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Star Wars Land at WDW??

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by joshsmom, May 10, 2013.

  1. joshsmom

    joshsmom <font color=009933>I baked a cake, put on respecta

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  3. GWS

    GWS Earning My Ears

    Still nothing official but it would/will be a nice reality if/when it is announced.

    I will be patiently waiting for the official word. :hourglass
  4. cruella0108

    cruella0108 Earning My Ears

    I have been a Star Wars fan forever as well as a Disney fan! I remember going to see the 1st Star Wars film at the theater as a kid in the 70's. I was hooked ever since! I would be soooo ecstatic if they do make a Star Wars land. :rotfl:
  5. dustysky

    dustysky Mouseketeer

    My son went to a Disney interview a few weeks back and was told something BIG is happening at Hollywood studios but they would not say what. I am not a Star Wars fan at all so this news is not fun for me but maybe that was what they were talking about.
  6. pork

    pork Earning My Ears

    Every once of nerd in me cries when someone says they are not a Star Wars fan :)
  7. rrushford

    rrushford Earning My Ears

    I'd like to see them convert disney quest to a Star Wars themed arcade with a Cantina bar restaurant om ground floor where the gift shop is. Most of the attractions there could easily be rethemed.
  8. beer dave

    beer dave There are 10 kinds of people in the world-- those

    death star laser tag
  9. Tonka's Skipper

    Tonka's Skipper Mouseketeer

    After spending $4,000,000,000 for the franchise I would be very surprised that they don't add a Star Wars land!

    Star Wars has a amazing fan base and long legs since the first movie in 1977.

    However, its isn't happening until they make it official!

  10. mvk

    mvk Member

    Just was thinking about this some more for DHS (and pulled a bunch of others ideas from this board) -

    Tatooine - are currently comprising Indy Jones, Backlot Express, Star Tours, and Tatooine Traders
    - Where Indy Jones is, construct Jabba's Palace as a interactive queue area for a Pod Racers attraction, which would be a Dumbo-style spinning ride with different pod racers (Pod Race from Ep1)
    - Retheme Backlot Express to Mos Eisley Cantina
    - Leave Star Tours and Tatooine Traders as is.

    Coruscant - area including Sounds Dangerous, Sci-Fi Dine-in, and Streets of America
    - New facade on Sounds Dangerous to make it the Jedi Temple, hosting a Turtle Talk style Master Yoda's Jedi Training Academy
    - New facade on Sci-Fi Dine-in to make it the Senate Dome, hosting a TS restaurant on one floor, and an upper floor as a queue for an updated TTA type ride
    - Streets of America re-themed to Coruscant buildings
    - The TTA type ride would start at the senate dome then take you through the tops of the Coruscant buildings

    Naboo - area including Pizza Planet, Mama Melrose's, and Muppet Vision 3D
    - Buldings demolished to construct Naboo Falls, a Matterhorn Bobsled style ride through the Naboo palace and over the falls

    The next part would require the park to the east, and would require the service road to be re-routed a bit, around the water that runs to the east of the property.

    Death Star - would be behind where Mama Melrose's restaraunt is.
    - Star Wars villians meet and greet's, including Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Palpatine, Boba Fett, Jabba the Hutt
    - Dark Side of The Force dark ride, takes you through the saga highlighting many of the lightsaber battles
    - entrance queue to TIE Fighter vs X-Wing attraction

    - TIE Fighter vs X-Wing attraction show building would be just south of the parking lot
    - attraction would be two tracks, one would have Tie Fighters, the other X-Wing, both equipped with the Buzz Lightyear shooting technology. Ride cars would be suspended like the Peter Pan ride cars. Tracks would cross each other (obviously at different heights), and there would be targets on the back of ride cars, along with targets along the walls and props alongside. You get points for hitting targets, just like with Buzz.

    Endor - To the southeast of where the Death Star would be
    - Hero area meet and greet's including Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca, R2D2, C3-PO, etc.
    - Play area for kids

    Another area directly to the east of the Death Star, between Endor and the show building for TIE Fighter vs X-Wing, that would host a TS restaurant. Possibly Hoth?

    So it would add 2 E-Tickets in Naboo Falls & TIE vs X, a TTA type cruising ride through Coruscant, a Dumbo style ride in Tatooine, a play area, a couple of meet & greet area's, a enhanced Jedi Training Academy, and a couple of TS restaurants. Would include most major areas of the saga, including Tatooine, Coruscant, Naboo, Endor, and the Death Star.

    A lot of these have been brought up by other posters, just wanted to put some ideas together...
  11. mvk

    mvk Member

    They aren't going to announce it until they have the plans in place, with the areas planned out, the attractions drawn up and figured out, and concept art made up I'm guessing. Probably at D23 if they can get what they want done by then?

    I don't think they would rush into this, and if they just put out surveys in January, and are actually using feedback, they probably don't have it ready yet.
  12. Tonka's Skipper

    Tonka's Skipper Mouseketeer

    I agree, I would not expect anything like a hard announcement until Mid 2014

  13. rteetz

    rteetz Mouseketeer

    I agree with this. They have been numerous threads about Star Wars land and Carsland and both together. I believe disney weighing all of their options with Star Wars wether it be a land, hotel, or something else. I think everyone can agree Star Wars fan or not that disney needs to do something to DHS and soon. I am not a Star Wars fan but I appreciate the brand and would definitely go to a Star Wars land if it happens. I always go to star tours whenever we go and I think people that are upset by a Star Wars land will be surprised by what disney can do with it. The movies are there and more are coming so multiple rides, shows, and restaurants can emerge from all of this. Star Wars land has the potential to make DHS one of the best disney parks with the new ride technologies out.

    Someone in the thread mentioned disney quest and I think with the whole disney springs project disney quest will either go or get a big revamp as I've heard it really needs it. I've never done it because I've heard it's a waste of time.

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  14. TheDisDork

    TheDisDork Welcome Home

    mvk I really like a lot of these ideas! Very creative!
  15. Twin Dad

    Twin Dad <font color=red>DIS Dad #704<br><font color=darkor

    Very good plan. I would suggest that to keep the "planets" separate that they install covered arches or tunnels that look like hyperspace to give the feeling of "jumping" from planet to planet.

    I think a Star Wars Land is going to come sooner than you think. The deal was inked almost six months ago. From what I've read, talks were on going for over a year. Disney had to think well before the agreement was made that it was in the bag and start long range planning. In the last six months Lucas Arts has been shut down and EA given the license to produce new games. The Clone Wars series is winding down with hints of a new animated series in the works along with rumors of a live action series. Plus five feature films to be released with the first only 2.5 years away. That all seems super fast to me. Unless the planning was already on going long before the deal was finalized. That seems to be the case with how fast the writing team and Abrams were announced for the new movie. If that's the case, who is to say the Imagineers have not already been hard at work putting the pieces in place for a Star Wars Land. And Disney would love to have the new land ready, or at least well underway, by May 2015.
  16. jamarmiller

    jamarmiller Member

    I have been saying this for quite some time, nice to see someone else thinking the same thing !

    So much of Disney quest screams STAR WARS, it would be a great update for sure

    Still need a Star Wars Land but seriously , now with Marvel and Star Wars in their belt they need to take that VR light saber thing at Disney Quest and make it star wars, a battle on the Jabba the hut planet /air skiffs

    Thats ALien Invasion game--- I remember playing Luke and Han solo with my brother in it.

    The VR magic carpet Aladdin ride, Speeders on Endor ! Make the cantina , I love the pirates and cyber spacemountain so dont know if I would change that but id be okay with it too

    Yeah, Disney Quest screams Star Wars to me
  17. momof2n2

    momof2n2 Mouseketeer

    Yes. They need to add something to DHS.

    Yes, it will probably be Star Wars.

    Sadly, this will not increase the chances that my family would spend more than half a day there. BUT it may help thin out crowds at the other parks?! ;)
  18. PrincessTeresa

    PrincessTeresa Princess since 1975

    Me too!!! We love Star Wars!!!


    If disney can recreate the same atmosphere that they created with cars land, then a star wars land would be super successful. Star Wars has so many fans of all ages that it would almost be a hit. I think disney will find the right balance of different attractions as they've done already.
  20. PrincessTeresa

    PrincessTeresa Princess since 1975

    It's not going to be a Star Wars land, unfortunately. It is avatar.
  21. rteetz

    rteetz Mouseketeer

    Well in animal kingdom it will be but thats not to say Star Wars won't come to DHS I think it's getting the point where its almost 85% sure that some type of land or attraction will come.

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