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The Trippie Who Hath No Name, or, the trippie that'll be completed when I get..

Discussion in 'Disney Trip Reports' started by kimmar067, Jan 8, 2011.


I'm having truoble naming this TR & I need your help-you can pick up to 3:

  1. "The Trippie Who Hath No Bacon"

  2. "The UNDisney-est Vacay EVER!"

  3. "Setting out to be the Longest Running Trippie on the Dis....with STYLE!"

  4. "NEVER Invite People Wut Doesn't Wants to go..."

  5. "COVER YOUR EARS! Did she REALLY just say that??!??!"

  6. "How to hate your mate in 7 easy days..."

  7. "The BEST way to stay friends with your friends is to NOT spend time with them while on vacay..."

  8. "Food Porn - not on THIS Thread!"

  9. "Other" [submit your own title]

  10. "This trippie Who Hath No Name" [the sentimental favorite]

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  1. kimmar067

    kimmar067 <MARQUEE behavior=alternate><img src=http://photop

    ...my colorful TAGS back! (but that's another story) OR, the only trippie that contains a 'gallbladder'.....:teeth:

    ....should I or shouldn't I? Should I or shouldn't I? Should I or shouldn't I? This TR was been eating away at the corner of my noggin for quite some time now, but I figured that I'd give it a shot anyway. As you can see, I'm even having trouble coming up with a right perfect name of which to call our adventures! Of course, for those of you who are familiar with my previous larks, you should already know that there are NO GUARANTEES of a 'final episode'....hey, :confused3 I do what I can.

    And so, I put it before you - YOU decide the name of this tumultuous trippie, since I am at a loss[ poll choices FINALLY available][a trippie with a poll, who'da THUNK?]:

    ~ Cast of Characters ~

    me - my knees just cannot take WDW parks [and lately, neither can my neck]commando-style, although WDW will ALWAYS have my heart!

    DH - only the Good Lord above knows why he ever decided to say "Yes" to this trippie; consumate 'workaholic' who fears the light of day hitting his legs

    DS, Jesse - former The Jersey Shore-type guido, who has seen the error of his ways :teeth: [or HAS he?]

    Alexis, GF to Jesse - a sweetiepie, if ever there was one (and the DD I never had!:sad1: ) [unfortunately, another of Jesse's EX's]

    DS, Dylan - 'odd man out', but a good sport about it

    Jean - BFF of DH; too many zany escapades with he and my DH to recount, most better left unsaid :scared:

    Maureen - Jean's DW; patient, kind, and easy-going; the kind of person you don't mind going on vacay with

    Justin - Jean & Maureen's DS, nerdy but cool, if that's possible

    Justin's GF - this is what happens when one waits too long to write a trippie....well, that and the fact that they already broke up :rolleyes:

    Rule #1 - ALWAYS make the man THINK it's his idea, and that it's a great one!

    Soooo, let me set the scene, as it were:

    It's Easter (2010), and my DH gets a phone call from one of his long-time childhood best friends, Jean-Pierre (but for convenience, I'll refer to him as Jean) to wish us a Happy Easter. However, the phone conversation is longer than usual - no big deal. I figure they're talking about football, or baseball, or hunting, [ or ta-tas - well, not really..] or whatever guy friends talk about. An hour later, DH nonchalantly tells me how Jean and his DW had purchased a time-share in Orlando and that they were inviting us to come along that summer. Nonchalantly, huh? Well, buddy, TWO can play at that game! [in my BEST 'non-chalant' voice]"....hmmm. What? Oh, that's nice. Cool. Whatever. I'll think about it...." Score one for ME!

    Now, we all know that the economy for this past 2 years has been absolutely ATROCIOUS, to say the least, so, for the most part, I was resigned to another summer sans vaca. As much as I love to visit WDW, I'm a realist and know that someitmes a vacation of ANY KIND is just not in the cards. Well, I immediately start rationalizing in my mind how, since we were invitees, it's not going to cost anything for lodging. YES! Say it WITH me, F-R-E-E!! And, since it's a fully furnished, fully equipped 'condo', we could cook every night, rather than going out to eat. Okay, so not the BEST of circumstances, but cooking in Orlando vs. cooking in NJ - cooking in Orlando wins out every time. Now, our friends always drive there, so we figured that we'd just do the same. My DH owns his business, so he could take off as many days as he likes. Trouble with that is - he doesn't work, no money comes in....of course, I have the summers off, since I am a math teacher, so our schedules were pretty flexible.

    Later that night, my DH also mentioned how I could go online to 'check out' the place - okay, I'll bite, what's the name of it? Of course, he couldn't remember - no surprise there, but Jean would be calling back the next day, and I could just ask him then.....wait a sec, are we in an alternate universe or something?? Is there a hidden candid camera strategcally placed in my house? Are you an alien clone of my DH? :confused3 Where is my DH and what have you done with him? Joke's over and I'm not having ANY of it...

    Fast forward one day, and true enough, Jean (actually, it was Maureen) called us to give me some quick info about the resort. It's called Mystic Dunes and it's located right off I92, not too far from AKL....I'm diggin' it already! Long story short (since it wound up being a 2-hour conversation) we talked about what dates would be good for us, since my DS would be taking a couple of summer courses at the university he attends - we agreed upon a few different weeks; so she'd call to find out availability. Turns out, she'd eventually book the last Saturday in July/first week of August. Not MY first choice, but, ehhh, beggars can't be choosers, I suppose....

    [...continued on Page 3 - Post #32]

    [NOTE: at the end of each update is a directive to the next update...]
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  3. DLB

    DLB Active Member

    Hmmmm.... Ya hooked me!
  4. kimmar067

    kimmar067 <MARQUEE behavior=alternate><img src=http://photop

    ...that's the idea...;) :teeth:
  5. PrincessKsMom

    PrincessKsMom <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/tlk

    I remembered the rule, just in case you try to change anything. :rotfl2:
  6. kimmar067

    kimmar067 <MARQUEE behavior=alternate><img src=http://photop

    ...whatEVER do you MEAN? :angel:
  7. PrincessKsMom

    PrincessKsMom <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/tlk

    So where's the Kangaroo bacon? I'm hungry!
  8. kimmar067

    kimmar067 <MARQUEE behavior=alternate><img src=http://photop

  9. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz <marquee><img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/sm

    The Kangaroos are here...


    which means that the Bacon is also in town...

    This TR? Definitely one for the birds!

    princess::upsidedow - marking my spot! popcorn::
  10. PrincessKsMom

    PrincessKsMom <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/tlk

    Three comments. (1) I thought PrincessInOz was a Kimmar alter ego -- but you do exist; (2) I'm still not sure you're not Kimmar -- look at that post total, it's a dead giveaway you are Kimmar :lmao:; and (3) what a pretty bird!
  11. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz <marquee><img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/sm

    Hey! What did I do?? :confused3

    I'm a youngie compared to Kimmar...only JUST made the 10K mark. Kimmar is streaks ahead of me.

    Here's another pretty bird...


    And probable proof that I'm not Kimmar...vegemite toast! :lovestruc


    (Do you think SHE will notice that we're hijacking her thread?? In any event, given that there is unlikely to be a conclusion...does it matter??)

  12. PrincessKsMom

    PrincessKsMom <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/tlk

    But you've got 10K posts in under a year. At that pace you'll blow right past Kimmar in no time. ;)

    No offensive, but you can keep the vegimite. :eek: I'll stick with good old PB&J. :)

    Thank you for the pretty bird. :thumbsup2

    And of course this trip report isn't going anywhere. It is Kimmar we're talking about. She's too busy participating in every thread on the DIS to come back here and finish what she started. :lmao: So I now declare it to be the "Princess" thread.
  13. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz <marquee><img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/sm


    Vegemite will someday RULE the world!
  14. DisneyFirefly

    DisneyFirefly <font color=deeppink>I wind up insanely itchy and

    Yay for a TR! I'm here! :)
  15. Imzadi

    Imzadi <font color=purple>I can shoot a gun, but I'm scar

    People New Rule on other boards, too? :confused3

    I thought that was only a Community Board rule. :surfweb:

    Who knew there was so much drama on other boards requiring the New Rule. [​IMG]
  16. franandaj

    franandaj <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    I'll subscribe to a Kimmar TR, she is pretty darned tweaked and definitely not tweaked in the same way as Princess, they are DEFINITELY not the same person! Is the a TR on the one where the DH wanted to change everything at the last moment and not stay with folks on the way down and change it all up withing two days of the trip?
  17. SadieDog

    SadieDog <font color=red>Minds are like parachutes, they on

    :wave2: I'm here. This should be a fun read. I had to chuckle at your Jesse description.
  18. BeadyLady

    BeadyLady <font color=magenta>Survivor<br><font color=darkor

    I am on board. Maybe I can learn some tricks too, I want to go back already. :rolleyes1
  19. creativeamanda

    creativeamanda <font color=darkorchid>One slithering around on me

    Oh, dear, I wonder if I should subscribe or should not. But I will, because at least I'll get a dose of kimmar-style laughter.
  20. John's Mom

    John's Mom <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo


    I'm sticking around to see where this is going. :lmao:
  21. athenna

    athenna DIS Veteran<br><br><font color ="blue">I've been w

    I'm in!:thumbsup2 I've got to know what happens next!

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