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The Everything Pooh Sized Thread

Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by RainbowWit, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. ZoeisMommy

    ZoeisMommy ºoº Earning My Ears

    Have any of my fellow pooh sized or almost pooh sized ;-) DIS'ers stayed at AoA in the family suites? We are headed over in June and just wondering about "weight" rating of the Murphy bed :)

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  3. DreamingPink

    DreamingPink Disney Veteran

    I think this is an excellent idea. If something starts here or on facebook please let me know, would love to join, I am loosing weight currently an 18 but hope to go down before my October trips.
  4. suzy021372

    suzy021372 New Member

    I love the water parks. I wear my giant skirted suits and go for it...

    The only issues I have had with my size are 1) my fat butt doesn't fit in the lazy river tubes, so I usually just put my head and arms through the hole and keep my body underneath. 2) on the single tube water slides at BB I got going too fast and ended up losing my tube half way down. The only other person that I saw having the same problem was my 4xl brother, so I assume it was weight related. 3) there are a lot of the lounger chairs that sit just a few inches off the ground- they are very hard to get out of.

    The recliners were fine, hard plastic, but sometimes are hard to find if you arrive late in the day. The towels are he same as resort pools- so not good.

    I have enjoyed all the rides. You should have no problem on the family raft. My brother and I rode Crush n' Gusher together (650lbs+ combined) with no problem.

    I hope you have a great time...and remember we all deserve to enjoy the magic, and thanks to Disney it is usually not a problem!:wizard:
  5. Bubbles331

    Bubbles331 New Member

    Haunted Mansion: I'm also 5'4, about 28/30 pants. Hearing this is terrifying. As anyone else had this problem?? This poster is the only one that I've ever heard of that got sent off for not fitting. Sounds like we have similar body shape too.

    Space Mountain: Do you get stuck in it that you can't get out? I'm worried about the 30 second time limit to get out. What if I can't?? My riding partner is only 6. I don't think she'll be much help.

    Dinosaur: Someone wearing a size 28 pants said they couldn't ride, because their butt wouldn't fit. First I've heard anywhere that someone didn't fit. Anyone else?

    Winnie the Pooh: Not being able to fit through the honey pot door. Poster writes, "never doing that again." Why are the doors so darn small???

    I want to go on all these rides. My family will too, and I have a 6 year old. I wish I could go ride everything alone first. :confused: We're leaving next Saturday.
  6. disneychic33

    disneychic33 New Member

    Hi, I am 5'4" and a size 24, there was tons of room on space mountain, dinosaur and HM, you shouldn't have any problems. I can't tell you about Winnie the Pooh because I've never been on it. My kids aren't really into it.
  7. jemmouse

    jemmouse New Member

    Can I ask what you are doing? Need some motivation here, as I am also going in March...
  8. Bubbles331

    Bubbles331 New Member

    Okay...sigh. I actually had a dream I got stuck in the seat on Space Mountain last night! :sad2: I'm going nuts. Lol Thanks for the feedback!
  9. ZoeisMommy

    ZoeisMommy ºoº Earning My Ears

    I put together a similar page here locally would love to help you organize one on fb if you decide to do it :) PM'd you.

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  10. Jazcat

    Jazcat New Member

    A few years ago DW and I got stuck on the family raft. The water is extremely shallow and I would not recommend this ride. I still prefer TL to BB though.
  11. pktbMouse

    pktbMouse What you dont know is that each Mickey mouse hat y

    Im worried sick about something....I thought mabey someone on here has been through the same thing....we usually drive to Orlando from Houston (16hrs). This year as a surprise , hubby has booked us to fly. My worry is that I wont fit in the airplane seat. I am 5/5 , 270lbs size 26/28. It would be my worst nightmare to get turned back at the gate as I know our budget dosnt allow for an extra seat, not to mention I would die of shame and embarissment. We are flying United Airlines. Would welcome any reassurance from anyone. Thanks so much in advance.
  12. WDWaddictt

    WDWaddictt New Member

    I Fly with spirit airlines and haven't had a problem. I am 5 foot, 285lbs size 26 the only thing is the seatbelt don't fit and I ask for an extension as soon as I get on and all is good. I sit beside my family too and not a stranger, which helps.
  13. MandyTG

    MandyTG New Member

    Hey guys! I have been to WDW several times and never had a problem on anything but next week I am going to ride somethings we have never ridden before and wanted to ask about those specific rides.
    The first one is Primeval Whirl and the other is Astro Orbiter.
    I am 5-9, 300 lbs, 26/28 pants.
    I would appreciate any feedback!
  14. disneegrl4eva

    disneegrl4eva <font color=darkcoral>now we just need a secret ha

    It's really hard for me to remember about United because it's been a while since I flew them But when I flew to Orlando and back I was heavier than you are and I flew on Southwest... My suggestion would be to check seat guru.com Check the information on your particular plane which you can get from your reservation information... it should tell you the seat size.. Then check Southwest plane and compare them I don't think they're that different& I think you will be okay

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  15. MandyTG

    MandyTG New Member

    I flew last summer on Delta, a total of 4 flights. I could get the seatbelt fasten on all but one and the flit attendant was so nice about giving me an extender. I am 5-9, 300 lbs, 26/28 pants. I sat in the aisle seat on all but one flight as well. I think we will have no problem if you can sit next to your husband and perhaps request the aisle. I was never asked to buy another seat. The rule was that the armrest had to go down and it did with no problem.
    Enjoy your trip!
  16. Chuckers

    Chuckers Missing my day trips to Disneyland :(

    Being a big guy myself, I have sat on the aisle on many a flight.. a lot on Delta. Many times the armrest on the aisle actually lifts up (for wheelchair passengers to get in an out of the seat without having to fully stand.) You may have to search for the latch to release it.. it's often towards the back of the underside of the armrest, in a hole.

    After the flight I have often lifted that armrest to give my pooh sized but some extra room. I've never been told to keep it down. (I always make sure it's down for take off and landing.
  17. pktbMouse

    pktbMouse What you dont know is that each Mickey mouse hat y

    Thank you for the replys...I feel so much better. I will be sitting in the same row as my 10 yr old and 4 yr old. I plan to be on the aisle seat with my 4yr old in the middle so I should have a bit of room with him being so tiny. Im not worried about the extender, just if I didnt get on. Thanks again for reasurring me. The only walk of shame I had to do last year was the Harry Potter ride, I fitted on everything else. This year we wont be doing Universal so I should be fine. :)
  18. butterfly71076

    butterfly71076 New Member

    My DH is a bigger guy(6'3 320) and had no problem on Primeval Whirl, even with riding with our DS. They ride together on Astro Orbiter also, although he says its a bit snug.
  19. disneegrl4eva

    disneegrl4eva <font color=darkcoral>now we just need a secret ha

    I think it's because your husband is really tall and probably doesn't carry his weight where average height people do so that is not typical results for most people I'm afraid

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  20. lovemesomepooh

    lovemesomepooh Want to be Disney bound

    I'm 5'6 wear a 28 and I was able to do Winnie the pooh no problem, I couldn;t fit in Dinosaur, I never tried Space mountain. I did test track too. It took abit of pushing to get seatbelt on and sitting kind of sideways. Theatre style seats were a no too.Well you can sit on the edge just wasnt comfy.

    I would like to do Soarin and Haunted Manison but now I am worried :(
  21. disneychic33

    disneychic33 New Member

    I have been going back and forth between a Leslie sanders one 4 fast miles DVD and a Zumba DVD workout. I have also tried to cut my calories down to about 1400 a day. So far it is working. There is an app called myfitnesspal which you can download to your phone or iPad. It helps track your calories and weight loss. It helps remind me what I've had and keeps me on track. Good luck!

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