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Tent Camping in July with an Infant?

Discussion in 'Camping at Disney World' started by 4kids4karen, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. 4kids4karen

    4kids4karen Mouseketeer

    We have three sites reserved 1-3 July at Fort DeSoto. One for my family of six, one for friends family of 4, and one for extended family coming to visit from Michigan. They will have 2 men, 1 teen boy, SIL, DN, a 4-year old and a baby not quite 1 years old. The base rents campers at a decent price ($50 per day) for small 16' campers stating sleeps two adults and two small children. Do you think it would be best to rent a camper for the Michigan family ladies, 4-year old, and baby? I was leaning this direction, but my DH thinks it is not necessary. I just want everyone to have fun and not be hot and miserable. The FL families and men can suck it up. But the little ones I am most worried about.

    Where we are camping typically has two outlets per campsite. What kind of fans would you recommend? Would it be best to get a generator and small a/c? I know my DH is trying to stay on a budget but we might be able to borrow or rent?

    Page 2 has the rental options from the base.

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  3. Betty Rohrer

    Betty Rohrer Mouseketeer

    is the family with the little ones used to tent camping? there is not much extra room to move around in small campers. room wise depending on tent size could be more room in the tent. we were a tent camping family when the girls were little,even babies, and the grandsons love to now. we use a raised,not box, fan in the tent.
  4. FortForever

    FortForever Disney since Day 1

    If I were in your position, I would rent a camper with A/C for the little ones and Michigan family. July is just too hot and humid here for people who are not accustomed to it.

    It may even be dangerous for babies to get that overheated. You will have a much better time if everyone is well rested and comfortable.
  5. 2goofycampers

    2goofycampers <font color=blue>Sounds like something a camping t

    Some campgrounds don't allow generators, might want to check on this for further planning.
  6. whitrn

    whitrn Earning My Ears

  7. ob1quixote

    ob1quixote Member

    Leave the generator at home, bring extension cords and outlet multipliers.

    If you get a rental camper, it should have an RV type plug that will handle all the power needs of the camper, and plugs into a different kind of outlet

    If you go to put small AC units in tents, you might consider getting an RV type extension cord and adapter to household outlets at the tent end. Run the ACs on that line, and other electrical on the household type outlets on the power pole.
  8. 4kids4karen

    4kids4karen Mouseketeer

    The Michigan family is coming from Detroit. None of them have ever camped before. But they did say they wanted to camp, which is why I made the reservation. They are the ones with the 4-year old and baby girl who will be just under 1-year old.

    I have a the Eureka Copper Cannon that sleeps 12. Our normal set-up for our family of six, is two queen air mattresses in one room that becomes our "sleeping slide" for me, DH, and two younger kids. This leaves the other side open for chairs (if it rains, and equipment, room for the kids to play, etc. Two older boys sleep in a 4-man tent by themselves. So the baby can play in our tent in the shade with the big doors and windows open, no issue. In fact, I may end up letting them use this tent if we don't rent the camper, as it is bigger, then us borrowing a tent from one of our scout families as we know plenty of people with tents but theirs are not the cabin style like ours.

    So knowing we have this large of a tent, then would you suggest saving the money for a camper and just get a a/c for the Copper Cannon? I am thinking how they would fit everyone in this tent and it would still work but change the sleeping arrangements to be side a) SIL, her DH, and teen grandson. Side b) DN, DN-DH, DN-DD4, and baby. If they don't bring a pack-n-play I will ask to borrow one from a friend so the baby would be safer than on an air mattress. What do you think of this sleeping arrangement? Air mattresses can be removed in daytime (put in other side) and blankets put on tent floor for her to play.
  9. 4kids4karen

    4kids4karen Mouseketeer

    Thank you. I just sent your reply to my DH so he can prepare an AC unit. He is the one that doesn't want to spend the extra money on a camper, but I know they will be hot and miserable if there is no form of A/C to get some relief. Since we live in FL we can deal with the heat and humidity, but I know others can't if they are not use to it.
  10. 4kids4karen

    4kids4karen Mouseketeer

    This is the site we reserved. We reserved the sites on each side of this one as well. We have stayed on this exact site before with friends on adjacent sites and it was a great trip. As you can see from the picture (click and it gets larger) it is adjacent to the playground (no roads in between) which made it easy to cook and hang out at our site and still keep an eye on the kids. It is really close to bathrooms and a nice fishing area as well. This campground books up really fast as it has become more and more popular the past few years. It's hard to get the playgound sites on holidays. I think people book the first minute they open the calendar. LOL.

  11. lost*in*cyberspace

    lost*in*cyberspace DIS Veteran

    I think you mean ditto ;)
  12. JanL

    JanL Native Floridian

    The baby definitely needs A/C or she will have a heat rash and be miserable and keep the rest of you awake with the whining and crying.

    I would put the funds toward an A/C for the Copper Canyon which you will be able to use thereafter.

    The family that has never camped before will be more likely to continue camping if there is A/C and they are comfortable.
  13. angelmom27

    angelmom27 Mouseketeer

    Definitely invest in an A/C for the baby. They will get no fun if the baby is miserable. Even with us being FL natives I know my babies would never be able to tent camp in this FL heat in July without A/C.
  14. Disneyaddictz

    Disneyaddictz Mouseketeer

    Lived in Florida 4 years and couldn't imagine tent camping in the summer, dec/ jan the only time we got away with it! Ac a MUST :)
  15. Southern Bell

    Southern Bell Mouseketeer

    I have camped without air condition but with fans for outside and inside the camper or tent. We also like to use a screen room over the table, or a tarp over your table and a screen room to sit in. A nice shaded site also makes it a little cooler and if possible one that is blocked from hot afternoon sun shining directly on you. For instance when we are at the beach we like to request a site that our door is facing the ocean and that makes the sun hit the back of our camper instead of the front. The comfort station close by for easy use can also be a break from the heat. If you don't have a golf cart you might even want to camp in walking distance to the pool so you can go easiy back and forth and cool off for the afternoon and evening without taking a bus to it. Also, it helps the kids to have the hand held fans with water to play with or small pool with water in it at the campsite.
  16. Running_Bell

    Running_Bell Member

    We camp in hot weather all the time in our tent... however, we never did when our kids were infants. In fact, we didn't camp in tents at all when they were infants. We were always afraid if they woke up miserable and crying.... everyone else in the campground would too. :lmao: We camped one weekend at a state park and a few sites down from us a poor baby cried all night long.... sound travels through the night from a tent. The poor family left the very next morning. I felt bad for them. I don't think anyone in the campground was upset... but they were obviously frustrated and embarrassed. Like others have said... an AC would be very helpful or renting an camper? If that's an option.
  17. luvmyfam444

    luvmyfam444 Mouseketeer

    OOO...coming from michigan will be rough on them - they have probably never felt the heat like this!

    We have camped in July in a tent with a 1 yr old. We had 2 fans blowing - it was fine @ night. But it was Stifiling during the day when we wanted to take a nap.

    BUT don't forget about the pop up showers - we got rained on every day & when we returned @ 2 am all our laundry was soaked & our tent had collapsed on one side & was flooded. I think it was user error - but dh won't admit it. ha!
  18. smile5sunshine

    smile5sunshine Think of the happiest thing, it's the same as havi

    I don't know much about camping (just beginning to get my feet wet), but if you are wanting to do the AC unit on a budget, you might consider checking your local Goodwills to see if they have any. I see units with some regularity at our Goodwills and I know that they will allow you between 3-5days to to return electronics that don't work. Likewise, you can also check craigslist ads for your area.

  19. Kattabba

    Kattabba Earning My Ears

    Last May we were at the fort in a tent with a Dorm fridge, portable a/c, and lap top all hooked up - we ran the vent for the ac out the bottom of one of the doors. We are from Jersey and have to say it was nice having my Dad's RV to retreat to in the afternoon. it was just too darn hot for our 3 year old to try and take an afternoon nap in the tent - even with a/c going full blast. We were all on one site and you think we would have blown an electrical circuit. Dad had his RV all hooked up and we had our tent-sweet-tent hooked up. No problems at all with electricity. Dad even had a small chest freezer full of Costco Mickey nuggets and other yummy stuff plugged in and kept under the canopy of the RV.

    So bottom line - Cranky hot 1 year old with no nap combined with cranky hot 4 year old no nap - not my idea of fun. I personally would opt for the trailer. I fully admit us northerners are wimps when it comes to heat and humidity, but after hot days and long lines at disney - the adults will be praying for the kiddos to take a nap! I would also recommend a stroller fan from buy buy baby or babies r us. they sell the Mickey variety at WDW - but it is expensive!

    Good Luck!

    Ps hubby even ran a cable wire to the laptop so kiddo could watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse while we made breakfast!
  20. 4kids4karen

    4kids4karen Mouseketeer


    I do realize that my plans don't involve FW, but appreciate the feedback you gave me. Thank you! You are a great group of people on this board!

    So, as it turns out DN called my DH because the BIL wanted "a link to the cabin" we were planning on staying in. LOL. DH says "Cabin, were are not staying in a cabin!" We have stayed at the Cabins at FW a few times so I think BIL must remember us posting pictures of FW. FW Cabins is just out of the budget for this trip.

    So when DH explained we would be in tents, there was a slight bit of freaking out. Where will we sleep? What if there is a killer there? How will we use the bathroom? The playground is adjacent to the site I picked and the comfort station (bathroom/showers) is at the end of the playground. My friend did state last time we stayed on these sites that she could hear people flushing the toliet at night. Her site was just one over from mine but it did not wake me. So, no issues with how far the bathrooms are! DN decided she was still willing to camp as a "new experience."

    I talked to a few other of our friends who camp even more often than we do. The consensus was that the Michigan family would be miserable and spend their day trying to find ways to cool off.

    Updated plan is to cancel two of the three sites keeping only one site for one night. The campground check-in I believe is at 1 pm. We will pack sandwiches for lunch, head to the campsite and set-up camp for a few hours. We may bring a smaller tent for the kids to play or nap in. We will bring our easy-up pop-up to provide additional shade in addition to the trees. The plan is to let them have the afternoon to fish, explore the campsite and fort (Fort DeSoto), play on the adjacent playground, maybe hit the beach if they get too hot, and finally cook an early campfire dinner.

    After an early dinner we will pack up camp and head over to DH and my favorite beach front hotel, the Postcard Inn. We get a really good military discount price. It's the week of 4th of July but checking in 1-July, checking out 3-July, they still have the $93.00 military rate where the mega resort next door... we'll is outside our budget. We have 4 hotel rooms booked, but might scale it back to 3. The easy-up can be used on the beach as well. I usually rent their cabana chairs for $25.00 per day, but the easy-up next to it for the kids to sit on towels will be good. I use to have a small toddler beach tent, but think I got rid of that.

    Our friends who vacation with us will be in one of the rooms, so I am debating on bringing air mattress for the teenagers and fit everyone in two rooms, or give the teenagers their own rooms (maybe I should let them sleep at the campsite! LOL. They are boy scouts! Oh and by teenager, at the time of the vacation they will be one month shy of 21, then 19, 19, 15, and a girl 15.) I really don't plan to leave them at camp though. The beach front hotel will also be a "new experience" for them as well.

    The vacation so far includes:

    So a day at Magic Kingdom, one an afternoon of "camping" followed by two nights at a beach front hotel. We will probably go to Busch Gardens' Adventure Island water park or Seaworld another day I haven't used my military free entrance for 2013 yet...). I think this is best not to make them sleep in a tent for two nights, so they enjoy their vacation. We have a community club house pool for days we do not go anywhere outside our neighborhood. Several of our neighbors have backyard pools but we do not. Thoughts?

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