Thank you - you've all helped without even knowing it

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  1. snuggly duckling

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    Jul 11, 2012
    Hi! I've never posted here. I'm usually just lurk on the trip planning boards as we prepare for a January WDW visit.

    My DS5 is in kindergarten and has recently been diagnosed with ADHD. He has major trouble controlling his emotions, which leads to crazy meltdowns if the adult in the situation does not / cannot help him. He got suspended from before/after care today for the 2nd time in a week because of a meltdown. I have no faith in the daycare staff and am on the verge of an emotional breakdown myself. I've spent the afternoon crying and worrying that I am not strong enough to get through this.

    I've just spent an hour reading a bunch of threads here, and even though all of you have very different situations, conditions, etc., it has been very helpful to read. Not that I'd wish any of this on anyone, but somehow there is comfort just knowing that other people are struggling too.

    So thank you, for helping without even trying. I really needed that! :)
  2. kandb

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    Apr 22, 2006
    I just wanted to let you know that my son had issues when he first started school. He even had an aide in K, 1st and 2nd grade. Now he is in 3rd grade on his own and is doing great. The teacher says he always gives 100% and gets along great with his classmates. I know a few other people who's children had issues early on and when they got older, it got much better. I think maturity helps alot. Hang in there, I think time will be on your side. Linda PS, sometimes, teachers or aides etc. just don't know how to deal with children who have issues.
  3. DebºoºS

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    Aug 31, 1997
    Hang on and stay strong. My son had similar issues for many years. It can be so overwhelming as a parent. I'm a lurker and enjoy reading posts. The boards give me support and my Disney fix :) Love the DIS!
    Wishing your family all the best!!
  4. iluvmickey2008

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    Jan 20, 2008
    My DS5 has just started to improve (non-verbal) - diagnosed with mixed expressive/receptive language disorder. He is like a different kid!!

    I remember when he was 2 or 3 and I would open our front door after work and everyday he would be crying/screaming. Every morning, crying and screaming, I felt tired, depressed and felt overwhelmed and this was first thing in the morning. He would have meltdowns and run away from me in public places. It was always "work" when I was with him, and never fun, even when we tried to do fun things. This was before his diagnosis.

    He goes to a special preschool now and private speech therapy, plus he has matured alot. We still have a long way to go, but after all of these years, I see the light at the end of the tunnel! I am even planning a trip to Disney; last year or even 6 months ago, I could never imagine this!

    Now his brother is in his terrible 2's! He seems to be developing normally with speech, but those tantrums! Always something!! :rotfl:

    Not to be putting more on your plate, but you may want to get him tested for any kind of sensory disorders. From what I've read, it mimics ADHD sometimes. Autism was recently ruled out for my son, but I need to make an appointment with an Occupational Therapist for sensory testing. Just a thought. :hug:

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