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Tangled Soundtrack

Discussion in 'Disney Movies, Books, TV and Music' started by JAMES HYDE, Jun 21, 2011.


What Song do You Like?

  1. Kingdom Dance

  2. I see the Light

  3. I've Got A Dream

  4. Something that I Want

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    JAMES HYDE Tangled!

    I got the Tangled Soundtrack and i Never stop Listening to it!!!!
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  3. robert32

    robert32 Earning My Ears

    Kingdom Dance is my favorite.
  4. JoshK47

    JoshK47 Earning My Ears

    Definitely Kingdom Dance, though as far as songs go, I absolutely love Mother Knows Best and its reprise, and Healing Incantation.

  5. earningmyfins

    earningmyfins Earning My Ears

    I love them all, but nothing beats Kingdom Dance. It just flows so well and it is uplifting. I could have it on loop all day.
  6. 'When Will My Life Begin' is my personal favourite, out of these I'd say 'Kingdom Dance'
  7. emlydecia

    emlydecia Earning My Ears

    I have also choose Kingdom dance.
  8. gillcrist32

    gillcrist32 Earning My Ears

    I see the Light is one of mine favorite song....

    JAMES HYDE Tangled!

    I had to get a new one because it got scratched from playing it so much! XD
  10. xjessebellex

    xjessebellex Faith,trust & pixie dust

    I absolutely love this album, one of my favs :-)
  11. disneygirl1997

    disneygirl1997 Earning My Ears

    Everything about Tangled is perfect.
  12. pascalstongue

    pascalstongue Mouseketeer

    I love them all!!!
  13. craxyfox

    craxyfox Earning My Ears

    I love them all as well! Normally in other Disney movies where there is singing, I would just skip through, but I enjoy all of Tangled's tracks and even rewind to watch the songs again ^_^
  14. LilyFlower

    LilyFlower Missing Reflection

    I love it! I think my favorite is 'When Will My Life Begin'! <3

    But on the poll, I See The Light.
  15. MinnieMeaghan

    MinnieMeaghan Earning My Ears

    Amen. This is the best soundtrack ever. Alan Menken is a genius!
  16. nelsonjj304

    nelsonjj304 Earning My Ears

    definitely a great soundtrack! Alan Menken's songs are awesome.
  17. WoodysHat

    WoodysHat Earning My Ears

    "I've Got A Dream" always cracks me up...Attila's cupcakes are sublime! :)

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