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Sci Fi Drive in Theater

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by pauliewog, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. pauliewog

    pauliewog New Member

    Does anyone know anything about the Sci Fi Drive In? Is it worth it? I'm going in August to WDW and I'm stoked! Thinking of trying the Sci Fi. Thoughts?
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  3. Ro Z

    Ro Z New Member

    We like it. The food is pretty good and the atmosphere is great. It is not great if your party is an odd # and you get a real car. We are a party of 3 and someone would have to sit in the backseat all alone. We try to get the cars that have tables rather than seats. Not a place that is set up for conversation. But you are at a drive in....who talks during a movie! Lol
  4. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 Active Member

    We really enjoyed Sci Fi. It had a cool atmosphere. It had yummy burgers and shakes. :thumbsup2

    There are very few good places to eat at DHS, IMHO, so I am glad Sci Fi is there for sure! ::yes::
  5. PoohsFan1

    PoohsFan1 New Member

    We only have lunch there and it is one of our favorites. We all get the burgers and shakes, plus the different movie clips are great....my kids really like to laugh at the cheesy horror flicks. You are going to really have fun :goodvibes.
  6. rebelbuddhist

    rebelbuddhist New Member

    My wife and I enjoy the food and atmosphere at the Sci-Fi as a change of pace. But we do not like sitting in the "cars", so we always ask to sit at one of the tables in the back. We never have to wait any extra to get a table and it makes our meal a little bit more enjoyable.
  7. Emteach

    Emteach New Member

    Agree with all of the above statements. Really fun, good food (especially the milkshakes, cant be beat) but definately not a place for catching up with family or discussing your favourite part of the day. Our server was fantastic and made it a really authentic "drive in" experience.

    If you check out my dining review I have a review on Sci Fi!
  8. Disney Fanatic 29

    Disney Fanatic 29 New Member

    I go to Sci-Fi every year. It's one of my favorite restaurants! The burgers are great and the atmosphere is awesome. I suggest making reservations because they sometimes won't take walk-ins.
  9. LBlovesM&WDW

    LBlovesM&WDW New Member

    We always go there for lunch and have onion rings, burgers and dessert. We love the juicy burgers and these are the only burgers we actually eat on vacation--yummy! It is pretty dark and you can only see with the car lights, but the atmosphere is so different. It's not a gourmet experience, but it's fun and worth the experience.
  10. pauliewog

    pauliewog New Member

    Thanks all!! I'm more excited now. I think I will make a reservation for lunch on a day that I get a magic morning hour! It will be for two. Now to figure out which resort.....
  11. Chuckers

    Chuckers Missing my day trips to Disneyland :(

    It's really a fun restaurant, great atmosphere.. however, if any of your party is 'pooh sized' the 'cars' are very tight. You'll probably want a table in the back.
  12. pauliewog

    pauliewog New Member

    That is hilarious! Pooh sized! I think I'm more goofy sized!
  13. twooley2

    twooley2 New Member

    our family loves it and its a must do on each trip. I recommend the first lunch of the day around 11:00- 11:30 before they start getting full with people
  14. pauliewog

    pauliewog New Member

    I will keep that in mind!! Thanks!
  15. Coyotesweat

    Coyotesweat New Member

    Cool. I have reservation there. We are thin old folks with drive-in nostalgia, married long enough that we don't have to talk. Already talk too much! Want to sit in the dark with a glowing fufu drink and some onion rings!
  16. VillianDiva

    VillianDiva Falling in LOVE with Disney!

    We have never been for a meal but always reserve it for a milkshake. The milkshakes are out of this world. I will say this past year my son got the buffalo chicken appetizer because we were there at 9:15 at night and he loved it. We might put it on the menu this year for an actual meal.
  17. zimboys

    zimboys My Three Disney Boys

    Does anyone know if you can order off the lunch menu for dinner at Sci -Fi? The lunch menu offers the American Picnic Burger, which looks and sounds incredible, but it is not listed on the dinner menu. Thanks in advance!
  18. goofyintoronto

    goofyintoronto <font color=brown>Proud foot flusher<br><font colo

    There is ONE menu now at scifi. If you see separate lunch and dinner menus on the Disney site, that's wrong. I can't believe they haven't fixed that glitch yet!

    The current menu should have fried pickles, ribs, steak, and the picnic burger. You can order these at any meal.
  19. Carlyzmom

    Carlyzmom <font color=red>AXIOM Crew Member<br><font color=p

    I'm glad I saw this thread! We are going in June with our 9 and 12 year olds. They have never been and it has been over 20 years for us. I think they will get a kick out of it!
  20. dwfanatic

    dwfanatic DIS Veteran<br><font color=deepseagreen>Proud momm

    We love it. We have 2 DS's (9 and 16) and it has always been a must do. Our family is geeky and likes science fiction, but with that said, you don't need to be that way to enjoy Sci-Fi!!:thumbsup2
  21. MoukyMouse

    MoukyMouse New Member

    Sci-Fi Drive In is my family's MUST DO. My husband doesn't like the food, but he tolerates it for the ambiance. I admit it's not the best meal I've had at Disney, but it's definitely a Fun Time & the only restaurant my kids talk about afterward.

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