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Star Wars Weekends 2013

Discussion in 'Dis Meets' started by Gooshy, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Gooshy

    Gooshy Member

    I hope this isnt happening in a thread else were. If so feel free to move/merge:)

    Whos going?

    Going on June 6-11 staying at Coronado Springs.
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  3. Noey&Me

    Noey&Me Disney Dreamer

    Has anything been released about Star Wars 2013 yet?
  4. Gooshy

    Gooshy Member

    Just Dates.

    May 17- June 9 2013
  5. We'll be there. June 6-14 staying at POR.
  6. Noey&Me

    Noey&Me Disney Dreamer

    Just wondering if Stitch is the featured charactor this year. I think two years ago was Goofy and last year was Donald. I thought I saw Stitch somewhere but can't remember where.
    Disney will have a very hard time topping last year!!! I thought Jabba's Hut was good but last year... Darth Mall !!! OMGosh
    So exciting!!!
  7. Mrs. Ciz

    Mrs. Ciz Mouseketeer

    Going June 1 - 8, staying at Wyndham Bonnet Creek. Planning to hit DHS on Sunday June 2nd for SSW!!!
  8. bentopher

    bentopher Member

    I'll be there.. for the first weekend. May 15-22nd.
    Our first time too! Boys are super excited we're going back, no clue about the SWWS. They will be in awe and shock and soooo excited!
  9. ReeceRN

    ReeceRN Earning My Ears

    My fam will be there the first weekend (trip may 18-23). We plan on going that Sunday. It's or first SWWE and I'm a HUGE SW fan, so im looking forward to it!
  10. MoukyMouse

    MoukyMouse Member

    We'll be there too - Same Time, Same Place! This will be our 1st visit during Star Wars weekends; we didn't even know about it when we booked, just lucked out! It will also be our 1st time at Bonnet Creek. We just bought the time share last Fall.

    Now we just have to watch Star Wars with the kids so they'll know what's going on.
  11. SheaBear

    SheaBear Member

    My crew of 13 will be there June 6-12 staying at ASMo. First time I will be there for SWW in like 6 years. SO EXCITED! I'm sure myself and atleast 3 others will be separating from the group just to go check out some SW stuff.
  12. planning

    planning Earning My Ears

    We'll be there June 2-9, but we'll only have enough time for one day (Friday) at HS. I. Can't. Wait. :wave2:
  13. FletchFam

    FletchFam Earning My Ears

    We're going on May 19th. This will be our second Star Wars Weekends to attend and we really enjoyed it last time. :cheer2:
  14. tammilynne

    tammilynne Member

    we will be there June 1-10.. staying at Coronado Springs
  15. mystyfur

    mystyfur Earning My Ears

    We will be there the May 23-25 haven't told DS about Star Wars week-end he is going to be so excited!! Can't wait:)
  16. kmcdougan

    kmcdougan Overdue for More Magic

    This will be our third consecutive trip. Just lucked into being able to go. Bonus for me is that this time, I will be a member of the 501st Legion (the SW costume guys featured in the parade each day). I probably won't be in the parade, personally, but I will be hanging out, enjoying the trip, and wearing lots of 501st stuff. I am so stoked, I was not able to sleep the past two nights from sheer excitement.

  17. Fire14

    Fire14 Spartan Living in land of Buckeyes.

    Be there first weekend and will prob be ready to find a lil girl space. Traveling w Dh and his coworker.
  18. autumnl78

    autumnl78 Member

    This is our second sww.. we will be there the first weekend :)
  19. kmcdougan

    kmcdougan Overdue for More Magic

    We will be there Friday and Saturday of the second weekend.

  20. This is our first SWW, we will be there first weekend. Our trip is May 10-19. We are all excited!!
  21. budcollector

    budcollector Mouseketeer

    I'll be down there the 2nd weekend

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