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    We were successful in getting a three night ressie with the Buenavista trading company for a 2- two bedroom suites at this hotel.

    We should have known why.

    First the staff had little to no understanding of English so getting minor directions was difficult.

    The hotel did offer breakfast but, but it was over $25.00 per person so for our family of 6 that would be $150.00 a day for breakfast...That's a lot of eggs!
    There are two supermarkets less than 1/2 block away

    Issue #2
    No showers, they have bathtubs only, so if you have mobility issues you are now warned

    Issue #3
    If you are a family like us with six people, having the washing machine on premises is critical. In these days with $75 charges for suitcases on flights having a washing machine on site is not a luxury but now a requirement. So we asked for directions to the closest Laundromat, the answer was 2 trains away! The Laundromat was clean, modern and awesome , they had a combo machine that washed and dried the laundry for about $10 per load. Just be warned it about a 1/2 hour away.

    Issue #4
    The first day we arrived it was a bit cold so we did not miss it, but on the second and third day we really missed the air conditioning. They brought us a fan!

    Issue #5
    Not tourist friendly
    They did not have Vienna tours, restaurant ideas, city maps, NO subway passes or maps, or ideas for tourists to visit in this beautiful city. We had to use websites and alternative tour companies to find some awesome tours.

    Issue #6
    Business center
    They have one! Just they only told me when I asked about printing boarding passes.

    Issue #7
    On site restaurant
    They have one. Nobody was ever in it. So they decided to close it randomly.

    Do your research before you come to Vienna
    their are several awesome restaurants just near the hotel
    Their is a theatre attached to the hotel try it
    The trams are fun to try
    The street food was great, try the bratwurst and hot dogs with cheese
    Visit shoenbrunn palace

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