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  1. jeskat

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    Feb 28, 2012
    Hi everyone got back last night sad to leave but it is always nice to get home.

    Cant for the life of me figure out uploading pictures on here so may be pictureless, according to my camera i took 764 photos and thats after i deleted some!!!

    Left the house Friday 28th at 3am headed for the airport, all went smoothly airfrance flight left on time at 6am landed just before 9am local time, CDG well didnt expect that even after reading about it, we walked, walked and walked some more, hopped on a shuttle bus, walked some more then half an hour later we found our bags, i was glad to get out we were heading for marital problmes at this point after such a long night!!! Ezy shuttle were waiting for us and off we went, got to parks around 10ish, Donald duck and Pluto were in the lobby so girls got their first autographs i found it a little scary some women was determined to get rid of me!! Weather was great sunny and warm

    Headed outside and had a seat, our first time i found it a bit overwhelming, place is so big and so much to do.

    Wandered off and ended up in frontierland first ride of the day BTM (kate was just tall enough), what a way to start the trip, girls got off screaming for more, DH vowed never to do it again ha ha I loved it. Walked towards fantasyland and had someting to eat in Au chalet de marionette, burgers were lovley. Headed straight for casey Jnr as it was due to close, then went on the boats, did dumbo, carousels was very busy today we followed the schedule for some meet and greets went looking but we never seen anyone.

    Headed back to hotel got our room so went and freshened up and got rid of some stuff then back to park for the parade, people were a bit pushy made it a bit uncomfartable in didnt get much photos of parade everyone was leaning out and holding out camera so it was a bit diffucult, grls loved it. Headed for silver spur our booking was for 6pm but they took us early, people without bookings were already getting turned away. Food was lovely steak was melt in the mouth, and my creme brullee was heavenly i was stuffed after, girls got really good sized portions they couldnt eat it all. After we headed to Adventureland, walked around all the caves and aladdin then headed for POC which was a walk on, great.

    Headed back to the hotel had a drink in the bar and headed for bed, very sleepy.
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    Oct 13, 2010
    Hi, great start! Regarding the photos, you need to upload them to a photosharing website (I use photobucket, but there are tons of others) and copy and paste the url of the photo into your report. Looking forward to reading more

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