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Story time with Belle/FLE soft openings

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by MATTinNH, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. MATTinNH

    MATTinNH New Member

    Hello, Just wanted to check and see if anyone had any new info on STWB or FLE soft openings. I know things were slated for Nov, but there have been a few videos poping up, one most recently from AttractionsMagazine, that show a kind of soft opening for STWB. We are headed to WDW the first week in Oct, and wondering if there was any info on whether or not this might be happening more often over the next few weeks.
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  3. TheRatPack

    TheRatPack Under penalty of law this tag not to be removed ex

    I've heard that the BOG soft opening is definitely November, no earlier. But maybe some of the attractions have practice runs throughout the fall up until the opening of FL.

    I know we did storytime with Belle years ago.....so make sure that the videos you're watching are recent. Had to come back and post that I just saw where someone was chosen to participate in a preview for this. So looks like they are doing a few preview type shows :) with random participants picked in the park.
  4. Dznefreek

    Dznefreek R.I.P Bruce

    I watched the video on line and I have to say . . . . . . not interested in this at all . . . .
  5. MATTinNH

    MATTinNH New Member

    Dznefreek....that’s what’s great about WDW, there’s something for everyone my 2 1/2 year old son, or either of my young nieces would be as you say ". . . . Not interested in this at all . . . . “In ToT or Everest, or whatever it is you like. Being 35 this may not be my ideal version of the greatest attraction ever, but when you have a kid, these small interactions and amazing things that Disney does to make your child truly believe in fairytales and magic can bring the hardest tough guy rollercoaster fanatic to tears, and this can make something like story time with Belle the most amazing part of your entire vacation.

    I’ve been going to WDW for decades, I was married there. I don’t think I’ve spent more than 2 or three mins ever to see a character, if there were more than 2 other people in line, I was moving on..... the last 3 trips in the past 2 years I have spent more than half my trip waiting in meet and greet lines, and these were some of my greatest Disney memories ever. Children change everything.
  6. jsebsirois

    jsebsirois New Member

    As of now, we're adults only on our trips (no kids yet) so I know we will skip it but I have to say that the technology is simply awesome!
  7. southernminnie

    southernminnie New Member

    My DH and I are arriving in less than 22 days. We are staying a LM room at AOA. My DH is doing this for me. I am such a girly girl. We have 2 DS, 25 and 19 so I do not get to do girly things at all. The boys will let me have my moments with lunch with the princess' and if I got picked for the storytime with Belle, I would just die. We will not be able to come back until next year so we will miss all of the Fantasyland. If anyone see's this pick me pick me, I would love to see this.:banana:
  8. jfahome

    jfahome New Member

    My friend was there today and they were able to see it. You just have to ask about it over at Philharmagic.
  9. xipotec

    xipotec Grinning Ghosts

    BOG opens November 19th last I heard as does certain elements of the FLE
  10. paarras

    paarras New Member

    On Wednesday, Sept 4th, the entire Mickeys Philharmonic audience was invited to venture behind the Fantasyland expansion construction wall. Most folks including my wife and took advantage of this offer. We had no idea as to what we were going to preview. Once we were on the other side of the wall we learned we would be visiting "Enchanted tales with Belle". The basic premise for this attraction is for us to help Belle fall in love by participating in a skit with heavy audience participation. Of the 40-50 people in the room, I'd estimate that nearly 20 people were "volunteered" to play a role in the play. I was tapped to play a knight and my wife had the role of a picture frame.
    The CMs are still trying to work the kinks out of this new attractions. Don't know if the finished product will be the same as what we experienced, but if so, plan on spending nearly 40 minutes at this attraction. The small building that houses this attraction is nicely themed. The 1st room is kind of a waiting area. The 2nd room contains a pre show where they will pick actors, and the 3rd room has the set where the play is conducted along with lots of photos at the end by the photopass photographer.
    It was an interesting experience, getting a sneak peak at a new attraction, but as a 50ish couple, this is probably something we will skip when it opens.

  11. AdamRos19

    AdamRos19 New Member

    My wife and I were in MK 3 different days at the beginning of the month we saw it very cute and involved for the kids. We both absolutely loved it. Blue wall next to pinnochios village haus around 1030a-1230p was the times lot we saw each time. Can't wait to get back there especially when we have a little one. Well worth it especially if belle is a household favorite.
  12. BrerSam

    BrerSam New Member

    Went to the parks yesterday, was letting people in to test out the belle attraction, with a around 20-30 min wait, we got in not knowing what to expect, there was some cool effects and alot of audience involvement, it was basically a glorified princess meet but i can see it being popular with children who want to meet belle and dance and interact with her.
  13. MelissaTnNc

    MelissaTnNc New Member

    We were there yesterday and I saw a CM holding the door open letting a lot of guests in so I ran with DD3 over and he immediately invited us in to preview the expansion. Said it was a 45-60 minute commitment, show could stop at any time to work out the kinks, etched. I knew from this board what it was, so ran and got DH and DS4 and we headed in. Waited in line for about 30 minutes, then were treated to a wonderful show. DS4 even got to play Beast in the little play. I knew from the boards here to encourage him to volunteer to be a part of the play bc only those in the play get a photo with Belle ;). Anyway, it was great.
  14. TinaLala

    TinaLala Hold My Table at Ohana's I'm on My Way!

    A little surprised that even with the soft opening they didn't get to meet Belle? 45 mins is kinda long!
  15. Karin1984

    Karin1984 New Member

    I was lucky enouh to get in on Septemer 15th, then only a handful of kids (I think 5 or 6) and 2 male adults got to participate. But I guess we only had 25 people in the audience in total.

    It's good that they plan on Fastpass for this experience, cause there is not much shading in the queue (at that moment).
  16. Tented1

    Tented1 New Member

    My DD was 5 when we were last at WDW.and she loved Storytime w Belle. This new encounter sounds even better, can't wait!
  17. Tented1

    Tented1 New Member

  18. Mom loves Disney

    Mom loves Disney New Member

    We got to see this last week. We thought it would be neat for people with small children.

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