Team 'Ohana--No One Left Behind: The Continuing Adventures

Discussion in 'Events/Competition' started by tiberius, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. tiberius

    tiberius DIS Veteran

    Jan 18, 2002
    Welcome to the new chat thread for Team ‘Ohana: No One Left Behind!



    Allie (aldisneygrl)
    Butch (JenB's DH)
    Christine (IMGONNABE40!)
    Corinna (corinnak)
    Debra (deekaypee)
    Dennis (Worfiedoodles' DH)
    DOOD (Debra's DH, doesn't post)
    Erica (zakismom)
    Jackie (MouseDogMom)
    Jeanne (jeanneg)
    Jen (Jen117)
    Jen B (jbucci)
    John (FFigawi)
    Julie (laughingplace1999)
    Kathy (MomofTwoGirls)
    Kerry (novafan)
    Kira (Kira G.)
    Maria (Worfiedoodles)
    Mel (chimera)
    Nicole (princessbride6205)
    Rebecca (iheartdolewhips)
    Richard (tiberius)
    Sandy (Sandy321)
    Terri (Terri5176)

    Total Listed: 23
    My apologies the anyone temporarily left off this list as it is a work in progress and I have a very busy day at work today (and am doing this at lunch), but will get this in order soon. If you are not on the list and should be, shoot me a PM or a quick post to this thread and I will add it.

    For reference purposes, the Team 'Ohana 2009: No One Left Behind is here.
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  3. tiberius

    tiberius DIS Veteran

    Jan 18, 2002
    Reserved for future use.
  4. tiberius

    tiberius DIS Veteran

    Jan 18, 2002
    A special thanks to Debra, for all her hard work for Team 'Ohana these last two years!!! :grouphug:

    ...and a special wish that I don't make too big a mess over trying to do just part of that work over the near future....
  5. tiberius

    tiberius DIS Veteran

    Jan 18, 2002

    Based on initial speculation I am seeing at least 2 good opportunities for Team 'Ohana Meets this year.
    At this point I am including all "maybes" on the list.

    Princess Half 2010

    Disneyland Half

    San Antonio Rock n Roll 2010
  6. deekaypee

    deekaypee <font color=deeppink>Mouseketeer<br><font color=te

    Jul 8, 2006
    Whoo hoo, I get to christen a new thread with my lovely presence! Where's the champagne?


    I know we're not tracking miles & minutes as a team, but if anyone would like to track them for themselves, I've modified last year's Google Docs spreadsheet. You can input your numbers, and it will add things up for you every month. (I don't think I'll use it, as I've figured out I'm a paper & pen kind of person.)

    Anyway, here's the link for access to the Team 'Ohana 2010 Tracking. Remember, it's just for your personal benefit, not a challenge!

    Here's my best guess as to the 'Ohana Race Schedules 2010. Check it out & send me any corrections or updates.


    Myrtle Beach 1/2 (2/13): Jackie
    WISH Virtual 5K/10K and/or Valentine's Day Race: Corinna, Allie, Mel, Sandy, Christine, Debra, DOOD, Terri, John
    RunWild 1/2, Houston (2/21): Richard
    Rodeo Run 10K, Houston (2/27): John
    Gasparilla Full (2/28): Butch

    Texas Independence Relay, Gonzales, TX: John (?)
    Princess 1/2 & 5K Weekend (3/7): Mel, Corinna, Kathy, JenB, Rebecca, Erica
    Seabrook Lucky Trail 1/2, Seabrook, TX (3/20): John
    Tobacco Road 1/2 and Full (3/21): Jackie, Kathy, and DH, Jeanne (?)
    Fl Beaches Halfathon, St. Petersburg (3/23): Mel

    Rutgers/Unite 1/2 (4/18): JenB, Butch
    Flying Pirate 1/2 (4/18): Jackie (?)
    Country Music 1/2, Nashville (4/24) : Mel
    Lone Star 70.3 Tri, Galveston (4/25): Richard

    Broad Street Run, 10 miles (5/2): JenB, Butch
    Pittsburgh Marathon Relay (5/2): DOOD
    Indy Mini-Marathon 1/2 (5/8): Jackie
    Muddy Buddy Orlando (5/8): Mel (?)
    Run to Remember 1/2, Boston (5/30): Julie
    Challenge Obesity 5K, St. Paul (5/31): Corinna

    Burnsville Heart of the City 1/2, Burnsville, MN: Corinna
    Minneapolis 1/2 (6/6): Corinna, Jen
    Seattle RnR 1/2 (6/26): Terri

    Paul Revere 10 MI, Harbor Springs, MI (7/4): Corinna

    Regent Square Run Around the Square 5K, Pittsburgh (8/??): Debra, DOOD
    Beach to Beacon 10K, Cape Elizabeth, ME (8/7): Maria (?)
    Steelers 5K, Pittsburgh (8/30?): Debra, DOOD

    Disneyland Half (9/5): Richard, Corinna, JenB, Butch, John, Erica, Terri, Maria (?)
    Philadelphia Distance Run- RnR 1/2 (9/19): JenB, Butch, Jackie (?)
    Honan 5K (9/20?): Maria

    Breast Cancer 3 Day (60 miles) (10/?): Christine
    Twin Cities 10K or 10 MI (10/2-10/3): Corinna
    Disney Wine and Dine 1/2 (10/2): JenB, Butch, Mel, Kathy (?)
    Pittsburgh ZooZilla 5K (10/3): Debra, DOOD
    BAA 1/2, Boston (10/11): Julie
    Baltimore 1/2 and Full (10/16): Debra, DOOD
    Ironman 70.3 Tri, Austin (10/17): Richard
    Florida Halloween Halfathon, St. Petersburg(10/31): Mel

    Richmond Full (11/13): John (?)
    OBX Full, Outer Banks, NC (11/14): Jackie (?)
    San Antonio RnR 1/2 (11/14): Richard, John (?), Mel (?), Debra (?), DOOD (?), Jackie (?)
    City of Oaks 1/2, Raleigh (11/17): Jackie (?)
    Philly Marathon (11/21): JenB (?), Butch (?)
    WISH Virtual Turkey Trot 10K (11/25): Debra

    Texas Trail Run 50K, Huntville (12/?): John
    Jingle Bell Run 5K, Northfield, MN (12/12?): Corinna
    Florida Holiday Halfathon, Madeira Beach (12/12): Mel

    Races/Dates Unknown
    3 local 10Ks, May: Allie
    Half Marathon, November: Allie
    100 mile walk, Cincinnati to Columbus (xx/xx): Christine
    Marathon, May - July: Christine
    Marathon, November: Christine

    January 2011
    Disney 5K:
    WISH 5K: Debra, DOOD
    1/2: Mel, Sandy, Maria, Debra, DOOD
    Goofy: John, Richard, JenB, Butch
    Dopey: JenB (?), Butch (?)
    Volunteering: Debra, DOOD

    Okay, cousins, who else is in? I've moved my bio/2010 goals.
  7. Worfiedoodles

    Worfiedoodles DIS Veteran

    May 19, 2005

    Let's get 2010 moving!

    Maria :upsidedow
  8. corinnak

    corinnak 100% Tag Free!

    Jan 25, 2006
    Hooray 2010! How about some introductions?

    Day Job:
    Favorite race you ever ran:
    Best recovery food or beverage:
    TV Shows you watch or have loved:
    Races Planned this year:
    Meaning of DIS screen name:

    And now that I've written this up, I don't actually have time to answer them myself! Isn't that the way it goes??? Did I leave out any important question?
  9. FFigawi

    FFigawi DIS Veteran

    Dec 28, 2009
    Paying the price of my admission......

    In fact, I can, but I'll have to say that the Cardassians were the best bad guys. :)

    FFigawi is my Hash name. For those who don't know, the Hash House Harriers are a group of running and drinking clubs all over the world started in Kuala Lumpur back in the 1930s by some British expats. After going on a number of runs and/or doing something stupid/memorable, you get a name. Mine comes from two things: 1) I grew up sailing in New England and raced in the Figawi race a few times. The race gets its name from the ever-present fog that cause the skippers and crews to frequently wonder "where the f*&% are we?" 2) on one of the trails I set for the Hash when living overseas, several of the people following it got confused and again wondered "where the f*&% are we?" Combine the two stories and FFigawi seemed like a great name for me. Why the people naming me added the extra F is beyond me. :)

    And now for my intro.....

    Name: John
    Day Job: Controller
    Family: Me, my wife, four dogs, and a new puppy who arrived today and is not at all happy about being in a crate right now
    Location: Houston
    Favorite race you ever ran: This one's a three-way tie between my first marathon (Richmond 2005), my first ultra (Rocky Raccoon 2006), and my first Goofy (2010)
    Best recovery food or beverage: Guiness
    TV Shows you watch or have loved: Currently set to Tivo - 24, Mythbusters, Modern Family, Glee, Real World, 30 on 30 (ESPN's sports documentaries), Celebrity Rehab yes, I love white trash reality TV
    Favorites from the past - MASH, X-Files, Cheers, DS9 (sorry Maria, but I thought it was a great series), The Shield
    Races Planned this year:
    Rodeo Run 10k
    Texas Independence Relay (maybe)
    Seabrook Lucky Trail Half
    Disneyland Half (got to get that Coast to Coast medal)
    Richmond marathon (or San Antonio marathon)
    Texas Trail Run 50k
    Goofy 2011
    Meaning of DIS screen name: see above :)
  10. tiberius

    tiberius DIS Veteran

    Jan 18, 2002
    You will fit in here! :rotfl:
  11. corinnak

    corinnak 100% Tag Free!

    Jan 25, 2006
    Name: Corinna
    Day Job: Mom with aspirations of being a theater techie. Dream big, I know.
    Family: CASH (Corinna's Amazingly Suportive Husbad) of nearly 14 years, DS11, DS6, Skippy the Wonderdog, 4 cats, each crazy in their own way and one small painted turtle.
    Location:The Hills of Minnesota
    Favorite race you ever ran: It had been the Inaugural ToT 13K, but now I'm thinking...2010 WDW Frozen Half Marathon!
    Best recovery food or beverage: Warm soup and fresh bread after the Twin Cities 10 mile.
    TV Shows you watch or have loved: Currently: The Office, Modern Family, Big Love, How I Met Your Mother, Community and... The Biggest Loser (total lack of SF, I know!) All time favorites: Babylon 5, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Tom Baker & Peter Davison's Doctor Who, and Star Trek through Deep Space 9.
    Races Planned this year: So far...

    Local & Virtual 5K's Feb 13 & 14 - Twin Cities
    Disney Princess Half Marathon - March 7, Orlando
    Challenge Obesity 5K - April 17, St. Paul
    Challenge Hearts & Minds 5K , May 31, St. Paul
    Burnsville Heart of the City Half Marathon - June 5, Burnsville, MN
    Minneapolis Half Marathon - June 6 - Mpls, MN
    Paul Revere 10 Mile - July 4 - Harbor Springs, MI
    Disneyland Half Marathon (and attending 5K if theme is good/finish is on Main street etc.) - September 5, Annaheim, CA
    Twin Cities 10K or 10 mile October 2 or 3 - Twin Cities, MN
    Jingle Bell Run - December - Northfield, MN

    Meaning of DIS screen name:Soooo creative - my first name followed by former last initial. :rolleyes1
  12. jbucci

    jbucci DIS Veteran

    Jan 24, 2008
    Oooooo I love the fresh smell of a new thread :rotfl:

    I don't have time for the questions fight now, but wanted to get a post in to welcome our new cousins. :goodvibes

    I'll be back after I recover from my long work day.
  13. laughinplace199

    laughinplace199 <font color=blue>AKA Shrimpo or Flamingo Legs<br><

    Apr 28, 2001
    :welcome: Allie & John!

    I'll be back to catch up later - gotta get some chores done :laundy: and get the kidlets off to bed...
  14. chimera

    chimera <font color=deeppink>WISH Racing Team Member<br><f

    Dec 17, 2004
    Name: Mel
    Day Job: Depends on the day: Mon to Thurs I'm a PA in an sub sub specialty endocrinology office. On Fridays I teach at the local pharmacy school. And I do some freelance writing on the side.
    Family: DH, DD17, DD6, 3 dogs
    Location:SW Florida, born and raised
    Favorite race you ever ran: The Minnie...I totally miss the Minnie
    Best recovery food or beverage: chocolate milk, half toasted bagel with warm Nutella all melty
    TV Shows you watch or have loved: Currently: Psych, Eureka, Star Trek, Dexter, Big Bang Theory
    Races Planned this year: So far...

    Virtual 10K Feb 14
    Disney Princess Half Marathon - March 7, Orlando
    Florida Beaches Halfathon - March 23, St. Petersburg
    Country Music Half Marathon - April 24, Nashville
    ???Muddy Buddy Orlando - May 8
    WDW Wine and Dine Half - Oct 2, Orlando
    Florida Halloween Halfathon - Oct 31, St. Petersburg
    TBD San Antonio RnR Half - Nov 14, San Antonio
    PAL Half Marathon - Nov 28, Sarasota
    Florida Holiday Halfathon - Dec 12, Madeira Beach
    WDW Half - Jan 2011

    Meaning of DIS screen name:oh dear, this is going to be as bad as my day job B.S. degree is in molecular biology. A chimera is a creature that carries the genes of's a biotech thing I always thought was cool. And also a weird Greek mythical creature that's like a winged liongoat kinda thing
  15. aldisneygrl

    aldisneygrl <font color=green>I'm putting on my shades<br><fon

    Aug 23, 2006
    You pack up and leave and move to a new home. :scared1::lmao:

    Good thing I'm resourceful. :rolleyes: Oh, and Richard left bread crumbs. Thank you very much! :upsidedow

    No, really thank you very much for the warm welcome. :grouphug: I love the Buzzies because that was my first team (and I need to change my siggy), but it's not what it used to be, and Jackie I really missed you too. :hug: Although, sometimes you just need a kick in the pants to get going again, so I'm feeling a little sore on the backside now. ;) We weren't a very chatty group,on the Buzzies, and I tend to be a chatty person, although I come and go 'cause sometimes LTO and there's nothing you can do about it. :confused3 I know quite a few of you, so I feel like this is a good place to jump in.....soooooooo SPLASH!!!!

    Ok, this spot is reserved for my intro. to be filled in later. - See page 4 ;)
  16. Worfiedoodles

    Worfiedoodles DIS Veteran

    May 19, 2005
    Chimera were also a race from Earth:Final Conflict -- Another Gene Roddenberry series. Honestly, Mel, that's where I thought it came from! Anyone remember that show? With the Taelons, the Jaridians and Liam?

    I'll do my intro tomorrow, just had to post my sci fi observation...

    Cardassians -- one of the few tolerable things about DS9 for me...John can stay! ;):thumbsup2:goodvibes

    Good Night, Cousins! Gotta hit the hay if I'm getting up at 4:30...:scared1:

    Maria :upsidedow
  17. tiberius

    tiberius DIS Veteran

    Jan 18, 2002
    OK, you passed the lost puppy test, you're in; and John passed the sci-fi test as well. What a bigger and happier family we will be.:grouphug:
  18. Sandy321

    Sandy321 <font color=darkorchid>Crazy enough to want to do

    Oct 22, 2007
    Oh, my name is on the team!! :goodvibes

    (Alli, be sure and find me if I get lost please!!)

    Name: Sandy
    Day Job: Substitute teacher (I taught 5th and 3rd grade, had kids...ds needed me more than the classroom, ds is hard of hearing... does very well! )
    Family: DH, DS 24, DS 21 DD13, 1 new rescue puppy.(corgimix)
    Location: Chicago suburb... born and raised in NW IN - heart is in Texas (grandpa came north for work in depression - went back to TX to retire - I LOVE TEXAS!! )
    Favorite race you ever ran: Donald Half
    Best recovery food or beverage: water, beer... champagne!!
    TV Shows you watch or have loved: Amazing Race, enjoying Porn Stars and Pickers now... Psych, a LOT of Reality (not real) TV... oh and I like Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters too (and I often reference them in substitute teaching) DH is more the SciFi guy - one of our dates was to see the movie Dune... yes, we're old (It was a bad version, but a great date!! ;) )
    Races Planned this year: Virtual 5K Feb 14 and maybe...
    WDW Half - Jan 2011

    Meaning of DIS screen name: well see when I first joined disboards I picked "eeyore" thinking I hope like eeyore, someone notices me... but then when I realized people called you by your screen name, I didnt want people calling me eeyore!! So I went with my real name - then -3-2-1- - GO!!
  19. FFigawi

    FFigawi DIS Veteran

    Dec 28, 2009
    Sweet! I made the cut! :)

    I'll post my intro back where I started.
  20. corinnak

    corinnak 100% Tag Free!

    Jan 25, 2006
    Oh my goodness - Earth: Final Conflict - it has been a while. My but that was a strange show. I definitely remember the Taelons, at least. And that ******* - uh, make that jerk-face, Z'or!

    John - what a great screen name story! And how could I have forgotten Glee? And Mythbusters? Family favorites, both over here. :thumbsup2

    Mel - you have a good point about the Minnie. I totally miss that race too. And nutella. Mmmm. You have a good point about that one too. I had been assuming the winged lion-goat thing, I have to admit - I figured you were a classics geek as well. I didn't know it was a term in molecular biology! Pretty cool in all directions!

    Sandy! So glad you made it to the new thread! I am so glad you changed your name to something more YOU! You don't strike me as an Eeyore at all! LOVE the 3-2-1--GO!!! aspect of your name, too!

    Allie - so great to see you over here as well! I am sorry about the loss of your previous team, but am so glad that it means we get to know you better. :hug: Please do add in a Team Ohana clippie when you're ready, but I think we'd all understand if you wanted to hold onto your Buzz, too. :hug:
  21. iheartdolewhips

    iheartdolewhips DIS Veteran

    Jan 1, 2010
    Aloha! I am hoping to join Team 'Ohana and wanted to introduce myself. :)

    Day Job: Housewife / Work at Home Freelancer / Aspiring Teacher (I'm certified, but thanks to the economy still looking to land my first teaching job.)
    Family: My husband of one and a half years, Jeremy. We also have three cats and two rabbits.
    Location: Georgia
    Favorite race you ever ran: I'm totally new to this running thing!
    Best recovery food or beverage: ^ As I said, totally new to running, just been drinking water.
    TV Shows you watch or have loved: Stargate Atlantis is by far my favorite - I still miss it. :( I also loved the Aladdin tv series (my favorite Disney movie). Current shows I watch include House, Stargate Universe, Mythbusters, What Not to Wear, Glee, Biggest Loser, and pretty much anything on Food Network (especially if it has Bobby Flay!).
    Races Planned this year: My first race ever will be the Princess Royal Family 5K on March 6. I have the ultimate goal of completing a half marathon this year, but nothing planned yet.
    Meaning of DIS screen name: Mine's probably pretty self explanatory, but ... I love dole whips! Last time I went to WDW, I used all but one of my snack credits on dole whips. And I regretted getting that ice cream instead of a dole whip the moment I took the first bite! :lmao:

    I look forward to getting to know everybody! Hopefully I've passed all of the tests (including a love of scifi ;) ).

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