Seton Sands Near Edinburgh July 2012

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    Dec 7, 2011
    Travel dates: 16th - 23rd July 2012
    Travel method: By Car
    Resort:Seton Sands Holiday Park

    Cast of characters:

    Mummy - Kerry
    Daddy - John
    Ross 5 years
    Owen 4 years

    Monday 16th July Our Summer Holidays to Seton Sands (near Edinburgh)

    Left in the morning. Stopped at ballinluig. I had cheese mush omelette, j had mixed grill, ross had sausage, egg & chips and Owen had sausage, beans & chips.
    Checked in to seton sands at 3.30pm. Lovely caravan.

    Unpacked, Ross & Owen went for look around with daddy.
    We then went to the coop, got our shopping.

    Went to Chip shop for tea. I had fish supper, j had smoked sausage supper and bun with cheese, burger was missing!
    R & O had smoked sausage supper.

    Went to bar at 7.30
    Kids disco then games. Ross did well
    Singers were very good. Did a country theme then motown after the break. Boys played pool with John.
    Had beers, boys had popcorn, slushes and coke.

    Tuesday 17th July

    Up at 8.30 and had a shower, so did the boys.
    We went to the East links family park at 10.30
    We saw chickens, geese and turkeys first.
    Ross and Owen really enjoyed the trampolines and "jelly belly."

    I made the huge mistake of climbing up the Fortress on horrible net walkway. I don't like gaps to look down so i took a very long time!! Also wearing sandles didn't help lol. Came down very quickly on the large shoot.

    After i had recovered the boys enjoyed the Blast ball and play barn bouncy castle
    We saw lots of small animals including baby rabbits, birds etc
    Boys played in a large Hay barn then we fed some lovely horses, ponies, baby goats,lambs and calfs.
    Family go kart round park was fun although a bit tiring peddling.
    Safari train was very good.

    After we went to the park area and boys enjoyed the pedal tractors.
    More feeding of all the animals including deer, sheep, goats, donkeys, Lammas,pigs etc came next.

    Nice lunch I had cheese onion toastie with chips. john had a burger with cheese &bacon. Ross & Owen had cheese ham toasties.
    Left at 3.30pm
    Wrote postcards.
    Nice chinese for tea. I had prawn chow mein, john special chow mein and boys mushroom omelette.

    Bar 6.45 kids disco
    High school music magical show

    Wednesday 18th July

    Went to kids club this morning which boys enjoyed.
    Then we went to North Berwick in the pouring rain! (our only day of rain)

    Had lovely lunch at blenheim house hotel.
    I had spinach, pepper and onion frittata.
    j had steak pie, boys had cheese & tomato pizza and chips.

    Went swimming in the afternoon, good fun. Boys enjoyed the rubber rings.

    Thursday 19th July

    Didn't wake up till 9.10!
    Had breakfast then went to Edinburgh zoo.

    Lovely sunny, warm day.
    Animals were great we saw monkeys, leopards, jaguars, tigers, meercats, koala bears, penguins,Rhinos, deer etc

    We were looking forward to seeing the UK's only pandas. The wonderful pandas are from China.They only arrived in Scotland in 2011. Saw them at 4pm. We saw the female, who is called Sweetie first, she was cute but very sleepy.
    Next we saw the male, who is called Sunshine. He was lovely so alert and active. Running around and playing. They sleep for 16 hours per day so were lucky to see him so active.

    Friday 20th July

    Had long lie till 10am
    Arcade am for more tickets got another 1000
    Musselburgh lunch tollbooth restaurant. I had steak and blue cheese open sandwich on toasted bread with salad. John had a Scottish breakfast. Owen had a cheese toastie and hula hoops, ross had a cheese sandwich
    Look around shops. In mackays got nice top for mum, shirt for dad and jeans for Katie
    Afterwards we went to Tesco to get a few things. Got the Sophie dahl cookbook for jo & chris
    Arcade in pm then back to caravan
    Had nice chip shop t.
    I had pizza crunch and mushy peas (again!) j had a special curry, boys had smoked sausage.
    Had early nite in bar then watched meet the fochers which was funny

    Saturday 21st July

    Went to M&D's theme park today.

    Boys loved it, especially dodgems. 20 kids rides. Good water flume and raft ride.
    Cheeseburger chips and banana milkshake for me. John same plus we shared onion rings. Ross had chicken bits, owen had a burger.
    Chinese for t, I had king prawn chow mein, j had special curry, boys had roast chicken with mushrooms.
    I had some computer time at nite, boys and john went to arcade. Owen got a diddy kong toy. Watched benidorm DVD at night.

    Sunday 22nd July

    Went to north Berwick today. Had nice lunch at the buttercup cafe. John & I had cheeseburgers with crisps. John also had a bacon burger. Boys had macaroni & crisps
    No parking spaces at all, had to drive round and round to get a space!
    Played putting. Lovely and warm. Ross got a hole in 1!
    Chip shop t, I had pizza crunch and mushy peas (again), john had cheeseburger and smoked sausage. Boys had sausage sausage,
    Ross won a luigi toy. Went to bar until end of bingo.

    Monday 23rd July

    Left seton sands at 9.30
    Huge queue for road works stuck for an hour on way home!
    Went to atholl arms hotel for lunch, it was lovely.
    I had west coast seafood pasta with prawns,crayfish, king prawns and mussels.
    John had an angus steak burger served on a wooden platter
    Boys had macaroni (again!)
    Long journey, glad to be home to see Mum & Dad and kittens
    I gave Mum a top and Dad a shirt.

    It was a lovely holiday, will have to back there again.

    Click here for our holiday photos
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    Sounds like a good time was had by all and well done on the weather

    I hope you complained about the cheese burger without the burger :thumbsup2

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