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The "Official" June 2013 Thread...we're almost there!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Countdowns and Live Reports' started by Tiggerlover91, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. debjk4

    debjk4 New Member

    We will be there for our FIRST trip June 8-15 at CSR! So excited!
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  3. flea1267

    flea1267 New Member

    Yesterday booked Art Of Animation - LION KING Suite!!!! We will be there (Lord Willing) from Friday, June 7th until Saturday, June 14th! :cool1:
  4. softballmom3

    softballmom3 New Member

    It's official.....June 8-13 Villas @ Wildnerness Lodge :). Can't wait!
  5. AlohaAnnie

    AlohaAnnie New Member

    Congrats on your FIRST Trip!!

    You are going to have a blast!

  6. magrudersmakes3

    magrudersmakes3 New Member

    You will have a great time!!
  7. tianna26

    tianna26 New Member

    this will be our first trip to the world EVER :banana: planning on the first week of june nothing concrete yet. most likely staying in a value to save money
  8. letthewookiewin

    letthewookiewin <font color=blue>"That's 'cause droids don't pull

    Looks like we'll be going to WDW again next year in June. The DH and I were supposed to have done a kidless trip in January over my birthday weekend. This will be our oldest DS's first year in HS and being able to do wrestling. The trip would have come right in the middle of the season and the DH refused to take the trip. Now, we have the trip moved to early June, like we did this year. The dates will more than likely be 6/9 - 14, 2013. I'm not sure where we will stay yet. It'll depend on the discounts. I have it narrowed down to CSR, WL, or CR /w TPV.
  9. Tiggerlover91

    Tiggerlover91 New Member

    Congrats on your first trip! :hug: Let me know when you pick dates and a resort, I will add you to our list.

    Everyone else is added. If you do not see your name, just let me know and I'll update. :goodvibes
  10. disneyfanfamily

    disneyfanfamily New Member

    As of right now, June 4-12. We may change dates depending on our transportation options and discounts. But that is what is booked as of now! We are staying at AoA in the LM section. YAY!
  11. Tiggerlover91

    Tiggerlover91 New Member

  12. tianna26

    tianna26 New Member

    just got home from AAA its official we will be there June 2-11 staying at AoA- finding nemo suites! :yay:

    i was so excited posted this in jan.2013 thread on accident lol
  13. letthewookiewin

    letthewookiewin <font color=blue>"That's 'cause droids don't pull

    Congrats!! This trip was originally supposed to have been January 2013, and I think you posted it on the thread I started, so I'll just ignore it. No worries.
  14. ffcheff

    ffcheff New Member

    Just found out my oldest DD school is not finished until 6/21. Guess she is going to miss last week of school.:rotfl2:
  15. letthewookiewin

    letthewookiewin <font color=blue>"That's 'cause droids don't pull

    I wish I could take our DSs out the last week of school. To prevent parents from doing that, the kids take final exams the last two days of school in our district. Tests on the last day, don't even start until the afternoon. You can bring them up during the summer to make them up though.
  16. VACamm

    VACamm New Member

    Im in!! Im in!!!

    We went to Pop Aug 25-30 this year which was just a couple of weeks ago. We were not too umpressed with Pop... It was ok but nothing great. Anywayyyy we are going to go back June 2013 to either CSR or POR. We are trying to choose now...and its soooo hard!
  17. VACamm

    VACamm New Member

    Oh... We are planning to go June 15-22 .... CSR or POR :)
  18. letthewookiewin

    letthewookiewin <font color=blue>"That's 'cause droids don't pull

    I liked the theme of the resort. It had a really fun atmosphere to us. We loved the main pool, and all of the CMs were very nice. I didn't like the beds. They were so incomfortable that I didn't sleep well. Then I HATED the bathroom. I felt claustrophobic in it.
  19. Tiggerlover91

    Tiggerlover91 New Member

    The 3 below should plan a DIS meet...you've got the EXACT same dates! :thumbsup2

    VACamm~~June 15th-June 22nd~~CSR or POR
    ffcheff~~June 15th-June 22nd~~BLT
    Missytara~~June 15th-June 22nd~~POR
  20. VACamm

    VACamm New Member

    I did love the food court food selections, great bus service, and low prices :)

    I did NOT like the small beds... No coffee pot in room... Teeny bathrooms...A billion people everywhere, and the general resort itself was too bright and cheesy lol. we had never stayed at a value previously. i like a more relaxed atmosphere... Like at moderates with peaceful theming. My own personal opinion :)

    I'm not saying it was awful...just that I would prefer to stay somewhere else at a Moderate as usual. If we received an amazing discount like $59 room rate for Pop I would stay there again because it wasn't terrible... It just is not my first choice. :)
  21. VACamm

    VACamm New Member

    This is awesome :)

    I think we are leaning towards COR for the amazing pool ... Peaceful theming.... Queen beds... And the Casita buildings with beach hammocks :)

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