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SWA/AT experts, can I do this?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by ruadisneyfan2, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. ruadisneyfan2

    ruadisneyfan2 DIS Veteran

    May 20, 2006
    As the 2 airlines began to merge, I was able to transfer my AT credits to my SWA account to get a standard award.
    I now have 1 AT credit so if I transferred it to my SWA account, it would take a lot of supplemental points to reach a standard award.
    1200 pts x 15 credits = 18,000 points.

    Dh and our 2 boys each have 2 AT credits in their account. For $19 per credit, I can transfer them to my AT account.

    Can I then transfer them to my SWA account? If I could do that, it would give me 7 SWA credits and I would only need 9 credits worth of supplemental points to reach a standard award.
    1200 pts x 9 credits = 10,800 points.

    Is that allowed? I would think so since after paying to transfer AT credits from my family's AT accounts to my AT account, I should be able to do whatever one can usually do with AT credits, right? Transferring to SWA-RR is still allowed.
    It would cost $114 to transfer the 6 AT credits to my account so I just want to make sure this is doable before I pay the transfer fee.

    We'd like to go out west next summer and judging by the current cost of airfare, $114 for a RT flight will still be amazing and with the points saved, I can put them toward another seat for the 4 of us.

    Am I missing anything?

    Thanks! :goodvibes

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