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The Collins Institute for Gifted Youngsters RP

Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by Fairywings, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    So, here's the real thread! You can still sign up, and a link to the signups is at the bottom.


    1. Absolutely no trolling or OOC(out of character) name-calling, bullying, arguing, drama etc. We're just here to have fun. You can have all of that stuff minus the trolling IC(in character), but never let it get outside of the RP world and into RL. I'll give you a warning the first couple of times, but after that I might have to say something. Please, let's just have fun guys. Common courtesy.

    2. The format we'll be using is a new format, combining script form like we normally use and book form, which is what you see in novels. Here's an example:

    Annie: Annie Watson was always late. It didn't matter where she was going, somehow she could just never get some place on time. As she raced to the cafe where she was meeting her friends, she thought, Just one day I would like to be on time. Just one day. Is that too much to wish for?

    As Annie stepped into the restaurant, she saw there was a stranger at the table where her friends were sitting. A boy, with close cropped brown hair and shoulders hunched and shaking, as if he was laughing. Her friends seemed to be laughing with him, and she imagined someone had just told a joke. As Annie stood in front of the door, she wondered, Have they replaced me?

    Like script form, the name of the character is still in front, the post is still colored, and thoughts are still in italics. But, you no longer have to use so many asteriks to say actions.

    3. No controlling other people's characters unless they have given you permission to do so. This includes temporary characters you will not play the whole time, even if they're only there for one post. Since I am running the thread, I may do this if we have to get out of a situation and you are not currently online, but only then.

    4. Plot lines, OOC stuff, character development, relationships, and things of that kind must be discussed OOC.

    5. There really isn't a limit to how old you can be or what grade you can be in, but please don't be something absurd like being six and in eighth grade. And being like eleven and older would be greatly appreciated, so the students can be around the same age.

    6. If you have any questions, please ask, especially if you're a new role player. I would be ready to help you with whatever you need. You can also ask some of the other veteran RPers questions as well.

    7. It is completely okay for you to play more than one character. Everyone who signs up and plays will make up the entire student body(I figure powered people aren't exactly common). Just don't take more characters than you think you can handle.

    List of Characters
    Professor Elizabeth Collins
    Maxine Patterson(Max)
    River Carson
    Alexandria Lynn (Alex, Lexi, or just Lex)
    Amelia Daley (Ami or Mia)
    Rebeca J
    Amber O'Connor
    Jennifer Pennifer(JP)
    Samantha Patten
    Daniel Schaffer
    Justin Drew
    Jonathan Pennifer
    Jack Henderson
    Nathan Palmer(Nate)
    Margo Reeves
    Brittany Van Houtan(Britt)
    Toby Kay
    Marcilene Mariwether (Marci)
    Serefima Kasai
    Elizabeth (Ella)
    Diamond Anderson(Di)



    Maxine: Maxine sat in the back of her father's car as he drove her from the airport to the airfield where the helicopter would be waiting. She listened to him talk about how she needed to have perfect grades and do well, and for Pete's sake don't mess around so much that you get kicked out again! She knew practically every word to her father's speech.

    After what seemed like a millenia, they arrived. Her father popped the trunk, and Maxine got out and took her two suitcases out of the trunk. She said a quick, stiff goodbye to her dad and walked over to the pilot.

    Pilot: He smiled at the dark haired girl as she approached him. "Hello! I can take those!" He took her suitcases one by one and put them on the helicopter. He then gave her a hand up into the helicopter.

    Maxine: Max got inside and said "Thanks!" She sat down and buckled in.


    Professor Collins: Everything was ready. The kitchen was stocked, the lessons and the tour planned, the rooms in order for her students. She went back to her office and sat down behind her desks, the pile of applications off to one side.
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  3. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    Daniel: Daniel's taxi drove down to the airfield. It had been a long flight from Madrid, where his family was currently living, and he was still tired, but he hoped the school would be worth it. As they arrived, he paid the driver and went to the back to get his suitcases. As he pulled them out he saw a car drive away, which meant that a student must be alreay here. He got his stuff and walked over to the pilot.

    Pilot: The pilot smiled at the boy who came over to him. "Hello! Do you neeed a hand with those?"

    Daniel: Daniel smiled politely back at the pilot and replied, "No, thanks though." He put his suitcases on the helicopter and got in.

    There was a girl already seated and buckled in. Younger, and serious looking. He slid in the seat across from her and buckled in. He nodded politely at her.

    Maxine: Maxine nodded back, feeling that the gesture was the only thing needed.
  4. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Alex: Alex sat in the a taxi cab looking around trying to see if the school would be close enough for her to sneak a glance at. Finally she gives up seeing the school is too far for her to see and sat back in her seat thinking, "I guess I'll have to wait and see. I can't wait though, I can finally stay at a school for more than a year!"

    Finally the taxi comes to a stop and the driver steps out opening Alex's door giving her a smile, "Here you go ma'am". Alex grins and steps out, paying the driver. She walks to the trunk and grabs her suitcase only to find it's stuck in it's spot, "Oh no. C'mon! Get out!" She yanks on the suitcase a couple times before it comes out making her fall back a couple of feet but regains her balance, she grins and looks around hoping no one saw her.

    Ooc: Awesome, this thread is all new and fresh!:laughing:
  5. Orreed

    Orreed Olivia

    OOC: Super Excited!:goodvibes

    Samantha: Samantha got out of the taxi and thanked the driver. This was her fourth year at the school, and was happy to be back. She saw a girl with very blonde hair and who was slightly younger than her walking in front of her. She looked a tad unsure and she did not recognize her. She must be new to the school. Sam decided to introduce herself. "Hey! My name is Sam? Are you heading on the helicopter for your first year of school?" She couldn't say too much. You could never really be sure who's watching, but that seemed OK.
  6. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Alex: Alex turns around a little shocked someone was behind her and smiles shyly at the girl. She didn't look that much older than Alex but she guessed she was probably a grade or two above her. "It's that obvious huh?" She sighs and puts her suitcase down next to her feet making sure it wouldn't fall anytime, "Yeah, it's my first year and I'm kind lost. I'm Alexandria by the way, but you can call me Alex or Lexi or even just Lex if you want. I don't really mind I like nicknames, well I don't like them but they're way better than saying my whole name. So I guess I actually do like nicknames." Alex bit down on her lip and looked down at her ballet flats afraid she went over board on her introduction and came off annoying. "Gee, great way to introduce yourself!" She thought to herself.
  7. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    OOC: Yes, it's all new and shiny!

    Maxine: Maxine heard voices outside. There must be more students coming to get on. For a monment, just a moment, she wondered if they could be her friends. But then she reminded herself that this was probably going to be just like her previous fifteen boarding schools. She sighed aloud, not looking forward to this.

    Daniel: Daniel woke from his half sleep as he heard others outside. That was great. Perhaps at this school he would be able to make friends. He wasn't going anywhere for a while, for the first time in his life. The girl already seated was still silent, and Daniel didn't know whether it was shyness or something else entirely.
  8. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Jack: Jack Henderson glared out the window annoyed that the driver of the taxi cab wouldn't stop trying to strike up conversation with him, didn't he now Jack couldn't care less? He just wanted to go to this school and get away from his old home. Something catches his eye when the taxi comes to a stop and the driver opens the trunk, he sees two girls just talking. One with brown hair and one...white? He rolls his eyes and steps out throwing the money in the back seat, he throws his black duffel bag over his shoulder and starts walking towards the helicopter going straight past the girls without a second glance. Jack throws his bag to the pilot and sits down in the helicopter buckling his seat belt and putting his head back.
  9. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    Max: Max knew from the moment she saw the boy that a) he could be dangerous, b) he was clearly unhappy, and c) he might have problems worse than her own. She decided the best things was probably to leave his alone, and so she stared out into the ocean. What things were in store for her on that island?

    Daniel: Daniel watched as another boy got on. He was tall, and possibly a year bor so older than him. He seemed as grumpy as Daniel thought the girl probably was, though the girl was probably masking her feelings. Her face was completely blank. But Daniel decided to at least try with the boy. He flashed him a smiled and said, "Hey."
  10. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Jack: Jack heard the boy and looked up at the girl grateful she didn't try anything. He turns tot he boy and glares a bit at him and just closes his eyes putting his head back again not in the mood for conversation.

    Alex: Alex turned to look at the helicopter and thought if anyone was inside seeing as though that one boy just stepped in. She turns back to the girl and tries to save herself from her bumpy introduction,"We should probably get on that helicopter, right? I mean, it looks like that's where people should be going." She smiles and picks up her suitcase while walking to the helicopter, gently handing over her suitcase to the pilot and getting in. Alex notices the other students and smiles at them giving a small wave. SHe thught to herself, "Okay, be normal. Try to make friends." She smiled once again and took her seat.
  11. Orreed

    Orreed Olivia

    Samantha: Ugh! Why did she always randomly start talking. She always did that and needed to stop, it looked liked she spooked the girl. At least she looked nice. "Eh, don't worry. It wasn't too obvious, it's just when you go to the school you get to know everyone. Anyways.. WOAH. That kid's cool.(She said sarcastically)Just walking past us, whatever. I mean, people are nervous and take it out different ways. Let's hop on the helicopter, you'll love the school Alex." They hopped in the helicopter. Might as well introduce herself, she liked meeting new friends. She just hoped not to make anyone annoyed...
    "Hi! My name is Samantha."
  12. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    OOC: Nevermind

    Daniel: Daniel shrugged and looked away. Clearly he shouldn't have spoken to the boy. Still, he wasn't going to show that he had been bothered by the glare. There had to be plenty of other students here.

    Speaking of other students, he saw a girl get in, one with white blond hair and a nice smile. He would probably have better results with this girl than with the boy. Daniel grinned and said in a joking way, "Hey. You going to Super Hero School too?"

    Max: Maxine watched as, as she predicted, the new boy reacted to to the strawberry blond one in a way that said quite clearly thatt he shouldn't be messed with. Turning, she saw another girl come in, all smiles. Max wanted to smile at the strawberry blond boy's description of the Institute, but she couldn't. Not really. So she kept her face at a steady expressionless and nodded politely at the girl who came in.
  13. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    Max: Max nodded politely at this girl as well, she wasn't ready to talk yyet, she didn't knowq any of these people or anything about these people, so it was best to stay on the side and analyze.

    Daniel: Daniel smiled at Samantha. Hre didn't repeat his joke, not knowing if she had already heard it. Instead, he said, "Hey, I'm Daniel." Look at him, making friends already. POerhaps he actually would make friends at this school. It was pleasently surprising. He'd never had enough time to make friends at any school he'd gone to or anywhere he'd lived before.
  14. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Ooc: Sorry! I was using one quote for Jack to answer I guess. I'm sorry!

    Alex: Alex smiles at Samantha once again,"Thanks Sam, I'm pretty sure I'll love it too." She could tell Sam was a nice person and hoped they would get along for awhile. She turns to the by who spoke to her and laughed a bit finding his description funny. "Maybe I will make some friends this year." She thought happily and decided to go along with it, "Oh of course, I've always dreamt of becoming the next Wonder Woman!
  15. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    OOC: I figured it out.

    Daniel: Daniel grinned at the girl and replied, "Well, I guess this is the right place to do so. After all, where else does the curriculum include learning how to control your super powers?"
  16. DisneyFreak98

    DisneyFreak98 Member

    Amelia: Amelia sat in awkward silence with the cab driver who was taking her to her brand new life. She was nervous about this school, as she hadn't been to school in over six years. She was nervous about having to meet new kids and what they would think of her. She wasn't good at explaining herself, and she didn't think anyone would understand her. She planned on staying out of everyone's way and disappearing, the one thing she was good at. The taxi pulled up to a giant helicopter, and she got out, amazed. She'd never even seen a helicopter, let alone rode in one. She paid the drive and got her small suitcase containing everything she owned. She climbed into the helicopter and sat down in the first seat she saw, avoiding eye contact. There were quite a few other kids on the helicopter already, but she just kept her head down and kept silent. She wouldn't talk unless someone talked to her first, and even then, she had no idea what she was going to say. This is going to be one interesting year she thought.
  17. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Alex: Alex laughed again at the boy and smiles, " Nowhere that I know of, I'm so excited to finally learn how to control my powers! It's so annoying having to run away somewhere when they come out. Oh, I'm Alexandria by the way, but you can call me whatever you want." She tucks a piece of her hair behind her ear and sighs crossing her legs.

    Jack: Jack opened his eyes and glares at the girl named Alexandria for getting on his nerves." Why is she laughing and smiling so much? Geez." He thinks to himself annoyed. "Can you keep it down over there? Some people really don't want to hear you." He said just as annoyed as he had thought.

    Alex: Alex narrowed her eyes at the rude boy, how dare he be so rude to her! What's his problem? Alex decided to voice her thought, "What's your problem? If you don't want to hear me then don't listen and pout in your seat. You don't need to damper everyone else's mood just because you're a sour pants." She wished she hadn't said it, but she couldn't help it! He got on her nerves and he needed to be told, but maybe it was too early in the year to start anything. She turned back tot he boy she was previously talking to and hoped no one would think she was a bad person. " Great way to start the year." She thought to herself.

    Jack: Jack rolled his eyes at the silly girl, "Whatever." He goes back to his former position ignoring everyone, especially that silly girl.
  18. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    Max: Maxine observed everyone. That Daniel kid was completely at ease joking around with a blond girl and another girl named Samantha. The other boy was still ignoring everyone, which was quite fine with Max. And then she saw the newcomer come on and avoid eye contact with everybody. Looking off into the distance, Max knew that was something she could relate to. Closing yourself off, trying to become invisible - that was Max's game. At least, when it came to being social. In class, Max was a different person all together. But then, that was neccessary. And everyone would see it later. Yet, she felt the other girl was doing it wrong. People would surely reach out to her if she made it that clear she was trying to be left alone. Max had nodded at everyone not because she was trying to be friendly, but because she knew people wouldn't keep engaging with her. They'd had their greeting, and now they'd lost interest. That was how Max warded people off, and in her fifteen previous boarding schools, it had worked like magic. And so far, it seemed to be working here too.
  19. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Alex: Alex saw the new girl walk on and tilted her head, another quiet one huh? "I guess I'll have to try!" She thought happily. She turns to look at the new girl and smiles gently, "Hello! I'm Alexandria, what's your name?"
  20. Orreed

    Orreed Olivia

    Sam: She laughed and smiled at all the jokes. She was happy to be heading back to school. Her home life wasn't awful, it was actually pretty good. Nothing tradgic. Just life at this school was awesome.
    OOC: Is this set in the Marvel, DC, or our universe. Or is it combined.
  21. DisneyFreak98

    DisneyFreak98 Member

    Amelia: Oh Lord, she thought, Avoidance didn't work I guess. Okay, it's okay. Just tell her you name. "I'm Amelia," she mumbled, barely looking at the girl. Okay, good, you told her your name. She'll probably leave you alone now, she thought, looking back down at the floor.
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