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So What's Coming to the New Pleasure Island?

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by KINGBOBOFTHENORTH, Aug 25, 2008.



    The gutting of the interior of the old Virgin store ended about a month ago and work appears to have come to a complete stop. Someone posted a comment on the SPI Blog that maybe financing fell through but I really doubt that. I don't think a project of this magnitude could have begun without all the financing in place. Also, Disney owns the property and does all the construction with the third party vendor paying rent once they move in. So to my knowledge, Splitsville is definitely still coming. Why work has ground to a halt, I can't explain.

    As for Splitsville opening Fall, 2012 as they have advertised on their signs, I don't see that happening. But Fall does run until mid-December, so we shall see.

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  4. Maistre Gracey

    Maistre Gracey <font color=red>Still trying to figure out the mys

    Thanks for the update, Bob..
    Trying not to get my hopes up, but I can see how that theme could lend itself to the Adventures Club or other fun places.

    I know, I know.... Its a pipe dream, but I can dream, right?


    Looks like the annual meeting of Disney Shareholders took place today and there was no announcements and no mention of Pleasure Island/Hyperion Wharf.

  6. mitros

    mitros <font color=red>I'm not nuts, I just appear to be<

    So I guess now we are back to square one? :confused:
  7. BDL

    BDL Mouseketeer

    No. Square one would imply that there was a plan in place.
  8. zorro77

    zorro77 DVC Member Since 93

    Have they taken wall down by Fuego Cigar lounge. Would be nice to see the grass and not just the walls.


    No, those walls remain. To view the grass, you have to walk partly down the ramp to the PI ferry boat dock.

    Tampa Tribune ran an article about the new Splitsville luxury bowling alley coming to West Side. That can be viewed at:



    The "adventurers" from Adventurers Club put on a surprise show this morning for Disney's "Earmarked" travel agency group! I've posted a picture and brief article on the Save Pleasure Island Blog:

    Also, for those that are local and/or visiting this weekend, there is a Pleasure Island Reunion event taking place on Saturday night at Atlantic Dance Hall at Disney's Boardwalk Resort. The DJ will be playing music from all the former PI dance clubs. 10pm-2am. Parking and admission are free.

  11. anthony2k7

    anthony2k7 Mouseketeer

    what are they up to?!?! why do they keep putting on these shows for people who may or may not care at all (but of course do actually care), and yet refuse to give the AC back to those who definitely do care and would pay to see the shows?

    Its almost like they believe the Adventurers shows are too good for the pesky little guests and must be kept special just for special people!

    I'd like to think there is a plan there, but still cant help but think I'm giving Disney too much credit.


    I think they just like to toy with us!

  13. awdwnut

    awdwnut Member

    It may just be my wishfull thinking, but I am going to try to look at this as a possible good sign.....Come on Disney, bring us back the Adventures Club in some form or fashion!!!

  14. Jason71

    Jason71 Brother to pirates and corsairs...

    Hate to burst your bubble, but don't. The guy who organized the travel agent event happens to be a huge AdvClub fan (I now this because he posted on the "Save the AC" Facebook group). He's the reason the characters appeared, nothing to do with Disney wanting to put them back in the public focus. To be honest, if I was playing with other people's money planning a WDW event, I'd probably do the same thing. The Club still has fans among cast members--but there is not even a hint of the building being prepared for re-opening or the actors (or other staff) being rehired.
  15. doconeill

    doconeill <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    But one could still hope that some Disney Parks exec of sufficient level would see this, wonder why there was such a response, inquire about it, and then go, "We did WHAT?" and try and fix it... :)


    Pleasure Island's original logo, the "Funmeister" is back. He's been released on an official Disney pin. Funny how for 3 years Disney wanted no mention of anything to do with their former clubs but since last Fall we've seen the AC characters used in a couple of shows, we've seen the CW crew put on a week's worth of shows between Christmas and New Years, we saw AC's "Colonel" released in Vinylmation and now we see the Funmeister brought back. I love seeing them finally embracing their past!


  17. *NikkiBell*

    *NikkiBell* The WDW Merchandise Walking Bible Moderator

    The Funnmeister is also the chaser in the Park Starz Vinylmation series that came out awhile back.


    Thanks, Nikki! It's nice seeing Disney celebrate its Pleasure Island heritage after hiding from it for a few years.

    Latest rumor published on the Blog is that Curl by Sammy Duval will be closing their PI location when their lease expires this year.

  19. OldsDr

    OldsDr Mouseketeer

    Any reasons as to why, such as lack of foot traffic? Or is it just a change in how they are doing buisness? Or is not enough known to speculate
  20. whodini

    whodini Member

    Well it seems that the AC is not completely forgotten by the WD Archives or D23. Check out the latest episode of Disney Geek for a return of The Colonel - http://youtu.be/a5ga2LPl9uM
  21. doconeill

    doconeill <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Wasn't there a report that the Colonel was up for sale?

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