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The sims~!!!!

Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by princessash2323, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. princessash2323

    princessash2323 New Member

    ne1 here a sims fan i love sims!!!!!
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  3. Rose_Greenthumb

    Rose_Greenthumb <font color=darkgreen>It brings a whole new meanin

    you're right! Unleashed is really cool, some of the pets are really cute (the monkey on the box is just downright scary though)
  4. krispykremewissa

    krispykremewissa Mmmm. Donut. **drools**

    I have all of the sims too but superstar doesnt work on this computer so I put it on my laptop. Oh well, Its fun to start all over. Hot Date was my all time favorite though. It just had cool stuff to buy and actions to do ;)
  5. xo dance chik 7

    xo dance chik 7 New Member

    I love the Sims!
    Hey, I'm new here, so if anybody wants to talk, go right ahead.:jester: :Pinkbounc :bounce::p ;)
  6. Flower4Pwr

    Flower4Pwr 10% Angel ; 90% Devil

    I LOVE the sims!! I admit I use the money cheat a lot. :o Superstar is my favorite so far. It is the first one where they is an acutal goal to work towards.
  7. Princess Ash

    Princess Ash <font color=deeppink>Disney Princess<br><font colo

    I LOVE THE SIMS! I have sim city! I really want Sim Superstar and the whole Sims online thing too! Just haven't gotten around to it. (btw, welcome Dance Chik 7 :wave:
  8. WDWfanatic288

    WDWfanatic288 <font color=blue>Is now a card carrying member of

    the sims are great!!!

    I think my favorite ever was Hot Date...I love all the shopping! I also like The Vacation one(they just need to add a theme park to it! :p) !!
  9. DisneyGeek13_8_2006

    DisneyGeek13_8_2006 <font color=darkgold>Belle is my favorite!<br><fon

    I love the sims! we recently got sims superstar and it is so awesome with all the new things to buy and trying to get superstar status! Has anyone here gotten that yet?
  10. Rose_Greenthumb

    Rose_Greenthumb <font color=darkgreen>It brings a whole new meanin

    I have superstar, I think it's really great.
  11. Flower4Pwr

    Flower4Pwr 10% Angel ; 90% Devil

    Jules, you should suggest that to Maxis as the next expansion pack!! I would definitely buy that!!

    I haven't gotten to superstar status...but I am a "B list celebrity" it's kinda annoying because I hate the psycho stalking fan!! But I love listening to my sim sing in gibberish!!
  12. Rose_Greenthumb

    Rose_Greenthumb <font color=darkgreen>It brings a whole new meanin

    I'm on 4 and a half stars at the moment and I have a phsyco fan too! He just will not leave me alone!
  13. princessash2323

    princessash2323 New Member

    I'm babysitting my bro right now and my mom is paying me 30$ so i can get it! (superstar) I WANT IT SO BAD! i'm not allowed to get hot date~ superstar sounds so fun!!!! i cant wait! i'm in the middle of my a ablum for the websaite biut sent the computer to get fixed (it was dead) i just hope we dont lose the memory:)
  14. princessash2323

    princessash2323 New Member

    does everyone here have the money cheat?~~~~ i got thishouse and i didnt use the cheat (normally i always do) but i got up to 100,000 simlloans
  15. katj

    katj New Member

    hi new to the boards and just felt like jumping on to the Sims thread!

    love the sims, so incredibly addicitve, of course my computer can't keep up with all the expansion packs so its excrutiatingly slow! but still my favourite PC game. i really want superstar, but alas am way too poor! (got to be saving for the disney holiday and all)

    i normally use the money cheat, building the houses is the best part and having to make them with the cheapest paint/floor/furniture just ruins the fun!
  16. princessash2323

    princessash2323 New Member

    someone tell me wut u can do w/ s.s (superstar)
    :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc

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