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  1. Daisy&Max

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    Nov 27, 2009
    My best friend has CP and in the last few years has moved from crutches to a motorized wheelchair. I've seen her struggle with things at times but didn't realize how much she had to struggle until my last trip to WDW.

    Before I arrived I had been sick for several weeks but did not want to change our plans. After walking for a day and a half I rented a scooter (from Apple and they were incredible) for the rest of the trip. I noticed first hand people jumping in front of me at attractions because they had room to do so and then there was the woman sitting on the back of the scooter chair on the bus one night while the lady was in her scooter. That wasn't the problem to me.

    The problem was things like the automatic door openers that are so far from the door that you have to stretch out to get to and then be able to hit the door before it closes, doors that have no automatic opening, and things like the drink stations in the counter service areas. One night I was by myself going to the Mara to get my mugs refilled (the ones I bought on this trip :lmao: ) and the opener for the door was on a light pole that was a few inches off of the sidewalk. I was afraid that I was going to fall off the curb and then I had to get going straight again so I could get through the door and I was sure the door was going to shut on me. Then at the drink station I realized how terribly high they are for someone in a wheelchair. Obviously I could stand up and get my drink but if my best friend had been there, she wouldn't have.

    OH and the buses. I found more times than not that where the wheelchairs unload there were trashcans, poles, and other obstacles in the way. There were a few times I wasn't sure I could make it without running into something. Very annoying.

    After that I kept an eye out for doors and other obstacles and realized that my best friend and many many other people with disabilities have way more obstacles to get around than I had ever thought about.

    Anyway, just my musings on a cold snowy afternoon.

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    Mar 2, 2000
    You are preaching to the choir. This needs to be told to the people on the Community board and Attractions and Strategies board. But then, they wouldn't believe you anyway!
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    Jan 15, 2011
    Back in college I got to do a project for one of my classes to teach my fellow students about my powerchair. My teacher let a couple of us disabled students work together on this project.We came up enough activities to rotate our classmates through 3 hours fun.The owner of a local medical supply shop brought in wheelchairs, scooters and crutches for our classmates to try.We had them buckle into the chair just to remind them not to just stand-up.
    One of my classmates DF owned a restuarant with restrooms that were not wheelchair friendly.He talked his DF into changing them.

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