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    Apr 27, 2008
    A few thoughts from our last trip.

    After a lot of debating, we used Trinity Reservations to book a room at the Staybridge. I was apprehensive at first as I have not booked a hotel through a 3rd party before, but I had received an email confirmation directly from the hotel, so that made me feel at ease. The shuttle to the airport etc was all scheduled by email even before we got there. The only problem was our GPS could not find Sheridan drive so I had to depend on my memory and we found it like that. Pick up from the airport was fast only problem is they were waiting for some crew and that took a while and we finally left without them. The room was huge – like a Disney Vacation Club villa and breakfast was on time and a nice employee also got us paper bags and told us to take some stuff for the airport. Felt like I was at Disney already

    We had a day and a half before our cruise and a day and a half after our cruise so we avoided the parks. The cruise was excellent as well. My kids enjoyed Kids Club and the 5 year old cried when I had to take her out to watch the fireworks on deck. Imagine that!!! This is one girl who normally loves watching the fireworks but apparently Kids Club was way more exciting

    We took Jet Blue on our way down and no complaints. Coming back we booked Air Tran and here’s where I was not happy. We are a family of 4 but I know my kids and for our family, we decided that we will pay for 3 seats so that me and my 2 girls can sit together (configuration on the aircraft was 3 and 2). We did not care where DH sat. We pre-paid and selected our seats. At the RAC, we were given our boarding passes and thought all was good. When we reached the gate, lady casually tells DH that these are not valid any more and here are your new seat assignments. I had to go back to her and tell her that we paid for seats together and she insisted that we are still ‘together’. Hmmm, NO, for our family, it works best if the 3 of us are together, not how you think it should be. I had to point out to her that we paid for 3 seats and she kept insisting in a rather loud and condescending voice that we only paid for 3 for a party of 4. Then she went on to say that I should call reservations and ask for a credit. That rubbed me the wrong way as besides the condescending voice the onus was now on me to call reservations. She then pointed out that she had a note on my file for reservations to credit me. Anyway, I did write to AT and told them how I felt and how the lady insisted that she was doing it to help ‘other families sit together’ not taking into consideration my requests which was paid for in full. They did write back apologizing and will credit me in 2 weeks…….good thing it’s only 18 bucks or that would have made me mad too, ha ha. This issue with the paying for baggage thing will make me think twice now of booking on AT even if they have the best prices.

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