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    May 9, 2001
    I just wanted to share. My son just turned 12...he is on the autism spectrum (PDD-NOS). We just returned from a weekend stay at a ranch that provides free adaptive skiing lessons for kids w/ special needs, cancer, blood disorders, etc. I never would have thought to put him on skiis, but he absolutely LOVED it and did pretty well!!! They had all sorts of adaptive equipment so that no matter what the disability (physical, cognitive, etc.), the kids could ski! All of the instructors were volunteers and soooo patient with the kids.

    Many mountains offer adaptive lessons and the rate is very very reasonable I'm finding. It's something worth checking out!
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    That's wonderful! :goodvibes
    There is a "Places you might want to check out" sticky on the top of this board where you should post the info for the ranch. I'm interested in learning more about it.
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    My high functioning autistic son took to skiing like a fish to water........It is in his blood via his New England mom. I found that he loves it so much better than competitive, group sports-he has tried t-ball and soccer and is not fun to watch......THere is nobody attacking you like in gym when they do games such as touch football.

    You must be so proud to see your son conquer such a sport as skiing-keep up letting him try.

    Our school offers ski club to kids with disabilities and IEPs but not until middle school, so my guy is going to have to wait a bit, in the meantime we are working on swimming at the high school pool on open swim nights.

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