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The DIS: no negative posts please

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by Peter Pirate 2, May 17, 2013.

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  1. Peter Pirate 2

    Peter Pirate 2 <font color=red>I may be a Disney curmudgeon but I

    What's going on on the DIS? It appears that all Disney naysayers are being targeted for extinction.

    Just look at all recent threads where any negative Disney comment is made and you will see numerous rebuttals of the ferocious variety that are simply Rah, Rah, Disney is MY park sentiment by posters who generally have very few previous posts. I smell a Mickey Rat.

    Come on Pete Werner, if you want all dissention gone just tell us. :rotfl2:

    I don't expect Pete to comment but I'm sure the apologists will arrive shortly.:faint:
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  3. KYMickey

    KYMickey Adding EARS to Kentucky!

    I've noticed the same thing. In the past many battles seemed to be fairly equally voiced from both sides, or least nobody got really defensive about a negative post. Recently it seems like anything even remotely negative gets hammered!

    It's not as if Disney has taken everything back to the levels it was in the 80's!

    DRDISNEYMD *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* *+*~The Snow Queen~*+* ~A gi

    ~I'll be on sabbatical for a while. But, I love the Rumors board and I have never had any issues whatsoever, until now. I'll just leave it at that, but I look forward to chatting with my favorite posters and as well as meeting friendly new posters again! You can't allow a few bad apples to spoil the bunch. I will be highly selective with who I engage with going forward. You can really see the difference in those posters who really care about the issues and topics concerning Disney and the theme parks versus those who just want to stir the pot. It's sad right now but don't fret -- everything will bounce back again -- it always will! :goodvibes
  5. Rumors Rocks

    Rumors Rocks New Member

    Take your time but please hurry back. Not all posters with low post count are trolls... otherwise very good post.
  6. Tonka's Skipper

    Tonka's Skipper New Member

    I totally disagree...........I find no one saying the naysayers can't have their opinion and yes they have every right to. I have been against a Disney policy issue more then once. Yet Peter you object when others have there opinions.

    I have found many of the naysayers posts to be as aggressive and ferocious as the Disney fans who disagree.

    Calling names like apologists and rose colored glasses is not a way to discuss or debate. Its snarky and rude.

    Maybe the naysayers just haven't had any one to make them proof their points. to disagree and debate???:confused3

  7. eeyorepixie

    eeyorepixie AKA Queenie

    Bingo! and that is why many go to other forums.:thumbsup2
  8. Suger Mag

    Suger Mag New Member

    I so agree... Please don't take this as a "Peter Pirate" specific rant, it is aimed at a more general target... but I don't think it is something so conspiracy theorist as you are being 'censored' by the Disney version of the CIA... but that perhaps it is just that your 'audience' might be getting tired of the same old same old....

    Often I wonder with all the negativity why some of the 'Naysayers' profess to "still be into Disney". Honestly I don't often like to come to this section of the DIS, because it can be a bit depressing to come here and be excited to read about some new rumor... only to find a bunch of cranky disenfranchised folks saying:

    Disney sucks now and is only about profit and gift shops....
    That is not 'Disney' or what Walt would have done....
    Never going to be any new rides, and any actual new proposed rides/lands WILL SUCK... as no new development will ever meet my satisfaction or specific personally desired theme.
    Disney isn't as good as it used to be when I used to go in the '70s, '80s, or '90s, when I had to walk 40 miles all uphill through the snow JUST to get to the ticket turnstiles :rotfl2:

    Great we get it, you don't like it anymore... but stop with the constant complaining, it gets old fast (no matter WHAT the topic) especially if there isn't anything new to say or contribute... if you have valid points or (my teacher speak) :teacher: constructive criticism then by all means... keep the discourse going.

    Yes I am newish and foolish... bought into DVC in 2008... and for now I still happily wear my "rose colored glasses" as I have not yet ridden every ride or seen every show 1000x... and hopefully since I only get there every couple of years, I won't get all "burnt out" before I someday have grandkids to bring to WDW...

    I :scared1: ACTUALLY like Downtown DIsney... I am excited to go to Animal Kingdom and can't wait to see Avatarland or whatever they will call it. I love going to WDW, and have not seen everything yet. but if I do become a disenfranchised WDW Debbie Downer, I pledge I will find a different positive hobby that will still bring me joy ... and not be a buzzkill :thumbsup2
  9. beer dave

    beer dave There are 10 kinds of people in the world-- those

    Good post.

    It seems to me that what is happening is the large group of people who typically read this forum for info, but do not post for fear of being called things like "apologists" are slowly, through other defensive posts , having the security of numbers to speak up.

    Think about it-- people who read every day or so to get their d fix, wishing to speak up about the negativity, and after sometimes years of following, finally have a group to join. I think that is why there are a lot of them.

    I enjoy reading all the ultra informed posts about the corporate and business side of disney and the motivation behind any of their actions. It's amazing how much information and insight some of you people have. I have learned a lot from all of you and thank you for it. The sad part is when someone disagrees, they are belittled or called sheep for enjoying a disney vacation without worrying about the motivation behind the " magic".

    I agree that d is not nearly the same as it was years ago, but it is still one of the best things going in a vacation.

    As you (plural) always wish others would do-- if you are so dissatisfied, put your foot down and don't go. For what I do know about d's marketing, they will find several someones to take your place. Unfortunately, until they have a real competitor, they can do as they want, charge what they want, and people will go.
  10. ChoppityChops

    ChoppityChops New Member

    Yeah, there's nothing wrong with enjoying the parks now. It's not being an apologist; and with that assertion comes a sense (sometimes stated, sometimes assumed) of "you're not a true Disney fan because Disney truly died with Walt!"... Whatever - I enjoy reading the rumors but rarely post. Not worth my time to argue with the vocal minority.

    I have no problem with saying "IMHO, I don't like _______ idea. I think Disney dropped the ball here..."

    What I don't like, and is frankly more than "negative" is the "IMHO, I don't understand why any of these drones keep going to the parks. You're all stupid for buying into the new Disney which was ruined as soon as ________ ride was removed or __________ show was changed. The people that like Disney now just keep drinking the Kool-aid keeping us REAL TRUE Disney fans down!!!!"

    Maybe DIS should make a forum called "The good old days" so the "nay-sayers" don't even have to READ about new Disney stuff. They can all just post pictures of stuff that was great to them and complain like curmudgeons, and then everyone's happy.
  11. mrsR123

    mrsR123 <font color=purple>Mad about the mouse<br><font co

    There will always be the battle between profit and quality.
    There will always be the battle between popularity and quality.

    If everyone can remember to be nice-- and not hide behind internet anonymity-- this forum can be a fun place to hang out.

    If no one voices a desire for Disney to keep pushing themselves toward true innovation and top-notch quality, then we'll get "just good enough" as we've seen a lot of in the recent past.
  12. dairylives

    dairylives New Member

    This. There are more than a couple posters on this board that are constantly condescending and rude. My friends are shocked when i tell them that a Disney World message board is one of the nastiest message boards I've ever been on.
  13. dairylives

    dairylives New Member

    People need to understand the difference between holding Disney accountable for perceived lack of quality and insulting those who don't share that opinion.
  14. bcrook

    bcrook DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    As always...:thumbsup2. On mrsR123 posts. I appreciate both sides of the conversation. First of all I am better informed and second of all it keeps me balanced.

    Because I don't feel like Disney is a great value, and because I don't think they are doing enough for the price increases... Instead of using all my discretionary / vacation dollars on Disney, I have been spending money on seeing the rest of the world. I have been to Europe 4 times in the past four years, am visiting the national parks in our country, and spending more time in quaint vacation spots.

    I even visited universal last year for the first time, and loved it. After 30 years of Disney, I didn't think I had a reason to venture over there. But it was phenomenal.

    I have DVC, and return fairly often, I still enjoy my trips. But, I think reading thoughtful pieces from PeterPirate2 and others have caused me to re-evaluate. This has been very good for me and my family.

    I would encourage people to have an open mind both ways.
  15. Tonka's Skipper

    Tonka's Skipper New Member

    This is really the bottom line! I totally agree!:thumbsup2
  16. mrsR123

    mrsR123 <font color=purple>Mad about the mouse<br><font co

    Thanks, bcrook! :blush:

    Middle school teachers can change the world-- or so we think.
  17. Tonka's Skipper

    Tonka's Skipper New Member

    My respects and agreement Mrs R 123......middle school has to be the hardest grades to teach!

  18. flashcal

    flashcal New Member

    I just wonder why the people who want to complain and bash Disney don't go to one of the I Hate Disney type websites out there. There are plenty of them FYI.
    This is clearly a fan board, and people don't take kindly to bashing the very reason they are here in the first place.
    And as for being attacked. If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black. I'm nothing but a fan. I don't have that many posts. I am not a troll, but a grown woman who adores Disney and I have been called a liar, a homosexual, a troll, a high school boy, and more. All by haters and negative people who collectively hang out here to bash anyone they can get their hands on in a gang style attack. People who have witnessed this have messages me to say they were sorry, it was so bad.
    I have no sympathy for this OP at all. Just leave if you don't like it and find a website to hate on Disney on with the rest of the haters, if that's what you enjoy doing.
  19. plutospalforever

    plutospalforever Statler & Waldorf

    Hail to freedom of speech. Hail to rolling with the changes; it's inevitable, hopefully there's more good than bad!
  20. Peter Pirate 2

    Peter Pirate 2 <font color=red>I may be a Disney curmudgeon but I

    You are also full of ... Well, I probably can't say it. Oh oh, here comes a point penalty.

    Just leave? I've been here since the beginning, how long have you been here? LOL. Gang style attack? That is truly funny.

    I've been here for, well, forever and I don't recall your name. Hmmm.

    I bash the Disney apologists NOT the Disney lovers. Where do you fall?

    I hold Disney to the highest of standards and am not the least bit interested in Dianey being just another Walmart conglomerate. Where do you you fall? Oh, oh I know. "I love Walmart, I love CVS, I love Publix, I love Disney."
  21. lockedoutlogic

    lockedoutlogic New Member

    I know nobody wants to hear my opinion (get ready)...

    But here goes:

    I find the concept that descent is unwelcome...whether here or anywhere...to be 100% insulting on all levels.

    That doesn't mean it has to be below the belt or nasty...but no descent means that people aren't looking hard enough for truth. And contrary to popular opinion...most things can be reasoned down to some shade of "black" or "white".

    As it relates to Dis: always question why things are or are not done. It has nothing to do with magic, wishes, or dreams. It is economics and unfortunately the ugliest subset of that - corporatists...which public traded Disney IS beyond a reasonable doubt.
    Nobody looks for the real reasons with out descent here...it is a necessary component to becoming smarter/better consumers ...which everyone should want to be.

    Now we may never find the real truth...but if you unconditional buy what they're selling...I guarantee you never will.

    All innovative people and societies throughout history have had the ability to explore the otherside of their beliefs or arguments...even if they drool a little less happily on their pillows that night.

    It's part of the human condition... Possibly the meaning of life.

    Disney does things well...and something's very poorly. I pay for it...they'll hear it...thank you very much.
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