The Daily Grind ~ 7/18/12

Discussion in 'The Creative Community' started by PrincessNancy96, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. PrincessNancy96

    PrincessNancy96 Scrapbook Mom Moderator

    Dec 28, 2005
    Mornin'! :coffee:

    I have a list to accomplish today.. time to get some motivation going! :rotfl:


    DD up and off to work

    DH up
    make DH's lunch for work
    DH out the door
    small nap til 8am
    get DS11 up and go check on rabbit

    home to clean :crazy2:
    send DS11 to his room to read 25 pages
    send DS16 to the kitchen table to do 5 problems of his pre-cal summer packet that has to be turned in the first day of school :duck:
    go down and straighten scrapbook room so I can work in there after lunch
    pull papers for APC swap ~ japan
    back to check on rabbit
    complete Japan APC groups x 2 :artist:
    load of towels
    pull papers for winter APC group
    another check on rabbit :drive:
    complete winter APC group
    fold towels
    kit pages to scrap tomorrow (3 sketch challenges from boards and Disney items)
    DS16 off to soccer practice
    pick up DS16 from practice
    final check for rabbit
    home to bed

    Prayers and pixie dust to those in need...
    Hope everyone has a good day!
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  3. Reddy

    Reddy Scrapbooker

    Dec 4, 2010
    lots of :drive::drive::drive: for you today
    hope you get the swap done & get the challanges kitted
    hopefully I'll add another one you like but today I'm working on my albums

    my list
    cut pictures out (I printed yesterday)
    wash living room covers - I recovered everything in demin a couple of years ago & maded them where they can be removed & washed - best thing ever
    wash sheets & quilts

    fold up all the clothes - I didn't yesterday
  4. mommy2mrb

    mommy2mrb Mama to a Princess - But I'm A Scrap Princess!

    Sep 26, 2004
    Good Morning!

    Nan, good luck getting through your list...I see you adopted my APC ;)
    Reddy, sounds like a lot of :laundy:

    car in to have tires rotated
    best buy to get extra camera battery
    hobby lobby - cardstock for friends DD bat mitzvah album
    p/u megan's bestie for sleepover
    farmers market - just down the road from friends
    lunch at pizza place 1/2 off!
    home - listen to giggles for rest of day - lock myself in office!
    straighten up scrap area
    package APC swap
    dinner - grilling steak

    have a wonderful day!
  5. Poppins2000

    Poppins2000 Life is out there waiting so go and get it!

    Nov 26, 2006
    Morning - Not too much to do today:

    wash guest room bedding
    prepare list of meals thru 7/26
    write out bills
    go to bank

    Mom is hanging on. She had a couple of sips of her milkshake on Saturday and some ice cream and milkshake last Wednesday and that has been it since the 8th, 10 days ago. She longer tries to drink from a straw and if you put ice cream near her mouth, she does nothing. Nurses told Dad on Sunday, that she wasn't going to eat or drink anymore. They reassured him that she is so far gone at this point, her body doesn't crave or need food and water.

    Ironically, because Mom is still a decent weight and has been immobile for 8 months, she could live 30 more days. Apparently, the immobile, sick patient can live off of their fat cells for that long. She is not showing any signs of dehydration yet and is still going to the bathroom. Her body is very twitchy and jerky though, due to muscles spasms from lack of movement. She is on morphine round the clock so she is being kept cormfortable.

    DH and I, along with one of my brother's and his family are suppose to leave for WDW next Saturday for a week. Not sure what is going to happen so I guess we'll just wait and c...

  6. JohnsonsLoveDisney

    JohnsonsLoveDisney DIS Veteran

    Apr 27, 2008
    P&pd to those who need.

    Tried to work out, just couldn't get in to it. Ds did not sleep last night.

    Making waffles for breakfast but my waffle maker isn't working. Bummer.

    Need to get the car loaded so we can take some things over to the house so we can get started on the counters tonight.

    Po run
    Swing by dance studio to drop some things off and pick up pics.
    Drop girls off
    Work on counters.
  7. tchk

    tchk Earning My Ears

    Jan 3, 2007
    This looks like a thread that might keep me honest!

    Three loads of laundry done; one washing, two more to do. May leave those last two for tomorrow- hanging them out is tough because it is 98 degrees here.

    Have to attach a banner to a page then it is done. Not sure what scrapping I will get done today.

    Dinner also a question- too hot to cook much.

    Mostly just working at staying quiet other than laundry- heat is bad.

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  8. PrincessNancy96

    PrincessNancy96 Scrapbook Mom Moderator

    Dec 28, 2005

    I have my list going but it's 95+ here so nothing is getting the time you get started you are overheated and it's just not worth it! (well, when it's chores it's not.. :) )

    We are thinking of hitting the fair for dinner tonight during the horse pull... oh crap.... the power just went out... nope, it's back on... great..thats all we need 95+ heat. and no power... Of course I get " MOM what did you do???":rotfl2:
  9. JohnsonsLoveDisney

    JohnsonsLoveDisney DIS Veteran

    Apr 27, 2008
    be glad for the heat. its yuck here again. i think our 2 weeks of summer has passed, back to the grey.

    I love eating at the fair!! our power went out during the storms last week and the kids all freaked out. demanding that I turn it back on! sheesh!

    woot! i have 60%of my office packed and ready to go. need to dump a few more things in a box and all but the computers will be ready. They have to stay till next thursday when we can get the internet hooked up at the new house.

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