Tales of Disney Magic on your Honeymoon

Discussion in 'Disney Weddings and Honeymoons' started by vivaciousdame, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. vivaciousdame

    vivaciousdame Mouseketeer

    Aug 3, 2011
    HI All!
    We are going to WDW in November for our honeymoon. And I'm super excited. I got our ears already and shirts made and everything. My DH is even getting into it.
    Anyway I want to hear tales of magic on your honeymoon at disney. :wizard: What little things did you experience or things that WDW or a CM did for you to make it that much more special? :lovestruc I love hearing stories.
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  3. beautifultomorrow

    beautifultomorrow DIS Veteran

    Jul 4, 2007

    We just had our honeymoon at Disney in early August and it was FANTASTIC! Way more magical than I ever could have dreamed of!!

    Part of the reason we chose Disney for our honeymoon is because we knew they would treat us right. That being said I tried really hard not to over expect and would caution anyone to do the same. Turns out everything was way more than I thought it would be but I would hate to have come home disappointed.

    Here are some of our magical moments:

    -- We had reserved a garden view room (cheapest) at Grand Floridian. Upon check-in we received a surprise upgrade to a Deluxe King room in the main building which meant we got all the Club level perks. That was AMAZING!! The room and location were great and we never could have afforded that room straight out.

    -- One day we were at Epcot when they had the bridge up at World Showcase to bring the giant globe through for Illuminations. A cast member saw us waiting to go through (with our bride and groom ears on) and asked us if anyone had done anything special for us that day. We said no and he told us to come to the dock by Mexico for Illuminations and he would let us have a private viewing from where they call the show!! That was sooo awesome! Front row seats and we got to see a little bit of how they put the show on and the CM explained some of the workings to us. It was the perfect mix of romantic experience and behind the scenes peek!

    -- Several CM's gave us fastpasses -- including a wonderful CM at Rockin rollercoaster who noticed that we had gone single rider, so after we rode she pulled us aside took us back to the line, put us in the front row and gave us each 2 fast passes good for any rides at Hollywood studios!

    -- We got LOTS of prime tables at restaurants (by the window during Wishes at California Grill, etc.) and special treats at dinner. Brown Derby took our picture and gave us a personalized card and champagne.

    -- Champagne, a rose and a card from Mickey in our room at Grand Floridian

    -- When we came back from dinner at Victoria and Albert's we found a wonderful turndown housekeeper had made an adorable arrangement with our bride and groom ears and other props from the room on th bed and left us a really sweet note congratulating us on our marriage.

    -- More good wishes, congratulations and funny "advice" from cast members than I can possibly count. We were really made to feel special the whole trip. Several people said to us before we went "well hundreds of people will be on their honeymoon there at the same time" as if it wouldn't be special but it absolutely was and we were made to feel that way 24/7. What really surprised me was how many guests talked to us and congratulated us. Talk about good vibes!

    So in conclusion, we wore the bride and groom ears as much as possible and you should do the same! I hope your trip is as magical as ours was, we are now spoiled for life!!!
  4. yourgypsy

    yourgypsy Mouseketeer

    Aug 16, 2011
    Thanks for sharing all that info! We went this past February to celebrate our anniversary, and there were so many cute surprises. I think my favorite was the free dessert at Tutto Italia. (I'm a foodie; what can I say? ;)) At the Crystal Palace, they gave us a card signed by the characters, a cupcake, and a whole bag of the Mickey confetti (the server saw how much I liked it). And we have an "official proclamation" paper from a very nice cast member in Frontierland. :)
  5. PartofDisney'sWorld

    PartofDisney'sWorld DIS Veteran

    Jul 8, 2010
    We only went for a couple days because we spent the majority of our honeymoon on a Disney cruise. :lovestruc We only got a couple of nice things, mostly just congrats from lots of people (CMs and guests). We went to CRT one night (the night of our wedding actually) and got an awesome table next to a window and a free cupcake. The next day we went to AK and a lady (guest) stopped us before we went through the turnstiles and handed us 5 fastpasses to EE cuz she said they were leaving and not going to use them anymore. Don't know if that was cuz we had our ears on or just a random act of kindness, but either way it was still awesome! That night we ate at Kouzzina on the Boardwalk and our waitress made a big deal and annouced really loud to the whole dining room that we were just married/on our honeymoon and the whole room cheered, and we got a free dessert, and then everyone congratulated us on our way out of the restaurant. I was the same as PP, I tried really hard not to expect anything, which was good because we didn't get much compared to a lot of other people, and we had ourselves decked out in ears and pins. Still had a great time though!
  6. Chilly

    Chilly RIP Tag Fairy

    Apr 25, 2006
    We got the odd glass of free champagne and a couple of cup cakes but nothing major.
  7. D&R love Disney

    D&R love Disney DIS Veteran

    Feb 12, 2003
    Lots of little things like congratulations and well wishes. A few attractions we got our own boat, Pirates, SW and Malestrom. Some free desserts and the best was the morning after our wedding we just got back to MK after having our photo shoot and getting changed we were picked to be the Grand Marshalls in the parade. It was so cool :cloud9: :thumbsup2 :cool1:

    We wore our wedding ears most days and had fun with them.
  8. vivaciousdame

    vivaciousdame Mouseketeer

    Aug 3, 2011
    Wow such cute stories! I love to hear the great experiences everyone had. :-) The only expectation I have for our honeymoon is getting a great castle shot with our ears. I want it for our xmas cards! :santa:

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