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  1. steppelemming

    steppelemming Earning My Ears

    Nov 18, 2010
    We are staying at a hotel near val d'europe. Our train gets in at 9pm on Sunday night. Ideally we would like to take our bags to the hotel then go to Disney village to hit the shops. I seam to remember there being a bus that goes from outside the station to val d'europe, am i right in thinking that? Anyone know how frequently they run or is our only option the rer? Is it possible to walk there from the village?
    We will need to go from the station to val d'europe then to the village then back to val d'europe. As it is in the evening i wasn't sure of our transport options.
    This is my first trip staying offsite
  2. DLPdaft

    DLPdaft <font color=royalblue>Cannot stop singing "Just li Moderator

    Jun 3, 2007
    there is a number 50 bus which goes from the bus stops outside the train station at DLP to val d'europe (it services the L'elysee hotel and Adagio apartments but anyone can use it). If you have a look on the L'elysee hotel's own website you'll find the schedule for the bus there.

    The RER train is very easy, cheap and quick from the train station at DLP. It runs until around midnight every night, and trains between Val d'europe and DLP station run every 5 minutes or so.

    Its too far to walk from the Village to val d'europe.
  3. Carrie_Cat

    Carrie_Cat I'm a Rive Gauche person Moderator

    Feb 10, 2011
    You can get one of several buses from the bus depot - just by the side of the RER station that go to the MLV-Chessy station

    There's the 6


    the 34


    and the 43 - which takes the longest time


    All of them cost 1 ticket per person - either the Ticket T that can be bought at the RER station - a carnet of 10 is 12,70€ or if you buy on the bus it's 1.90€ per ticket.

    You can't use RER tickets on the bus but you can use metro tickets.

    Children from 4 to 9 include are half price

    The bus above - the 50 - goes from 2 appart-hotels at Val d'Europe and has less frequent hours


    But I'd rather get the RER :goodvibes
  4. caspdex

    caspdex Earning My Ears

    Jun 1, 2012
    Stayed in Val d'Europe last week, first time off-site, used the train daily, never waited more than 5 mins either going or returning.

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