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Discussion in 'Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Museum' started by Tampa, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Tampa

    Tampa I don't look like this in VMK.

    Aug 5, 2005
    I went in this room, and it's an incredible secret the owner AstroGenius has come up with. He was in the middle of closing the room down due to copiers when I got there, and I could totally relate to his tantrum. I calmed him down and reminded him that people already know he came up with this neat trick and gave him some "Award" prizes for even fooling me! He shared the secret in trade and it's safe with me, but you dudes gotta see this room! It'll have you wondering how he's doing it for sure!
  2. Tink Mick Koda Miles

    Tink Mick Koda Miles Maribeth_R

    May 24, 2006
    today my nephew said the tikis talked to him and changed colors.. is this what you are talking about? maybe i just never heard of it but me and my sister were confused..
  3. CL_BlueReap

    CL_BlueReap I'm glad to help people, in return i get to use em

    May 7, 2006
    Im the number 1 tiki fan! I wish to see this room :D
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  5. Shaymojack

    Shaymojack <font color=darkorchid>When I was little I used to

    Oct 24, 2005
    Sounds neat ^_^ Although I have this awesome secret-maybe not such a secret anymore-on how to make easy NPC's in Everest Rooms.
  6. Spongeblair

    Spongeblair fierceblair

    Sep 17, 2005
    Ok i went there one night saw it and wondered what was going on if anyone could pm me the secret i would be happy to know and not copy bc i do not have the time lol
  7. disvaclub92

    disvaclub92 <font color=royalblue>Always dreaming about Disney Moderator

    Aug 29, 2000
    That was sweet Ranch!! I will definetly check it out. I wish people would be original these days and not copy - but that is life unfortunately. There are the creators and the replicators.
  8. tinkattitude!

    tinkattitude! Have you ever wondered who was giving you that fee

    Jan 25, 2003
    Yeah Ranch I was there when you entered
    I was the girl in the green cap on the other side of the room yelling at the tikis to tell me how they talk. :lmao:
    But I wish I knew how they talk but I don't I keep getting the magical science thing.

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