Solos eating at new French Bakery

Discussion in 'Disney for Adults and Solo Travelers' started by Simba's Mom, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Simba's Mom

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    Aug 26, 1999
    I'm wondering about the seating availability at the new French Bakery, especially around mealtime. As solos, we don't have anyone to "scout a table" while we stand in line for food. But I see that they have salads, and I know they have a few sandwiches (most notably the ham and cheese croissant). So how easy/hard is it to find a free table at mealtime for a solo?
  2. ahoff

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    Oct 26, 2000
    I was just there Sunday and there was lots of seats both indoors and out. But have no frame of reference as to how it used to be.

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