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Tell me about Journey to Atlantis

Discussion in 'Sea World / Discovery Cove' started by trouttigger, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. trouttigger

    trouttigger New Member

    Are there steep drops where you feel like you are falling? How does it compare to Splash Mountain?

    I'm trying to decide if I'm up for it or not.

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  3. janinca

    janinca New Member

    I have never been to Splash Mountain so I can't really answer that question but I didn't find it to be a scary ride at all. The drops are not that long, at least to me they weren't. When I think of that ride it makes me laugh because of what happened to us on it. My husband and kids went on and I was taking pictures and holding all our stuff. When they got off the ride I was informed that my husband lost his hat on the ride. Later, sitting waiting for Blue Horizons to start I was flipping through my pictures on my camera and found that I had actually without knowing it caught the moment.

  4. MilitaryMouse

    MilitaryMouse New Member

    The large drop is pretty comparable to Splash Mountain. There's a second drop after that, but it's much smaller. Although we got soaked from the smaller drop, and not at all wet from the large one, so :confused3. Still really fun though!
  5. MilitaryMouse

    MilitaryMouse New Member

    That is so awesome! Love the picture!
  6. Bonniec

    Bonniec New Member

    LOL at the pic too.

    Yeah, the drop is pretty comparable to Splash Mountain. Maybe a tad shorter but it's close. It's a fun ride.
  7. trouttigger

    trouttigger New Member

    :)Ok, I think I can handle it.
  8. brenda1966

    brenda1966 New Member

    YEs, comparable to Splash Mountain, and yet after that drop the ride is not over, so be prepared for that.

    The drop is really where the comparison to Splash ends though. The theming is really lame and my DD was asking me what it even meant. The ride is all about the drop.
  9. CAStevens218

    CAStevens218 New Member

    We LOVED this ride. We thought it was the best flume type ride we had ever been on and it is actually so much more than that! It was water coaster elements and beautiful theming. We had a BLAST!! Beware....we got SOAKED...like wringing water out of our clothes soaked! Totally worth it though...
  10. jpeppers

    jpeppers New Member

    Your level of wetness on the ride has nothing to do with the ride, it is completely dependent upon how many people are manning the water cannons that are hitting you at a quarter a pop. I love to get wet when dressed for it but hate it when I'm wearing my shoes and have to walk in them all day. I wish they would shut down the cannons except during the hottest months, really sucks when someone soaks your shoes on a 65 degree day and you get the pleasure of walking like that all day.:beach:
  11. AuroraRora

    AuroraRora Princess

    That picture is awesome, I love it!!
  12. RabFlmom

    RabFlmom New Member

    I think....Splash Mountain is something like 53 feet down at a 45 degree angle while Journey to Atlantis is about 60 feet and I think the same angle but might be a hair steeper. Speed down is in the 40-42 mph range for both of them

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