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Split Stay Poly/AoA suite--Advice??

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Running Babeck, May 20, 2013.

  1. So, after much research, thought & debate, DH has agreed to split our first ever WDW trip (9 nights, 7/30-8/8 w/ DD, 11 & DS, 9) between the Poly & the Nemo FS @ AoA--as long as he doesn't "have to do ANYTHING" (except pack his own stuff). We are currently booked for all 9 nights in the Nemo suite and before I call to take advantage of the current summer offer that is WAY better @ Poly (we currently have NO discount w/ our AoA room), I've got a few questions for those experienced with either of these resorts and/or split stays............
    (1) Will changing resorts truly be as "seamless" as I've heard others comment? We're planning to have bell services move our luggage after we check out from PR, head to a park, then return to check in @ AoA to find our luggage has magically reappeared there.
    (2) Which longhouse to request @ PR? We probably want the best of everything without any upcharge (don't we all?). Proximity to TTC, GCH, pools, view of fireworks/castle, updated room with 2 sinks (not asking much, huh?).
    (3) We'll split as evenly as possible, but not sure which resort we would like to spend 5 of our nights (versus 4 at the other place). Advice?
    (4) We have MYW park hop/water park tix. w/ NO dining plan. Planning to do MK & EP while @ Poly, then AK, DHS & water parks from AoA. Am I overlooking a reason NOT to do it this way. Also, thinking our tickets won't be effected as we have no DDP. Is this correct?
    (5) Thank you so much for reading this lengthy post and offering any experience or advice you might have. It is GREATLY appreciated!!
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  3. wdwrich

    wdwrich Active Member

    My recommendation would be to do AoA first, then move to the Poly. Going from a deluxe resort (Poly) to AoA would seem too much like a downgrade to me.
  4. I know, & that does bother me a little. We're thinking of doing it in "reverse order" for 2 reasons; 1st we would save the most money this way because the values begin a new (cheaper) pricing schedule in the middle of our dates. Because of that, we can stay at the Poly for less than we would pay for the AoA suite for our 1st 5 nights, but then when the new pricing season kicks in it's a wash between the 2. The 2nd reason I'm thinking we might not mind the downgrade in the resorts is that the room (w/ the separate sleeping areas, 2 bathrooms & kitchenette) might feel like an upgrade?
  5. wdwrich

    wdwrich Active Member

    Agree about the room itself not feeling too much like a downgrade, but I'm thinking of the resort as a whole (grounds, restaurants, location, transportation, theming,...).
  6. mmmears

    mmmears DIS Veteran

    I'd move up to the Poly. Not only is the resort nicer, but you'll have views of the castle from the pool. Hard to move away from all of that, IMO. Also, it's more convenient to return to for afternoon swims/rest time -- we find that later in the trip we need more down time since we've been running around for days. ;)

    Your luggage doesn't magically appear. You will have to call to bell services and ask them to bring it to you. You have to be in the room when they bring it. And it arrives around 3-5pm, but it's not a guarantee as to the timing. We haven't had any real problems with this, but YMMV.

    Changing resorts shouldn't impact your park tickets in any way. And your plan (MK/EP) from the Poly and the others from AoA makes sense to me.

    We do split stays and honestly love them, others say they don't like them at all. I hope you enjoy your trip! :goodvibes
  7. Thanks for the details on making the resort switch. Seriously thinking about putting the Poly @ the end of our stay - or just changing it all to Poly since that would actually save $. It's just that the kids really want to stay in the suite for part of our stay, and I'm a bit concerned about moving from a larger space to a smaller one. Maybe I'll just toss a coin or something as I'm sure we will enjoy just being there, no matter where 'there' is (I mean it's Disney after all)! Thx for the help!!!
  8. Thanks again for the help with our resort decision!

    Now that I've decided to do the split stay, but reverse the order (putting our AoA visit 1st, then Poly), I've got another question - would it be better to make the switch on a Friday or on a Saturday (or make no real difference at all)?

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