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Singles Trip to WDW in 2009 Part 2

Discussion in 'Disney for Adults and Solo Travelers' started by Jenroc, Jun 25, 2008.


Tours you are interested in participating in (regular or Magical Gathering ones)

  1. MK - Good Morning Gathering (MG) - breakfast at Tony's

  2. AK - Safari Celebration Dinner (MG) - end of day safari and dinner reception

  3. EPCOT - International Dinner & Illuminations Dessert Reception (MG)

  4. Magical Fireworks Voyage (MG) - Seven Seas Lagoon

  5. EPCOT - Around the World - Segway

  6. All parks - Backstage Magic

  7. EPCOT - Dolphins In Depth

  8. MK - Keys To The Kingdom

  9. MK - Magic Behind Our Steam Trains

  10. MK - Mickey's Magical Milestones

  11. EPCOT - The Undiscovered Future World

  12. AK - Wild By Design

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  1. Jenroc

    Jenroc SMILE !! Everyone will wonder what you are up

    Here we go ..... Part 2.

    Build a new thread and they shall come !!! :rotfl2:

    OK FOLKS ..... here is a brief outline of the tours. The ones that have (MG) after them are part of the Magical Gatherings and do have a minimum number of people required in order for us to attend. Vote for all the ones you are interested in. Nothing is final yet - we only want approximate numbers right now. There are costs to all events but there is no sense quoting them now because they will probably go up by then.

    1) Good Morning Gathering - Breakfast at Tony's Town Square in MK and the characters serve you your food. (Wed. & Sat mornings @ 9 am)

    2) Safari Celebration Dinner - End of the day safari at Kilimanjaro with dinner at Tusker's. Characters and some real animals stop in. Offered late Sun. & Thurs. afternoons.

    3) International Dinner & Illuminations Dessert Reception - Dinner at an World Showcase location, storytelling and character appearance, with private viewing of Illuminations.

    4) Magical Fireworks Voyage - Mr Smee and Captain Hook send us off on our voyage into the Seven Seas Lagoon to watch MK's Wishes fireworks. Peter Pan welcomes us back to dry ground.

    5) Around the World At EPCOT - Segway Human Transporter Tour around World Showcase.

    6) Backstage Magic - A 7 hour exploration of all 4 parks and Utilidors. Lunch and surprises included.

    7) Dolphins In Depth - A 3 hour program that shows training sessions and you can interact with the dolphins.

    8) Keys To The Kingdom - A 5 hour tour that stays in the Magic Kingdom

    9) The Magic Behind The Steam Trains - A 3 hour tour that focases on Walt's passion for trains and the train in the MK

    10) Mickey's Magical Milestones - A fun, 2 hour tour that traces the career of our favourite mouse. LOTS of walking (like there was any doubt about that!)

    11) The Undiscovered Future World - Walking tour around Future World to hear about Walt's ambitions and legacy

    12) Wild By Design - A 3 hour tour in the park -- not a behind the scenes tour. A light brakfast is included.

    I think this gives you a basic outline of the available tours we can take. If I have my way, we'll can do them all !!!! (might have to add on a few extra days to my trip to fit it all in !!!!!)
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  3. Sha

    Sha °O°Believes in the Magic and Fairies! ~ Laughter i

    where is everyone Jen???
  4. pdchris

    pdchris Mouseketeer

    I'm here! (And starting to sweat now that warm/hot weather has moved into NW MI.
  5. Sha

    Sha °O°Believes in the Magic and Fairies! ~ Laughter i

    and so you are.

    Think you have it all covered there Jen!!!
  6. Care

    Care Member

    Hi everyone! I'm over here, now. One more day of work, then I'm off for a 5-day weekend. Heading to Halifax, and hoping to see some humpback whales. Yippee!
  7. Jenroc

    Jenroc SMILE !! Everyone will wonder what you are up

    ALL DONE -- for now !!

    Soon we will start a countdown !!!! :cool1:
  8. rebecca06261

    rebecca06261 DIS Pirate Wench

    I made it. I tried voting but I think I voted for too many options. The screen froze and started yelling at me! :badpc:

    I think I'm going to buy an ap when I head back down in September. It only makes sense...right??? :rolleyes1 Hopefully, I'll be living down there by then too ::yes::
  9. Jenroc

    Jenroc SMILE !! Everyone will wonder what you are up

    Have a blast Care !!! Let us know how it was. At least Halifax should be less humid than being here in good, old Southern Ontario !!!!!!!:lmao:
  10. ttester9612

    ttester9612 Magical Moments

    I'm here. Was in the middle of catching up with the disPosts when my boss called. Just got off the phone with with him. Had to do a last minute work related issue. He hardly ever calls me at home, so I knew it was extremely important

    I put my vote in.....thanks Jen for all your hard work. :thumbsup2
  11. Sha

    Sha °O°Believes in the Magic and Fairies! ~ Laughter i

    Enjoy! that sounds like it would be nice.... you do know that if the whales blow spray on you its whale snot right? :rotfl:
  12. Sha

    Sha °O°Believes in the Magic and Fairies! ~ Laughter i

    you mean we arent counting down yet??? hmmm speaking of where is the one for fact finding trip?
  13. Care

    Care Member

    Ewww... I didn't even think of that, Sha. I'll try not to get *too* close to the whales, then. I'm not sure there is a detergent that will be able to get whale snot off my clothes. Of course, if I do get sprayed, that will make for a great introduction. "Hi, I'm Care and I've been sprayed by whale snot..."

    By the way, it's one year, 3 months, 27 days until our Singles Trip. Not that I'm counting, of course.
  14. rebecca06261

    rebecca06261 DIS Pirate Wench

    :rotfl2: Care cheated!! She looked on her counter that she's already posted!! :rotfl2: Care is the best! :thumbsup2
  15. Sha

    Sha °O°Believes in the Magic and Fairies! ~ Laughter i

    Most people don't think about that :) but some take rain coats.

    I guess I could put that on myspace... no current disney trips on there to be counted.
  16. Jenroc

    Jenroc SMILE !! Everyone will wonder what you are up


  17. Sha

    Sha °O°Believes in the Magic and Fairies! ~ Laughter i

    now see i thought it was already approved :) you have my approval.. though, that doesnt probably work there
  18. Dizmom0923

    Dizmom0923 Princess

    Hi everyone. Spent a stormy day shopping for new clothes for the new job. My last job I got to where scrubs. I think I need to put a pounds lost goal in my signature. Trying on clothes was scary with the 3 way mirrors:scared1: I was able to find a few though. Thank goodness the job attire is pretty casual.

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes and hugs. I have been on the boards for a while now and have always been kind of skeptical of getting close with anyone but I really am stating to feel a lot more comfy with yall.:hug:
  19. ttester9612

    ttester9612 Magical Moments

    It sounds like you got the job, congratulations :thumbsup2

    I to hate those 3 way mirrors. It can be scary somethings looking in them. :scared1:
  20. Sha

    Sha °O°Believes in the Magic and Fairies! ~ Laughter i

    I may be wrong in doing this... Timmy posted on the old thread and I brought it here... Timmy and anyone else, sorry if I was wrong.

    Timmy... HUGSSSSSSS They are lovely!!! Several wanted to send a card, but didnt have an address.
  21. Dizmom0923

    Dizmom0923 Princess

    I saw that earlier Sha. I think it was very sweet of you to move it here. I don't think Timmy was aware of the the part two.

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