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Test Track pics

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by xipotec, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. xipotec

    xipotec Grinning Ghosts

    This is probably old news by now, but here it is,
    They were testing out test track today, the outer loop was running cars, couldn't tell if they matched the ones at the Auto Wash!

    I did sneak a pic over the fence before Epcot opened too, they were working on the front walking area.


    Looks good for Dec opening!!
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  3. Pumbaa7287

    Pumbaa7287 <font color=red>I am the great Stone Dragon!<br><f

    Was that sarcasm? The front still looks awful lol. I know cosmetic stuff is a lot quicker to fix though and I'm really excited after reading the in-depth reports of what the ride would be like. I think I'm actually more excited for the in-queue experience than the ride itself, where you design your car!
  4. xipotec

    xipotec Grinning Ghosts

    Nope i am totally siked but looks like we will just miss the opening, the point was they are working on it and it was in testing, the outer track was running cars, so they are getting close.
  5. Nudoru

    Nudoru New Member

    They were running cars the last weekend of the F&W as well. They actually sounded slower unless they were doing ramp up testing at a slower speed, which would make sense.
  6. MouseEarsForAll

    MouseEarsForAll Oh snap! I get to hold the trophy?!

    I wonder what they'll mean by "design"?

    Like the virtual roller coaster in Epcot...

    Or Henry Ford: "You can have any color you like...as long as it's black."
  7. Donna M

    Donna M New Member

    Notice how many guys are standing around with their hands in their pockets. :scratchin
  8. Horace Horsecollar

    Horace Horsecollar <font color=blue>DVC members represent a unique ca

  9. King Triton

    King Triton New Member

    Very cool! I can't wait to ride it. I love the new Tron theme. :cool1:

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