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    I have expressed here a few times my opinion on how scrappers are not a big deal. Because I enjoy this board so much, I personally decided not to express my opinions anymore about such as I see how easily some people are offended by scrappers. I planned a trip to Disneyland, which was yesterday, and decided I will use this occasion to support NO SCRAPPERS. So to me to support NO SCRAPPERS, there are two rules.
    1. Don't buy scrappers or put them into circulation
    2. Don't receive a scrapper back in a trade.

    Rule1- I went to ebay to purchase my pins. I found a seller with a 100% feedback. Went to the good and bad thread here. No mention of that seller anywhere. Now I know that does not 100% guarantee that they are not scrappers, but it made me feel comfortable with my purchase. Recieved my pins and was pleased with my purchase. Now inspection time. What do I look for. Did some research online. Looked at the colors. Inspected the back. Tried cutting myself to see if there were any jagged edges.Maybe one could of fallen into the NO SCRAPPER rule. So i pull it. But in all honesty I really just could not tell. So I pack my stuff and off to Disneyland with pins I felt comfortable trading.

    Rule 2- So I started my trading. Went to workers on the street. Carefully looked at them. When I decided on the pin and got in my hand, I took a closer look. Examined the back. Gave a couple back to the worker. Traded at the stores. Stood inline to wait my turn. Did the exact same thing as listed above. Again I couldnt with all certainty tell if they were scrappers, but I gave back the ones that I thought maybe. Now my experience doing this I noticed a couple of things. 1- While most workers are really nice, I noticed a couple of them grow a little impatient. 2. But where I felt this the most was in the stores, especially by those in line waiting to purchase there items. They were growing irritated at me. But hey, I waited my turn, and it was for a good cause. NO SCRAPPERS!!

    Interested thing happened. I was walking and a three year old girl told her dad, I want to trade with him (me). He said I dont trade. I told the dad, no worries, theese pins are special, but I gave her a handfull of pins she could choose from to have, no trade. She was happy. I left that thinking two things. What if I gave her a scrapper, would that have made her feel less happy. What if on arriving home, the dad realized I gave her a scrapper, would he think I was a bad guy. No. I made her day a little more special by giving her a pin, scrapper or not.

    So two things happened that day- I was the hero to a girl by giving her a pin, and I was the jerk to those waiting in line to purchase something or waiting to trade because I was taking my time to support NO SCRAPPERS.

    Conclusion. I personally will go back to my original opinion of DO NOT WORRY ABOUT SCRAPERS. Enjoy pin trading the way you want, with or without scrappers. Sorry Disers, I tried but its just not worth it to me.
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    Excellent post... couldn't agree more.
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    I couldn't agree more as well. The way I see it is like this, if someone is into pin trading for the fun of it, like my kids (ages 7 & 9), the only people that they trade with are CMs theought WDW. They cant tell the difference (or should I say wouldn't be able to tell the difference if they even knew what a scrapper was... as I can't even tell) and could care less. They just love runnign around and trading with the CMs. If that sounds like you're approach to pin trading, then you shouldn't care less about scrappers and if you do, then your wasting your and other peoples time.

    Now if you are seriously into it as a collectible, then you know by now to not trade with CMs...

    I have never purchased pins off of eBay, and I believe what I read on here about the vast majority (probably upwards of 90%) of pins available on eBay are scrappers. But what I will say is that I have purchased literally dozens of "official" pins from WDW shops (spending more than I care to admit) and my kids go out and trade them with CMs and most likely get scrappers in return. do I care? not really.... because they are having fun! Isn't that what its supposed to be about? there are some people out there that are taking this thing entirely too seriously.

    just my 2 cents. :banana:

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