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Shhhh! Mickey's Twying to Sweep, be Quiet! - A July '11 Anniversary TR - Update 12/24

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by IheartDDuck, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck New Member

    Ah, my title. If you follow along with this TR, it will be filled with kid-isms. A definition if you will:

    kid-ism: A statement a child makes at a random time. At times insightful and even philosophical. Many times, more of a :confused: moment.

    This trip was full of them. Most of them from Joaquin, my 3 year old nephew. He was a virtual fountain of them.

    This trip was to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of my parents. If you followed our PTR, thanks for joining!

    I'm going to get started now. Here we go!
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  3. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck New Member

    Chapter 1: Departure Day July 8, 2011 - Here we go!
    Chapter 2: Departure Day July 8, 2011 - We don't want to cwash into those buildings, wight?
    Chapter 3: Departure Day July 8, 2011 - Hug a random guy in the crotch........
    Chapter 4: Day 1 July 9, 2011 - That sundae is bigger then my head! Part 1
    Chapter 4.1: Day 1 July 9, 2011 - That sundae is bigger then my head! Part 2
    Chapter 5: Day 1 July 9, 2011 - Very modern indeed....
    Chapter 6: Day 1 July 9, 2011 - Who falls asleep at dinner?
    Chapter 7: Day 1 July 9, 2011 - Can a kid be a skipping stone at the same time?
    Chapter 8: Day 1 July 9, 2011 - Photopass
    Chapter 9: Day 2 July 10, 2011 - Thar be breakfast ahead!
    Chapter 10: Day 2 July 10, 2011 - So many Brazilians.....
    Chapter 11: Day 2 July 10, 2011 - All it takes is a little Belle.
    Chapter 12: Day 2 July 10, 2011 - Dessert, dessert, dessert
    Chapter 13: Day 2 July 10, 2011 - Photopass
    Chapter 14: Day 3 July 11, 2011 - What's an Unkee Dala?
    Chapter 15: Day 3 July 11, 2011 - That Tigger is wooking at me.....
    Chapter 16: Day 4 July 12, 2011 - Wicket Goes Home
    Chapter 17: Day 4 July 12, 2011 - Use the force Joaquin
    Chapter 18: Extra Pics
    Chapter 19: Day 5 July 13, 2011 - The day when all the girls become princesses
    Chapter 20: Day 5 July 13, 2011 - Thar be stormy seas ahead!!!
    Chapter 21: Day 5 July 13, 2011 - I don't want to touch my nasty nasty nasty!!!!
    Chapter 22: Day 5 July 13, 2011 - Joaquin is the lead singer....of the Cure?!
    Chapter 23: Day 5 Photopass
    Chapter 24: Day 6 July 14, 2011 - Joaquin vs. the spider
    Chapter 25: Day 6 July 14, 2011 - How else do you cut a brownie??
    Chapter 26: Day 7 July 15, 2011 - Twinkle Twinkle little star....
    Chapter 27: Day 7 July 15, 2011 - Joaquin's fever bites us in the patootie.
    Chapter 28: Day 7 Photopass
    Chapter 29: Day 8 July 16, 2011 - All good things...
    Chapter 30: Day 8 Photopass
  4. PlutosRHM55

    PlutosRHM55 Pluto's Un-Mentioned Manager

    I'm in!

    Slowly getting drawn into more "kid-ism" TRs one-by-one... can't wait to read all about it!

    40 YEARS!!! Well, that's great for them, a happy married couple. :goodvibes And what better place to spend this monumental occasion but in the most magical place on Earth.
  5. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck New Member

    Ha ha, welcome aboard!

    My parent's favorite place is Disney, so it was the perfect place for us to go.
  6. wdwgirl03

    wdwgirl03 <font color=red>I'm just a big Disney Freak! :-)<b

    I'm here!
  7. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck New Member

    Sorry, but the dork in me can't get Mario yelling "Here we go!" in Super Mario Sunshine out of my head now. :lmao:

    I didn't sleep well the night before, true to form. I had actually anticipated sleeping later that morning, since our flight didn't leave until 12:30pm. Silly me.

    I woke up at 6am. "I'm too excited to sleep!" That's what I kept thinking. So, I just got up and hopped in the shower. I wanted to look somewhat presentable.

    We got our things together and headed over to say our goodbyes to my Grandma before we left. Then it was on our way by about 8am to pick up my brother Jason and my nephew Joaquin. Chris, Sara, and Riley were driving down and wouldn't be there until the following day.

    We stopped by CVS so I could pick up my prescription before we left. Asthma. Hate it, but can't be without the stuff. We expected more traffic this time of day, but there really wasn't any. We got to Jason's at about 8:40am. He was actually ready. Well surprise, surprise, surprise (imagine the Church Lady from SNL).

    We loaded the car and were on our way in no time.

    Look at all the luggage. Fortunately we have an Armada.


    The boys were pretty excited.


    Our new mascot, Wicket was along for the ride. Like his Yeti predecessor, he's pretty naughty, but not quite as bad. He hopped up in the front seat because he wanted to ride with mom.


    I had to grab him and tell him that while we were in the car, he had to be properly restrained.


    Our entire car ride consisted of Joaquin talking about the fact that we were riding on a plane, and that he was going to see Mickey.

    We made it to the airport by about 9:45am, which was a bit earier then we had planned. No biggie, we figured we would just eat a leisurely breakfast at the airport. I had checked us in the night before and we got boarding A25 - A29. Not bad. All we had to do was drop off the luggage.

    Fortunately, all our bags were underweight by a lot, so we had no worries. Must be because I opted to carry Wicket with me and Jason didn't pack Joaquin.......:rolleyes1

    I have complained about Milwaukee Airport's food selection before. Why would this time be any different? They have none. So there is this little restaurant before going through security that we had gotten food from before that was decent. Not so much anymore. Well, actually, it sucked.

    They had no kids meals.

    Poor Jason wanted a sandwich, but he was shut down. Hard. So instead, he walked to Quiznos, grabbed a sandwich, and ate it at the table with us.

    Joaquin was looking very intently at his menu.


    Putting some thought into it.


    And finally making a decision.


    Pancakes it is.


    This was all I ate of my breakfast. Ugh. Definitely not Disney food. Maybe I was building it up too much in my mind. Thinking about the wonderful Disney food and all the things I would soon be eating.


    The toast was good though. But I guess you can't really ruin toast unless you burn it......

    After breakfast, we headed through security. Everyone went through the scanners except for Joaquin and mom. They lucked out because he was a little one. Little rat.

    And I got patted down. :eek:

    Apparently, the zippers on my jeans pockets triggered something saying I needed to be pat down. I mean I know I look crazy, but really......

    So, after I felt a little violated, on top of it, Joaquin's backpack with his Leapster started a five alarm drill. So they searched it, all the while telling me not to touch anything. Okay GI Jane, I wasn't planning on touching anything, but now I'm DEFINITELY not going to.

    So they pull out the pack of batteries we have, and they use that wipey thing (see me wow you with my knowledge!), and wiped them down. Then sent the bag through again.

    GI Jane then stood there looking at me. I said, can I take it now. She said "duh!". Not really, but you get the gist. Well, you're the one that told me not to touch anything! I wasn't touching anything!

    Finally, we made it to our gate. Joaquin watched our plane come in.


    And then got bored already. He took my neck pillow and laid down.


    We all made our potty breaks and then boarded the plane. And we sat......and sat........and sat.......and sat........

    Joaquin took it like a champ. Although you notice, it is hard to photograph a moving target.


    Then Joaquin wanted to take some photos, likening himself a little Ansel Adams. And of course he had a beautiful subject!


    Woah Joaquin, slow down with the camera.



    A better one at least.


    Um, catching flies?


    Well then Wicket just felt left out, so he hopped in Joaquin's lap. And kind of got throttled. Served him right for being a booger if you ask me...




    But I saved him.


    Up next:

    Are we ever going to leave?!

  8. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck New Member

    Yay! Hi Sarah! :wave2:
  9. DisneyDreamerMN

    DisneyDreamerMN New Member

    Joining in for this one and still keeping glued for an update to the last one! Great start!
  10. TanzUnited99

    TanzUnited99 New Member

    Lol am looking forward to all the kid-isms! :rotfl: I get my fair share of them from my little sister.

    Great start and I can't wait to hear what Wicket gets up to on this trip. Btw love the short hair with the fringe :thumbsup2
  11. Grumpy's Wife

    Grumpy's Wife <font color=green>Dollar Tree gal here<br><font co

    Joaquin is adorable! Can't wait to see if he loved Disney.
  12. mreid1974

    mreid1974 New Member

    Subbing. And im actually early for a TR for a change. Looking forward to reading about your trip. And cant wait to hear more about BLT. Really want to stay there.
  13. PlutosRHM55

    PlutosRHM55 Pluto's Un-Mentioned Manager

    Great start!

    Totally understand why you can't sleep when you are going to Disney. It's the reason why I always pick the first flight in the morning to leave to Disney. At least you had some things to do before getting to the airport. :thumbsup2

    Oooo... I guess you have a new little friend to come on the road. I'm going to miss Yeti, but Wicket will suffice. I mean... he seems a bit more tame. :-) But where's the fun in that? Hahahahaha

    Sorry about your food trouble at the airport. I'm so glad the airports I've been to have had good food selections. Then, you have that whole security befuddle. They must be REALLY tough (or paranoid) there. I mean, I had electronics with me and they never had a whole five alarm drill. That just seems ridiculous to me :sad2:

    Wow, your nephew is a big ball of Energy. He seems to be moving in all those photos. And he looks a lot like your brother, could that mean anything... ;) He seemed to enjoy playing with Wicket, so cute.

    I just noticed that you changed your hair color and style a bit. Suits you nicely :-)

    Can't wait to read more! :mickeyjum
  14. okw19

    okw19 New Member

    Joaquin is so stinkin' cute!! Can't wait to read more and hear allthe "kid-isms" :)
  15. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck New Member

    Thanks! I'm going to try to finish that one by this weekend. I don't want to have too many going on at once. ;)

    Thanks! This installment is officially the last time you will see my hair looking decent. The weather was just too humid to manage the hair. I tried and failed miserably a few times.

    I'm trying to figure the best way to fill in kid-isms. I think at the end of every day I will post the thoughts from that day.

    Thanks! He's definitely a stinker!

    Thanks for joining! Bay Lake Tower will be in the following day, but let me say in advance we were very happy with it.

    Thanks very much. Yeah Joaquin is always a moving target. Not the easiest little thing to take pictures of, that's for sure.

    Thanks for joining! Joaquin is full of insight and he is a little cutie. Just wait until you see some of the video......:rolleyes1
  16. NancyLuvsMickey

    NancyLuvsMickey New Member

    I'm here!!! Can't wait to read the TR!!!! popcorn::

    And tell your parents HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! :cool1:
  17. Goofy442

    Goofy442 New Member

    Joining in! He is to cute, can't wait to hear how he was in Disney.
  18. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck New Member

    Thanks for coming over! I will let them know.


    He's a cutie, for sure. Thanks for joining.
  19. clearskies

    clearskies New Member

    Hi Danielle.

    I just noticed the link to this new TR. Great to see you back posting. Looking forward to seeing more antics from Wicket and kid-isms from Joaquin!
  20. TXMama09

    TXMama09 New Member

    Just found this TR and I'm subscribing! We are planning our trip for next summer and DS will be 2 and 1/2 at the time so I'm anxious to see how a toddler handles Disney! This is bound to get interesting :thumbsup2
  21. burly

    burly New Member

    I'm onboard.
    With you still.......:lmao:

    Waiting for more.....:surfweb:


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