The GH Official Thread Part 2

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by MickeysMommy, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. EpcotMom

    EpcotMom Mouseketeer

    Jun 1, 2000
    The new Kate may be young, but she is stepping in to a difficult role. My guess is they intend to take the character in a new direction. I am willing to give her a chance. she is a good actress as far as I can see.
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  3. lonelydreamer

    lonelydreamer Mouseketeer

    Jan 5, 2006
    I agree...I liked Megan Ward, and don't know why she isn't there anymore - but the new "Kate" is fine. I also feel like she 'looks' the right age. Like Olivia, to me she looks early 40's.
  4. lonelydreamer

    lonelydreamer Mouseketeer

    Jan 5, 2006
    LOVED the Jason/Sam wedding - the rings were a beautiful touch :love:

    So happy to see Dante/LuLu actually maybe taking a step forward!

    I quit watching GH (out of frustration) for about two weeks during the time Lisa Niles left. Does everyone think she died? Or do they know she's brain dead but being kept alive? Seeing this is ALMOST as frustrating as seeing Franco again. I sooooo wish he would go away for FOREVER!! :eek:
  5. MickeysMommy

    MickeysMommy <font color="green">Mickey is my cat<br>He sits on

    Feb 7, 2003
    Ugh :crazy2: I didn't watch. Can someone give me a recap? I can't believe I am asking that :rolleyes:
  6. tweety38

    tweety38 Mouseketeer

    Jan 2, 2003
    Sorry can't recap for you, I ff through it! Have been watching more of it lately but could not stand to watch that wedding.
  7. 3Leafs

    3Leafs DIS Veteran

    Aug 21, 2008
    I thouht the wedding was nice. Very simple. Reception was even better. So them. I'm not a Sam and Jason fan but it was really suited for their characters.

    But then again I love me some Franco! I enjoy my eye candy! Now the character on the other hand.....:rotfl:
  8. MickeysMommy

    MickeysMommy <font color="green">Mickey is my cat<br>He sits on

    Feb 7, 2003
    Previews for the week of 26-Sep-2011
    by Carol Banks Weber

    **Michael hits Shawn up for assistance in making sure Sonny’s assets can’t be infiltrated.
    Shawn runs up against a brick wall in the new police cadet, Delores Padillo.
    But Shawn is anything but a quitter. He figures Delores out and oneups her for his own advantage.
    Franco makes a gross pest of himself at JaSam’s unorthodox wedding reception.
    Carly misrepresents the truth. It’s a habit with her.
    Shawn makes sure a certain matter doesn’t see the light of day.
    Carly and Shawn conglomerate on an endeavor, ‘cause two heads are better than one.
    Carly and Shawn take more steps to becoming CaSh, a couple who often find themselves in interesting spots together.
    Plugged by gunfire, Dante scrambles to receive Lulu’s phone call.
    Michael stumbles upon Dante post-gunfire, and springs into action to help the fallen cop.
    Dante’s shooting incident unravels Olivia, who’s been here before.
    Olivia notifies Lulu with a very good reason why Dante’s not available.
    Lulu makes an attempt to speak with her Dante.
    A certain person has been trailing Jason and Sam’s every move.
    Sonny and Alexis must get down to brass tacks where Kristina’s concerned.
    Sonny and Kate converse about where they came from up to now.
    Kate resolves not to fall for Sonny again.
    Kate drops like a stone. Vertigo? Stress? Dehydration? Intuition that Carly’s approaching?
    Kate reams into Carly.
    Alexis and Kate gossip about Sonny.
    Alexis does everything she can to circumvent Kristina’s next job move.
    Michael tries not to have a nervous breakdown over the latest Murphy’s Law.
    Abby runs to Michael to take care of him, as he sobs.
    Ethan comes across his brother Lucky in dire straits, emotionally.
    Lucky gives baby Aiden a lullabye.
    Moved, Elizabeth watches Lucky with his baby boy.
    Lucky allows Elizabeth a glimpse inside his torment.
    Lucky picks up something in an envelope from Siobhan.
    Lucky spills his guts about feeling like his drug habit led to Dante getting almost gunned down. But he does this to the worst person, Lulu.
    Lulu flips on Lucky for being so weak and thoughtless to affect Dante.
    Ethan feels he must take a boat over to Spoon Island’s Wyndemere and check out the odd goings-on there.
    Ethan feels his spine tingle as he glances up into darkness: Helena.
    Ethan steps into a secret entry way, and maybe to the Lady in White.
    Luke slinks back into the Haunted Star.
    Johnny and his dad Anthony have a knock down, drag out.
    Sonny and Johnny have a knock down, drag out, which hacks Olivia off.
    Olivia orders Sonny and Johnny to ‘fess up with what’s really going down.
    Sonny and Johnny act like they’re going to be cordial from now on.
    Olivia springs her sexy, romantic self on Steve—with bells on.
    Steve is hiding something major.
    Maxie unearths Spinelli’s nagging issue.
    Ronnie leans on Spinelli heavily, which bugs Maxie.
    Next week: Shawn tells Carly she’s not the boss of him… Sonny resolves to press forward with a certain matter… What’s wrong with Hawaii?... Maxie pays tribute to B.J…. People Tracy knows keep dropping in on her like flies.
  9. rcraw45425

    rcraw45425 <font color=darkorchid>I'm a 43 year old mom with

    Aug 26, 2004
    Don't know if this has been mentioned, but is anyone else completely turned off by the "new" Kate Howard? She is making the show pretty much unwatchable. So uptight and pretentious, not like Megan Ward, who, while "uppity", always seemed to be able to make fun of herself. This chick just sucks.
  10. mickey&minnie04

    mickey&minnie04 DIS Veteran

    Feb 14, 2006
    I wouldn't say she's making the show unwatchable at all. No one likes change and I myself would prefer to have Megan back as Kate. I will keep watching as I'm sure she will grow on me.
  11. Disneynutbsv

    Disneynutbsv DIS Veteran<br><font color=deeppink>If I had kept

    Jan 16, 2005
    Agree, don't like her at all...still watching but don't like her....
  12. MickeysMommy

    MickeysMommy <font color="green">Mickey is my cat<br>He sits on

    Feb 7, 2003
    Previews for the week of 03-Oct-2011
    by Carol Banks Weber

    **Despite misgivings, Kate goes ahead and tries to lurve on Sonny in his hour of need, only to find him in preferred company and she nothing but a sort of street urchin pressing her smudged face against the window.
    Shawn prepares to open up his book to Carly.
    The panic room sees Carly and Shawn stuck together and learning way too much about one another.
    Shawn finds Carly’s behavior quite disappointing.
    Michael listens in on an enlightening conversation between Carly and Shawn.
    What Carly and Shawn say in private, makes Michael go running to do his dad’s mob work.
    Carly gets a special token meant for daughter Josslyn.

    Jason and Sam predictably encounter some hair-raising adventure while honeymooning in paradise. :crazy2: :crazy2:
    But paradise comes with a price. Cue Twilight Zone music.
    Franco has a nice wedding gift picked out for Jason and Sam. But they won’t like it.

    Kate takes up Sonny’s side, when nobody else can bother.
    Michael’s itching to take over as Sonny’s $$$ protector.
    Sonny arrives at the next step.
    Nothing Abby says will deter Michael from his crooked path, and what he believes he must do.
    Ronnie and Delores converge on Abby, for answers.
    Abby gives Johnny a heads-up.
    Abby wrings her hands over Michael, who seems born to run with the rough, dangerous crowd.
    Sonny must settle Michael down, remind the kid he’s not in charge here.
    Michael conveys to Sonny crucial intel.

    Lulu shows her fiercely protective side as it rises up within her at the sight of a gunned-down Dante fighting to recover in the hospital.
    The stress gets to Lulu, who tries not to crack under pressure.
    Lulu cannot bear the danger in Dante’s occupation.
    Lulu goes alky, because it’s all too much to bear.
    Olivia sees how Lulu’s doing.
    Lucky peruses the note Siobhan left him before she perished.
    Delores puts Dante under interrogation.
    Lulu tries hard to hide something.
    When Lulu starts talking to Delores, a curious dynamic occurs.

    Johnny reminds Anthony who’s really in charge.
    Maxie fondly, poignantly remembers B.J., thanking her for the heart, on the event of the little girl’s birthday.
    Maxie seems to have a hard time on this day especially, since it’s the anniversary of B.J.’s heart. Matt and Spinelli try to extend her every kindness.
    Ignoring her own interest in Matt, Elizabeth seeks to fan the flames for him and Maxie.
    Maxie throws together a bash for Robin’s birthday.
    This handicap dogging Spinelli won’t go away, even though he tries to beat it.

    Tracy has to entertain three separate characters dropping in on her.
    Luke becomes defeated and convinced he should never have returned.
    Luke begins to gather special gifts pertinent to each one of his kids.
    Ethan has Lucky look at this painting of Laura.
    Ethan won’t give Luke the satisfaction.
    Luke goes to see about Lucky.

    Next week: Carly stamps her foot about tagging along with Shawn as he gets ready to travel for man’s work… A certain character appears bearing a bouquet for Kate. Who it is, is kind of a jolt to her… Ethan and Lucky get around to talking about their old man… Elizabeth kind of loses her marbles. A prince may appear to ease her out of the funk… Patrick joins in on a happy birthday treat for his wife Robin.
  13. 3Leafs

    3Leafs DIS Veteran

    Aug 21, 2008
    I am too not a big recast person but I do have to say that the girl that is taking over Kirsten Storms place while she is sick is doing a good job. Just wish Kirsten herself did the BJ sceens... Would have like to have seen her do them since she has played the character for awhile now..
  14. Luv Bunnies

    Luv Bunnies DIS Veteran

    Sep 3, 2006
    Agree. Kirsten Storms still owns the role, but the temporary actress is doing a really good job. It would have been nice to see Kirsten in the BJ scenes. It was similar to the Elizabeth fill-in doing the OR scene where she gave Sibbohan the wrong medication. Both pivitol scenes for the characters, but being performed by different actresses.

    As a previous poster said, I'm not really enjoying the new Kate either, but I'm giving her a chance to grow on me. Megan Ward's Kate had the uppity rudeness factor, but she still showed a softer, more vulnerable side and you could understand where she came from and what she was trying to prove. This Kate hasn't shown the softer side yet. Perhaps the writers will allow her to do that soon.
  15. jenlynn0808

    jenlynn0808 DIS Veteran

    Jan 14, 2007
    Really?!?! I can't stand her. Haven't watched GH in awhile and flipped it on and saw the BJ scenes. Wondered where Kristen was...the replacement actresses voice is what does it for me...she sounded whiny and fake. of course, that is jmho.
  16. RadioNate

    RadioNate DIS Veteran

    Apr 20, 2002
    I too thought the BJ scenes were terrible. I don't know what's wrong with Kirsten (2-3 months!) but the entire impact of remembering BJ was lost w/out her.
  17. EpcotMom

    EpcotMom Mouseketeer

    Jun 1, 2000
    Lexi Ainsworth is OUT as Kristina. The role will be recast with an older looking actress. Lexi tweeted the news last night on her twitter account. The romance with Ethan is still a go.:rolleyes:
  18. 3Leafs

    3Leafs DIS Veteran

    Aug 21, 2008
    I never really took a liking for the this Kristina.. She just annoyed me. If they want to age the character I can't blame them for finding a new actress. This one would have been great if they kept her at 15 or 16. She just didn't do it for me when they aged the character.
  19. MickeysMommy

    MickeysMommy <font color="green">Mickey is my cat<br>He sits on

    Feb 7, 2003
    Previews for the week of 10-Oct-2011
    by Carol Banks Weber

    **Patrick could swear he just saw Lisa back roaming the GH halls.
    After a bit more of this, Patrick can’t take it anymore and turns a passing nurse around to make sure she’s not Lisa in disguise (she’s not).
    Patrick then visits the real Lisa in the institution to ensure she’s still in a coma there (she is).
    Patrick takes a few parting shots at Lisa before departing.
    Patrick returns to Robin for her birthday without mentioning the Lisa sightings, not wishing to upset his wife on her day.
    Remembering travel talks from before, Patrick gifts Robin airfare to any of those far-off destinations she’s been dying to go to, as time permits.
    Patrick also gifts Robin with a computer design program, so she can beautify their house to her exact specs.
    Patrick and Robin daydream about building onto their existing house, maybe to make room for another baby.
    Maxie brings a birthday cake for the occasion of Robin’s birthday party. Maxie also brings along Murphy’s Law.
    Patrick shows his brother Matt how proud he is of him and his research accomplishment, by throwing a bash on board a boat for him and their posse.
    Maxie blows Matt off, so he turns around and asks Elizabeth if she’ll accompany him to his own boat party.
    A nefarious soul keeps tabs on Matt’s boat party.
    Patrick and Robin attend a party in honor of Matt. Matt recently published important findings from his cancer research which could help many people.
    Anthony springs Lisa from the institution, after she breaks through her coma.
    Anthony makes it so Lisa can also be the surprise at Matt’s party.
    Lisa intends to ruin several lives with one focused goal.
    A more lethal (if that’s even possible to fathom) Lisa dispenses with one character, while going after another.
    Jason and Sam love it in Hawaii. They don’t have a care in the world during their nohea honeymoon.
    Playing typical tourists, Jason and Sam make a mockery of the aloha shirts they browse on the island.
    Little do Jason and Sam know, but Franco is also loving Hawaii, because he gets to watch their every move and they can’t anticipate his.
    Jason picks up a queer curio in their honeymoon shack, as Franco watches approvingly.
    Carly picks up a present for daughter Josslyn, but the sender sends her in a tailspin. Love, Franco.
    Carly persuades Shawn to go with her to Hawaii, to alert Jason and Sam to Franco’s return. It’s not a hard sell.
    As soon as Carly explains the Franco situation to Shawn, he’s on board at once.
    Carly barges in on Jason and Sam’s honeymoon, on a mission. But Jason and Sam can’t believe she would go that far. Don’t the phones work?
    Once Jason and Sam are apprised by Carly and Shawn of the Franco situation, they’re brainstorming on how to escape. But first, they need to clear the air.
    When Sonny wakes up, he’s so disoriented he doesn’t know what he’s doing and aims his piece at Kate.
    Kate talks Sonny down, as he slowly comes back into himself. The two discuss the heart of the matter, while Dante eavesdrops.
    The right people catch Michael where they don’t want him to be: in that Panic Room.
    Sonny blocks Michael before the young man throws himself headlong into the mob.
    Kate accidentally walks into the Panic Room, where the stolen drugs are.
    Kate, Sonny, and Michael are forced into collusion as they navigate the police away from the Panic Room drugs.
    Sonny lands in Kate’s arms, where he seems to wanna be.
    Sonny surprises and pleases Kate with a bouquet, as the two bask in what is not said but felt.
    Kristina keeps trying to become a Crimson intern, whether Kate’s for that or not.
    Kristina and Alexis have a test of wills.
    The latest report throws Kristina for a loop.
    Lucky and Luke try to hash out their differences.
    Lucky makes known his wishes for Luke to let Lulu be. Luke has other ideas sure to throw a wrench into the works.
    When speaking with Maxie, Lulu voices worriedly and perhaps prophetically that she and Dante may never be happy together for long.
    Lulu gives in to the lure of the siren call of alcohol.
    Lucky and Ethan have a chance to catch up on Luke and bad habits some of them have a hard time breaking.
    Elizabeth tries to get Lucky to join her and her boys for a pumpkin patch jaunt.
    Lucky sees through Elizabeth’s games and rides her for using a Halloween activity to get closer with him and pretend they’re still together.
    Lucky crushes Elizabeth by undeniably denying they will ever happen again.
    Elizabeth reacts terribly to Lucky’s resounding rebuff.
    Lucky decides on something following his cruel shunning of Elizabeth.
    Lucky goes over what happened with Elizabeth when speaking privately with Ethan.
    Lucky and Ethan examine Laura’s painting, the one where her throat is cut.
    Tracy goes to the Metro Court to see Anthony.
    Luke intentionally drops in on Tracy and Anthony.
    Olivia and Steve find time to be intimately connected, but then they stumble, ouch!
    Next week: Lisa has all arms on deck with her lethal dose of payback… Lisa corners Patrick and Robin, alarming them and gaining the advantage… Fed up with her mouth, Sonny puts Kate in her place… Kate makes a spectacle of herself at Jake’s… Lulu finds herself in a downward spiral… Sonny tries to guide Lulu straight from his own past experience… Carly ruins Jason and Sam’s honeymoon, but she believes she has good cause… It’s Jason and Sam versus Shawn and Carly, because of Carly’s invasive actions… Jason scolds Carly, and Carly tries to defend herself… Abby dresses to thrill, before heading off to be with Michael… Lulu tries, but the call of alcohol proves too much for her… Elizabeth and Matt start becoming more of a couple, from their unlikely friendship… Elizabeth is put in an untenable situation… Spinelli arranges for a nice picnic for Maxie… Spinelli notices something going on at Wyndemere in the form of a glow there… Maxie pulls Anthony out of the waters… Steve has a big statement to issue for one and all, which really buzzkills Robin.
  20. EpcotMom

    EpcotMom Mouseketeer

    Jun 1, 2000
    According to Ursula at The CriticalList, Kristina is gone for now. She will not be recast at this time. Ethans character will have another direction. :confused3
  21. MickeysMommy

    MickeysMommy <font color="green">Mickey is my cat<br>He sits on

    Feb 7, 2003
    Previews for the week of 17-Oct-2011
    by Carol Banks Weber

    **Jason and Sam react unfavorably to Carly dragging herself and Shawn all the way to Hawaii like this. Josslyn, too? Unbelievable.
    Shawn and Sam make themselves scarce, so Carly and Jason can argue.
    Shawn watches over JaSam’s Hawaiian love shack, while inside, the sounds of yelling ensue.
    Sam babysits Josslyn as Carly and Jason get into it.
    Franco hangs out with a baby, a sign of things to come.
    Jason and Carly end their rancor in a stalemate and find Sam with Josslyn—both of them out like a light.

    Whilst wandering Wyndemere, Luke happens upon that painting of Laura.
    Luke and Ethan converse on historical markers.

    Abby dresses up real nice for Michael, then goes to be with him. Sproing!
    Ethan gives it to Elizabeth straight as to the reason Lucky got the hell away from her.
    Ethan fills Elizabeth in on Wyndemere’s latest freak show, too.
    Spinelli also notices Wyndemere’s freak show.
    Spinelli and Maxie check out Wyndemere up close, personally.

    Lulu carries on with her alcoholism, instead of dealing with her issues.
    Sonny takes Lulu aside to wax deep about Dante and tying the knot.
    Chatting with Sonny only deepens Lulu’s alcohol-fueled depression and sense of doom about her and Dante.
    Lulu loves herself some of Kate’s brandy.
    Kate and Sonny evade feelings they have for one another, dragging Coleman into their drama at Jake’s.
    Kate’s idea of foreplay is to tease Sonny with another man, her former lover Coleman. She kisses the bartender in front of the mobster to see what he’ll do.
    Sonny puts Kate in her place, firmly.

    After dispatching Anthony overboard, Lisa turns to contend with a curious Johnny.
    Maxie pulls Anthony out from that liquid view, after he grabs her.
    Lisa stalls with Johnny, before pursuing her real prey.
    Lisa quickly dispatches Johnny without a second thought, to go after her intended target.

    Robin, Patrick and Elizabeth chitchat about cabbages, castles and kings.
    Patrick and Robin cozy up as a couple.
    Steve proclaims he’s already found a doctor for the Pediatric Department. Cut to Robin, glowering.
    Matt seems to be enjoying himself immensely with Elizabeth.
    Olivia finds she has a rival for Steve’s affection, a woman from his past and stuck in his mind in rewind.

    Spinelli hustles over to the boat where Maxie is to do something romantic for her.
    Spinelli observes that Matt and Elizabeth seem happy as clams, which unnerves Maxie and brings out her possessive side.
    Elizabeth wanders to a dangerous pivot point.
    Robin and Patrick find themselves staring at a nightmare: Lisa with zero conscience.
    Severely wounded, Johnny tries to rise.

    Next week: Carly whispers to Jason about something she’s been keeping to herself… Carly and Sam are less likely to rip each other’s throats out, as they soften somewhat… Carly and Shawn toss back a few and become even closer… Dante puts Michael through the ringer… A new dude catches Elizabeth’s attention… A new, sexy, Aussie doctor might make Elizabeth forget all about Lucky, when he gives her a leg up… Maxie makes a dent in Matt… Luke springs a big one on Tracy… Lisa means to punish Robin and Patrick—triple times worse than ever before… Kate wraps some things up, neat and tidy… Anthony and Johnny war over more conflict.

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