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September '09 PTR ~ A trip full of WONDERful firsts! UPDATED 10/12 TR STARTED!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by jenny105, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    Hi guys! This is my first PTR ever so please, be patient with me!

    A little background info on the cast of characters:

    Me - Jen, 26, born & raised in NJ. I've been a travel consultant for almost a year (May 5will be 1 year!) and a retired waitress. :) I love all things Disney. This will be my fourth full trip to the World since 2006. I took a trip to MK as a shore excursion on a 2005 NCL cruise so since then, I've been hooked. Previously, I hadn't been there since I was about 7 or 8 years old, when my parents took me. Back then, MGM was practically brand new...and still called MGM!

    DBf - Joe, 27, also from NJ. He's a waiter for Chili's right now but more importantly an aspiring movie director. He just wrapped up his first feature length film and is in the process of editing it! I made a cameo :laughing: We've been together for almost 4 years (April 24th!) and he probably loves Disney more than I do. He's taken trips with his family every summer since he was a kid and he's always been my companion for Disney World. I have no idea what number trip this will be for him!

    Here's a picture of us:

    The plan for this trip is:
    9/20-9/24 staying at POR
    9/24-9/27 set sail on the Wonder!
    9/27-9/29 two extra nights of magic at ASMo

    These are all firsts for us! We've never stayed at POR (I've never stayed at a Mod!) or ASMo. We're POP people. Neither one of us have ever sailed with DCL. Other cruise lines yes, but not Disney! We're doing it in style this time! :)

    Expect more updates as the time gets closer. Less than 6 months to go!!
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  3. tiggerfan1

    tiggerfan1 New Member

    Hey Jenny! :wave: I'm so glad that you decided to do a pre-trip report. Nice PTR intro! That's such a cute picture of you guys. Love those Medieval Times crowns. :laughing:

    That's cool that Joe wants to be a movie director. Tell him I said congrats on making is first feature-length film. That's a great accomplishment. Please keep us updated about that.

    Can't wait to read more! :cool1:
  4. karentan

    karentan <font color=green>my main job for tomorrow is to g

    hiya jenny! cant wait for our cruise!
  5. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    Thanks for stopping by! :yay:

    Medieval Times is so much fun! We went there for Joe's birthday this past January. It was a blast.

    I will definitely keep you updated on his movie. He usually posts trailers online so I'll send you a link if you'd like.

    Me either!! :banana: I'm looking forward to summer but I'm also hoping it flies by!
  6. Mic_E_Man

    Mic_E_Man WDW VET

    Sounds like a nice trip
  7. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    Yup! I can't wait!
  8. tiggerfan1

    tiggerfan1 New Member

    You're welcome! I'm glad that you and Joe had a great time at MT. And yes, please PM the link for the movie trailer! :cool1:

    Mic E Man- :welcome: to the DIS boards!! :wave2:
  9. Rora

    Rora <font color=darkorchid>I'm the needy, sexy Unicorn

    Hey Jenny!!

    Checking into the PTR. I am so excited for this trip- I plan on living vicariously through you :laughing:.. You and DBF are so cute!!

    Can't wait to read more!
  10. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    I will let you know when one goes up. He had put one up a couple months ago but I'm not sure if it'd still around.

    Thanks! :)

    I can't wait for this trip! It's going to be the best one yet!
  11. wdwmom0f3

    wdwmom0f3 <font color=deeppink>Disney Dreamer<br><font color

    Hi! Just stepping in to say hello. I see that you are going in Sept. Did you get free dining today? If not call & ask for it. Code TBV It saved me a ton of money. :goodvibes

    See ya!!
  12. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    Is it available for Land & Sea packages? I heard that it isn't.
  13. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    So I know that my dates fall within the free dining promotion at WDW. But I've heard that if you have a Land & Sea package, you are not eligible to get it. I would love to add it on but I don't think that I can since it's not a new booking or a MYW package. Has anyone ever gotten free dining via Land & Sea?
  14. karentan

    karentan <font color=green>my main job for tomorrow is to g

    jenny, give CRO a ring and find out, there's no harm in asking!
  15. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    Thank you again for asking when you called to link up our reservations! Woohoo! Table mates!
  16. karentan

    karentan <font color=green>my main job for tomorrow is to g

    yay we get to sit with nice normal people!!!!
  17. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    Well, unfortunately I can't get the free dining since I am booked on a Land & Sea package. Bummer; but that won't stop me from eating like a monster at WDW! :rotfl:

    Thanks to Lainey, I know that I have 83 days remaining until I can book my ADRs! But since I plan and think about all things Disney, I have a vague idea of where I want to go. Here are the places we are interested in:

    Primetime Cafe - we've been here before, we love it!
    San Angel Inn - love the atmosphere and food!
    Le Cellier - this will be a first; I've heard nothing but good things.
    Mama Melrose - another first but the menu looks yummy!
    Beaches & Cream - anything 50's inspired :thumbsup2
    Tusker House - character breakfast with Donald, he's our favorite
    Kona Cafe - 2 words: Tonga Toast. Joe loves bananas...I'm leaning toward the pineapple pancakes.
    Ohana's - believe it or not, another first!
    Hoop De Doo - we're torn between this and Ohana's. I actually did a poll on this and it was split right down the middle. :confused3

    I think I'm leaning more toward Ohana's because we'll be having a late dinner and it overlooks MK. Joe is a big Wishes fan. Does anyone know if they pipe in the music for it in the restaurant?

    One of the days, we'll be going to Universal. I know :scared1: But Margaritaville is a must!

    We'll also be there for the start of the Food & Wine Festival which I'm super excited about!! That's yet another first. Is my thread title starting to make a little more sense? ;)
  18. karentan

    karentan <font color=green>my main job for tomorrow is to g

    they didnt pipe in the music last time we were in ohanas. we saw the taller fireworks but not all of them.
  19. Rora

    Rora <font color=darkorchid>I'm the needy, sexy Unicorn

    I'm so excited that you'll be there for F & W. You are going to love it!!

    Great update!
  20. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    I've heard they at least dim the lights and lower the music.

    I can't wait to try everything at F & W. I read last year that they had a champagne stand. I hope they have that again!! :thumbsup2
  21. karentan

    karentan <font color=green>my main job for tomorrow is to g

    yeah i think i remember them dimming the lights

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