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Take my own scooter or rent?

Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by shrinkydinky, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. shrinkydinky

    shrinkydinky Disney Dreamer

    i recently purchased a scooter for home use. i am wondering if i should take it with me to WDW or rent one there. My worry is that my scooter might get beat up in transit. i'm thinking with a rental scooter, if anything goes wrong, the company will come and repair or replace.

    The second part of my query is wondering where i might get one of those carry things you put on the back of your car to transport your scooter. i saw someone yesterday with a small car, a small black metal thing on the back, with their scooter strapped to it. Something like that would be perfect for my car. Even though my scooter comes apart, i think it would be too heavy for me to lift the largest part into my trunk.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. Chuck S

    Chuck S DVC Boards Co-Moderator Moderator

    For a trunk lift or a platform a that attaches onto a trailer hitch, I would think the place you purchased your scooter from know of a company that supplies them.

    As far as taking your own scooter, I guess it depends upon your mode of travel. If you're driving, it is probably just as easy to take your own. My Mom used to travel with her own manual wheelchair, driving or flying. But with a scooter, I'm guessing renting one if you're flying would be easier, unless you absolutely need it for mobility around the airport and can not use one of the manual chairs (and attendant) provided at airports.
  4. shrinkydinky

    shrinkydinky Disney Dreamer

    Thank you for your input. Never thought to call the company from which i got my scooter. *Doi*

    We will be flying, my sister and i, and meeting family there. i'm wondering how it might be on a scooter, then trying to maneuver my bags. Last time we went, my sister and i took rolling walkers, and it was easy to put the luggage on the seat and just push. We can both walk short distances, but will both need scooters for the parks. And i am so worried about my shiny new scooter getting dinged. :)
  5. The Hunchback

    The Hunchback New Member

    I would rent from an outside vendor at the parks. From what I have seen, scooters were not intended to fly. You as chair and pusher if need from your air carrier. They seem to make TSA go more smoothly too.
  6. videogal1

    videogal1 <font color=red>Boogie Queen<br><font color=navy>R

    I have done both but prefer to take my own. When I had problems with my scooter I called one of the rental companies I had used in the past to take mine away and repair it while I rented one of theirs. The airlines haven't been too very rough...mostly just a mashed basket and their annoying habit of leaving me with a dismantled scooter at the luggage pickup area at 10PM....but that was several years ago... Be sure, if you fly with your own, to take pictures of it before the flight and document any flaws in it with the airline personnel before you take off and after you get the scooter back again. The easiest time to make a damage claim is when you're right there at the airport but things seem so rushed then..at least have an official write up something that documents the damage...ask for the airline's Complaint Resolution Officer if you can before rushing off to meet your connection...
    I carry mine inside my car...hoisted there with a Bruno lift...because I don't want to have it exposed to rainy weather.

    When I fly I tow my luggage from the parking area on a luggage wheelie thing that I attach to the back of my scooter with bungee cords, drive up to the ticket counter, unstrap the bags, put them on the scales and fold up the wheelie thing or wheel my carry-on bags to the gate. Sometimes the wheelie thing gets strapped to the scooter during flight, sometimes I take it on as medical carry-on like you would do with the control arm of a power chair. If you take your own, contact a scooter rental place before you leave to see if they can repair your scooter should the need arise. Mine was picked up from, repaired, and delivered to the resort I was staying at...Beach Club once and I don't recall the other...maybe the Boardwalk...:cheer2:
  7. shrinkydinky

    shrinkydinky Disney Dreamer

    Thanks so much for your input. i wonder if the airlines always take them apart before stowing them. i've never actually taken mine apart yet. The guy who delivered it showed me, but i've never had the need to try it myself.
  8. videogal1

    videogal1 <font color=red>Boogie Queen<br><font color=navy>R

    They're not supposed to. They should meet you at the plane with it sometime after you arrive but occasionally that doesn't happen. It may have been a problem with space in the cargo hold that particular time but as I always travel solo and cannot reassemble a scooter one-handed the situation really made me mad. :furious: There I was in a nearly deserted airport at 10PM. When I finally tracked someone down, with the assistance of the wheelchair pusher, they treated it as a big joke until I requested to talk to the CRO. Then a supervisor of some type showed up and finally managed to reassemble it. Take the owner's manual with you just in case...
  9. SueM in MN

    SueM in MN <font color=red>It's like combining the teacups wi Moderator

    Even if the place where you purchased the scooter doesn't sell them, they probably do know where you can purchase one.
    As the previous poster mentioned, they should not be taking them apart, but should not that doesn't mean they never do. A lot of people travel with ECVs and few are damaged, so it's not a common thing.

    Whether to take it or not is a very personal decision. Some people don't feel comfortable taking their own because they are afraid of damage. Other people feel much more comfortable with their own familiar equipment.
  10. JenniBugInPink

    JenniBugInPink <font color=red>Nobody has seen them since 1984<br

    The Hunchback, I wish I was a Tag Fairy. I would definitely make this your tag. Forever! Heck, I'd like to add it to MY tag!

    I'm so picky about trying to keep my new stuff "new", I'd probably be skiddish about taking a scooter that new through the airline luggage system. I've seen what they've done to my poor luggage, ya' know? However, if you don't have my hangups (most people don't, thankfully::yes::), and don't mind a few dings and scratches on your new scooter, then it might be nice to have your own scooter.

    Here's a video that might make you think twice about letting luggage handlers handle your scooter...Airline Baggage Fail

    OP, the flip side is that the rental scooters can be more heavy duty and have a longer battery life(depending on what you rent). You're also right that if there's a problem, it's the rental company's issue, not yours. If you use bus transportation while at WDW, then you might prefer that longer battery, heavy duty scooter, and less worry. If you drive @ WDW, though, and need a scooter that comes apart, you might prefer your own scooter since you'll be used to taking it apart. HOWEVER, if lifting the heavy piece is a problem, the rental car won't have a lift, so we're kind of back to renting.

    If you decide to rent, I can't recommend Walker Mobility highly enough. They aren't one of the preferred providers, so you have to meet them at your resort to get your scooter, but to me it's worth it. They have always been great folks, and can be depended on if you ever have a problem. The folks you deal with are so nice, and their prices are among the lowest. And no, I get absolutely nothing at all from them to 'plug' them. I do it a lot, though, because I think that good companies and nice people should be rewarded by good word of mouth. :upsidedow
  11. cmwade77

    cmwade77 New Member

    Actually, depending on the scooter they may be required to take it apart to a certain extent. They are required by FAA regulations to remove the battery from the scooter and depending on the type of battery either stow it in the cabin or in the luggage compartment, in some circumstances in a specially designed box, depending on if it's a dry cell or wet cell battery. With some scooters, you must disassemble them to a certain point before you can get to the battery, my guess is that's what happened to the previous poster.

    But to take your own or not is definitely a personal choice, as others have said, take pictures of everything before and after the flight if you do take your own and file for any damage right away.
  12. SueM in MN

    SueM in MN <font color=red>It's like combining the teacups wi Moderator

    that is true.
    Almost all ECVs made in the last 10 years have dry cell batteries,which are not a hazard and don't need to be removed for air travel.
    Since the OP said she recently purchased the scooter, I assumed it was a new one with dry cell batteries.
    If there are any doubts, it would be good to check with where you got it or check the owner's manual.

    Some baggage handlers probably don't realize that and may try to remove a battery they actually don't need to. The cargo door of some planes may limit the height of equipment that can be fit through the door.
    People haven't posted issues with ECVs because most of the time, the seat can be folded down, which allows it to fit. People with power wheelchairs have reported issues, especially if their seat doesn't fold down. Some people have posted issues with power wheelchairs that were put in sideways or in a reclined position.
  13. shrinkydinky

    shrinkydinky Disney Dreamer

    JenniBugInPink, thanks for the video link. At least those guys put down a cushy thing to drop the luggage on. :rolleyes:

    Really appreciate all the advice. i'm still waffling. i'm going to call and check on rental prices this week and see what it's going to cost if i don't take my own. If it seems reasonable to rent one, that might be the deciding factor.

    Thanks again. i'm new to this scooter thing.
  14. stitchlovestink

    stitchlovestink New Member

    I have flown with my own ECV MANY times!! I flew with it last year 12 different times. Now I have only flown SW and AirTran with my ECV but I have had wonderful experiences.
    SW and AT have a form that is filled out and then a copy is attached to the equipment and you are given a copy to keep. The form notes specifically the type of equipment you have and they also note on there if it is damaged in any way. One time they ripped the vinyl on the arm and I Had NO PROBLEM get it taken care of...they had a brand new arm sent to me. It took a couple of weeks but it was new, rather than trying to fix a tear in Vinyl.
    I have never received mine (in 25+ flights) in pieces. The worst issue I have had is that at MCO, they sometimes bring it back to me at the entrance to the plane and once in a great while, they bring it to the seating area inside the terminal. I don't care where, I just need to know.
    SW is very careful with them IMO. They know they are pieces of medical equipment and don't treat them the way airlines tend to treat traditional luggage. I have watched mine get loaded and they have 2 people taking care of it (at least until it is in the belly of the plane.)
    Me personally, I would take my own. I like 'knowing' my own equipment plus I have a comfortable seat cover on mine. I would recommend removing the basket from the unit though...I carry mine onto the plane. I was told to do this by the workers at SW. The FAs have never said 'Boo' to me about carrying that on the plane as it is covered under medical equipment. ;)
    GOOD LUCK to you! Prior to purchasing my own, I rented from Walker. I had great success with their equipment and customer service. :)
  15. I Love Pluto

    I Love Pluto DIS Veteran<br><font color=green>I guess that make

    We have taken my scooter on flights from US Airways. They were wonderful! Nothing was difficult for them - and they did it all with a smile & extreme kindness.

    They delivered my scooter in one piece - all I had to do was to get on it & go.

    I like having my own scooter because I am familiar with it & I know I won't lose control of it & hurt someone.
  16. bidnow5

    bidnow5 New Member

    I've taken mine Jet Blue broke it once but got me a rental while they got it fixed they were great. I'm taking my new one in October first time with US Air glad the hear others had good luck with them
  17. The Hunchback

    The Hunchback New Member

    Jenni Bug in Pink,

    What is my "tag"? I am still learning. Sounds like you like it.

    The Hunchback
  18. JenniBugInPink

    JenniBugInPink <font color=red>Nobody has seen them since 1984<br

    I still didn't get the original quote in my quotes above, but you had said,
    . I thought it was a great line!

    If you look under my name over to the left, you'll see a line about 'nobody having seen them since ' I think it's 83. That's my tag. It was given to me by someone called a "Tag Fairy" who can go in and change your status to something else, usually something profound or silly that you've said on the boards. I just loved your line, and would love to have it as a tag line! But if a tag fairy should ever read this, it should be your tag cause your the one who said it. ;)

    Sorry I didn't respond till now. Your post bumped the thread to a second page and I just didn't realize it.

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