Napa Room. We had an Escape wedding so it was a little different than what you will have but I can help you our with a few of the details like food and the monorail.

    First thing....we loved the food and so did everybody else in our party! You cannot go wrong with the food here. They also provide great vendor meals which both of mine raved about.

    We had our guests ride the monorail over to the Contemporary from the Grand Floridian and we took the limo. Escape brides get a limo included in the package. First the limo took our guests over to the GF while we took photos around the WP. Then the limo took us and our photographer over to the GF for our cake and champagne toast. Then while we took more pics with our photographer our guests rode the monorail over to the Contemporary and we took the limo over when we were done with pics. We love the monorail and asked our photographer to get our pic with it so he took some of us standing near the monorail outside.

    You are going to love the Napa Room, the views are spectacular, you can go out onto the catwalk for pictures, the food is amazing, the wait staff is impeccable. There isn't anything I would have changed.
  6. SwedishPea

    SwedishPea Earning My Ears

    Dec 12, 2010
    Hi -

    I know I haven't updated in a while but here goes! My planning session is in 3 days! I leave Wednesday for Florida and I can't wait. I'm super nervous because I'm almost 100 days away from my wedding date and there's soooo much to do! :upsidedow

    I have to say this message board have been vital in my planning - thank you to everyone to contributes and provides feedback on their experiences. I'm trying very hard to stay as close to the 10K mark as I can for the wedding, and the tips I've found here are invaluable. Things add up so fast!

    In addition to my planning session I have meetings this week with Kim Chau photography, Rev. Ferguson and Amy's Blooms. I haven't decided if I will use Disney floral or outsource but I've heard good things about Amy's and want to give it a shot. Does anyone know if you can buy the Mickey crystals anywhere or if you they are a Disney Floral exclusive?

    Even as I type this my fiance is working on our invitations. We decided to make them ourselves so I spent $70 at the scrapbook store and bought materials. I have the dresses, tuxes, venue, officiant, photographer - now I need to get working on the little things like welcome bags, programs, centerpieces, etc. I think by the time I get back this week I will have stepped into full gear so hopefully I will have more ideas to share! :wizard:
  7. KristiLyn

    KristiLyn Fab Five Member!

    Dec 3, 2010
    Sounds like everything is coming together! Can't wait to see everything!
  8. SaidYes

    SaidYes Mouseketeer

    Jan 21, 2011
    It sounds like you have it figured out yourself! I am the same way about concentrating on the things guests will remember. I would prioritize your list... For me it was photography, flowers, and great music/entertainment and I have tried to let that be my guide. It's been easy for me to become distracted when I see some awesome wedding invitations or something extravagant but I try to remember my priorities. You know the food at Disney will be great regardless of what you do so that should offer you some piece of mind.

    We have the same date! Look forward to hearing more :)

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