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The Makeup Clique Thread - Wanna talk makeup? Wanna share tips? Wanna ask ?'s?

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by CathrynRose, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. Angelhalo

    Angelhalo <font color=blue>Ok I was like crap I'm breaking r

    I LOVE them but just ran out. I mostly buy the clear. Dang we need to live closer, we could makup shop together AND I could get good haircuts!

    I LOVE makeup AND perfumes. My perfumes have been neglected lately though because since we moved into the new house my DH hasn't put up a perfume shelf for me. Poor lonely perfumes are hanging out in a box all excpet for my Laila of course
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  3. dec5girl

    dec5girl New Member

    I have been having a problem with perfume because in the last 5 - 10 years I have been having allergies that I didn't have before. Florals make me sneeze. Is Laila from Norway a floral?

    I'm glad you mentioned Bed Head because my hair stylist told me to try their conditioner and I was going to ask you what you thought of that product. (I hope a quick hair question isn't too off topic.)

    Also, I need a new eyeliner. I know you like liquid, but I just can't get used to it. I like the nice sharp pencil. I don't like the ones that you twist. It has to be the wooden kind that can go in the sharpener. Any suggestions?
  4. shirleyb

    shirleyb I'm a lot funnier in real life.

    Unfortunately, the nearest Sephora to me is 3 hrs away. I went to the one outside the Venetian when I was in Vegas and I could have spent my whole paycheck.

    Any recommendations on eyeshadow primer? I bought the Urban Decay one at Sephora, and it was so-so for me.

    I love everyday minerals. Reminds me, time to order...
  5. CathrynRose

    CathrynRose <font color=brown>R.I.P. Possibly Un-PC Tag, R.I.P

    No - I just know that they have them once and again - and was wondering if anyone knew when! :)

    I have a perfume shelf, too! :lmao:

    We could totally makeup shop together! DANG!

    And look who else is here ........

    We all need to live centrally located. Chicago should work. It's in the middle. :rolleyes1

    laila is a floral - but I have a TON of tester/sample bottles. I will clean one out and mail you a sample of it so you can try it. It's so fresh and wonderful. I think I still have your address, I'll double check. Or I could just put on the envelope 'Look for the house with the spoons"?? :confused3 :lmao:

    I love bed head - but what is 'wrong' with your hair? What are you needing? I wouldnt say Bed head is the best you can get for moisture, though. AND...keep in mind.... I'm going to the Hair Show at the end of March. I can get all Bed Head, (and every other brand)wholesale. If you can hold off until then, we can get you a lot of stuff, way cheaper - I can call you and picture text you from there.

    Which conditioner, anyways?

    And eye liner.... how do you know I like liquid??? :confused3 I actually like the little gel pots from MAC - but yeah, theyre liquid. When I was a pencil user, I was like you, though. I only liked PENCIL pencils... not the twisty up kind. Pencils. I used to use the Loreal one - that big long one - do they still make that one? I can pick you up a Bed head one, when I go - their makeup is fantastic, so I'd imagine their liner is nice too....black or brown?
  6. can84

    can84 New Member

    I've been using Chanel's eyeliner in black jade :lovestruc It goes on smooth and doesn't smudge. Love their mascara too :goodvibes
  7. NTDreams

    NTDreams New Member

    Has everyone seen the new Hello Kitty MAC line??

    I think I might need to get it all! I love all types of make-up though. I have three caboodle to prove it. HAHA! Would anyone want to post pictures of their best make-up day?
  8. momoftwins

    momoftwins <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    What happened to that thread about the Neutrogena Rejuvenator? I love mine, but wanted to check to see how everyone else thought.

  9. CathrynRose

    CathrynRose <font color=brown>R.I.P. Possibly Un-PC Tag, R.I.P

    I have the Disney MAC glosses! No Hello Kitty, though.

    I dunno - it wasnt my thread though. I love that dang thing!
  10. dec5girl

    dec5girl New Member

    Cat ~ What's wrong with my hair is pretty much dryness. She said to try the dumb blonde conditioner. It's for color treated. I haven't mentioned this b/c I know I will get picture requests and I haven't had a chance to take a pic with all the sickness, but I went a lot lighter with blonde highlights.

    I would LOVE to try the bead head liner. We'll talk closer to the time you are going.
  11. hellokitty86

    hellokitty86 <font color=blue>If I didn't wear it myself- I wou

    Hi everyone!

    I have a couple favorite perfumes. I have to be careful because I will love a perfume in the store and then after buying it and using it I will start to hate it :confused3 Sephora is very good about giving samples of perfume and I will use them for a couple days to make sure I really like it!

    My favorites:
    -Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

    -Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal (found this in France at Epcot, its a funny story actually. We were in Epcot our arrival night and it was EMH. We went into the perfume shop and this handsome French CM was following me around showing me the perfumes. He would spray one on my arm and then ask to smell me:rolleyes1 Needless to say I was enjoying myself and my DH kept trying to rush me! I found out later my parents surprised me and came to Disney to be with us and they were waiting for us at the hotel, which is why DH was rushing me!)

    -Twisted Peppermint from Bath & Body Works when I am tight for money:rolleyes1 I have to stock up in the after Christmas sales!

    -Hot Couture by Givenchy

    I love the Clean line too. They smell REALLY good, but I love that linen/cotton smell anyway!
  12. dec5girl

    dec5girl New Member

    OK, here's something that can maybe get me started into perfume again. I have this box of sample fragrances that was like a gift set that I got at a gift exchange. It has 4 bottles all by Este Lauder. It has one called Pure White Linen. Maybe that isn't too floral. Should I try that?
  13. Rora

    Rora <font color=darkorchid>I'm the needy, sexy Unicorn

    It doesn't sound floral-y. It sounds like it would be pretty fresh and clean smelling.

    You should certainly try it!! Let us know if you like it!
  14. CathrynRose

    CathrynRose <font color=brown>R.I.P. Possibly Un-PC Tag, R.I.P

    You know - dumb blonde is nice - but it's not the deepest conditioner out there. What are you using now?

    If it were me - Id be using a leave in, every day. I Love Sebastian Potion 9.
  15. OK!

    OK! <font color=purple>Dreams in <img src=http://photo

    I generally hate all fruity/foody scents, with the exception of citrus-based ones and Pink Sugar. :goodvibes I tend to gravitate toward "clean" or abstract-y kind of fragrances, e.g. Cool Water, The Body Shop's White Musk, stuff like that. I also used to love Om by the Gap, but IINM, they quit making it a while ago. I haven't had to look for it in ages; my mom always used to load up on it when she and my dad went to Orlando & she'd take a side trip to the Gap outlet.

    I'm pretty basic when it comes to makeup. LOVE Clinique's Perfectly Real Compact Makeup...love the texture, love the finish, love every single last thing about it. I like to experiment with eye makeup some (products, not overall look). Lately I've been into L'Oreal's Beauty Tubes mascara, though I have to say, I've never received more compliments on my eyes than when I wore the Almay purple mascara that's designed to highlight brown eyes. Even the BF noticed and commented, which is pretty major for him. :laughing:
  16. Angelhalo

    Angelhalo <font color=blue>Ok I was like crap I'm breaking r

    I have found almost all Estee scents to be too strong for me. I can like taste them. But, I like florals and light fruity scents so Estee might work for you.
  17. CathrynRose

    CathrynRose <font color=brown>R.I.P. Possibly Un-PC Tag, R.I.P

    i thought pure white linen was a floral. Lemme check on that for you.
  18. dec5girl

    dec5girl New Member

    Yea, we talked about that Potion 9 before, but I forgot about it. I do use a leave in and I use Matrix Biolage smoothing formula or something? It just got dry because I started to wash too often. I was stuggling with my curls and that only made it worse! I'm washing 2 times a week now. It will be better again soon. Also it's gotten longer and that seems to make the curls easier to manage.

    Hey, I'm not trying to turn the makeup thread into a hair thread. Or did you just want it to be a general beauty thread?
  19. CathrynRose

    CathrynRose <font color=brown>R.I.P. Possibly Un-PC Tag, R.I.P

    Have you tried the CLEAN line? You might like it.

    The Estee Lauder website describes Pure White Linen Light Breeze as:
    "Wet Citrus notes of luscious Bergamot, Orange Zest and White Grapefruit combine with Darjeeling Tea, colorful florals and sheer woods. Fragrance Type: Sparkling Citrus Floral."

    Reviews: http://www.makeupalley.com/product/...e_Linen-_Light_Breeze/Estee_Lauder/Fragrances

    have you guys seen the OPS collection at Sephora? Nail Candy? Do you hear that? That's the Angel's singing *ahhhhhhh*

  20. CathrynRose

    CathrynRose <font color=brown>R.I.P. Possibly Un-PC Tag, R.I.P

    I dont care. make it whatever you want. :cloud9:

    Hair is fun too.

    Okay - Biogenol is a REALLY REALLY REALLY good deep conditoner you can use once a week or whatever. REALLY good. It contains protein (same as Potion 9)

    Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque

    ULTRA-DEEP MASQUE: (deep conditioner) Specially formulated for color-treated hair with the new Phycocorail Color Shield Protection Ingredient System. ULTRA-DEEP MASQUE is an ultra-deep, ultra-nourishing revitalizing spa treatment. Vitamin and vegetable proteins, rebuild, strengthen and restore life. Restructures and energizes as it locks in moisture, body, condition and fabulous shine, to leave your hair healthier than ever before. Contains a natural anti-oxidant to prevent fading. Glycerin-free. Contains no other ingredients that may strip hair color.


    Dumb Blonde is good - dont get me wrong, but I wouldnt call it a deep conditioner, or one that could reverse issues with your hair. It's a daily use.
  21. dec5girl

    dec5girl New Member

    While you are checking that, it also contains Pleasures, Beautiful, and Beyond Paradise. Are any of those less floral? My problem is, you will probably be thinking, why don't I just smell them? They all smell fine to me, the sneezing starts 30 minutes to an hour after I put them on. So I don't know until I try and lately I would just rather not end up having a sneezy day.
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