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The jabead Family went to Disney World! 3/23-3/30/13 COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by jabead, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. tammilynne

    tammilynne Member

    following along! Looking forward to your dining reviews! :thumbsup2
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  3. disnut1149

    disnut1149 Mouseketeer

    Can't wait. Have a great trip!!
  4. KMarston

    KMarston Member

  5. glasslipper

    glasslipper Mouseketeer

    ooh, can't wait to read all the great reviews!
  6. deenbrad

    deenbrad Mouseketeer

    So happy that you and your family get to go, Barb! You do so much for everyone with your live report - I'm glad you get to go enjoy yourself! I agree with Brenda though, you're going to be mobbed by fans if anyone knows where you are! Wish I was one of them!
  7. DonaldDoleWhip

    DonaldDoleWhip Mouseketeer

    Checking in as well! It feels like quite a while since we last saw your own updates from WDW - it's great that you'll be back so soon. :goodvibes
  8. AuroraMeansDawn

    AuroraMeansDawn Mouseketeer

    Well, I didn't make the first page but I'm always late to the party. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews and living vicariously through them. Can't wait to read all about it!

  9. vettegirl

    vettegirl Proud USAF Wife!

    Have a wonderful time!!
  10. jedijill

    jedijill <font color=red>Chiefs fan living in Bronco countr

    I'm in! Can't wait to read all about it!

    Jill in CO
  11. TigerKat

    TigerKat <font color=coral>HOPE YOUR DAY IS FILLED WITH JOY

    Signing on, can't wait!!!:goodvibes
  12. AlohaAnnie

    AlohaAnnie Mouseketeer

    Have a Magical Trip Barb & Family!

  13. chocolateMinnie

    chocolateMinnie Mouseketeer

    Hope you have a fantastic trip Barb - you truly deserve it as you've helped make many of our trips perfect by running the live thread :)
  14. basketlacey

    basketlacey Mouseketeer

    Subscribing! Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see what you eat! :lmao:
  15. SRiley1985

    SRiley1985 Member

    Have a great time! Can't wait to read all about your yummy food :cool1:
  16. CaliBear

    CaliBear Mouseketeer

    yay! Have a great trip, jabad family!
  17. AuroraMeansDawn

    AuroraMeansDawn Mouseketeer

    Happy Travel Day Barb! Hope someone has won license plate bingo by now and that you're still well stocked with road snacks! :drive:

    Looking forward to your arrival day tomorrow! Get some rest :faint: and let the smorgasbord begin!! party:
  18. Subbing! I hope you have a wonderful time surrounded by the magic!
  19. happy2012

    happy2012 ♫ ♪There's a great big beautiful tomorrow Shinin'

    Have a wonderful trip Barb! You sure earned it by keeping us updated on the live report!! I can't wait for your dining report!!
  20. Lauralooneyfordisney

    Lauralooneyfordisney Mouseketeer

    Can't wait to hear about all the wonderful food you will have.:cool1:
  21. Tracerr00

    Tracerr00 Mouseketeer

    I hope you're having a blast and I can't wait to read your report!!

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