Special Rooms on the Wonder?

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    Hello all,

    Cruised on the Fantasy last summer :lovestruc:lovestruc, but with their new pricing, we are thinking about trying a classic ship in 2014 (and hoping the pricing is a little less). With the itineraries rumored to be coming out in the next couple of weeks I thought I would find out if there are any floors or rooms that are hidden gems. We would be booking a verandah with 2 adults and 2 teens.

    I did a search on this subject but couldn't find any threads so I thought I would ask the experts!!!


    K in SA
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    If you are set on a verandah the only "secret" rooms in that category are the secret verandah rooms that are classified as 7As (there's only four each on the Magic and Wonder) due to a slight covering on the roof of the balcony but in reality are Cat 5 (full plexiglass verandah). But they only sleep three, so you would not be able to book one unless you split into two rooms (possibly one of these rooms and an Inside across the hall?); but it seems to me that would be more expensive.

    We also don't see the desire to be midship, which tends to cost more. Go for forward or aft and you will get less noisy hallways and empty elevators. ;)

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