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    Hi all! These questions are specifically for other Peg Aria/Aria Twin stroller users.

    We recently bought the Peg Perego Aria Twin stroller. Love it so far but we need 4 things to make it perfect. :) We're planning to bring it to WDW in January but need some additions first. :)

    1. Did any of you buy the car seat adapter and succesfully use it with a Graco Snugride carseat? (I don't want to waste the $40 if it isn't going to work.)

    2. What do you find to be the best add on for parent storage? Let's face it - the biggest design flaw is the lack of storage. Looking for cupholders with at least another pocket for cell phone, keys, etc.

    3. Looking for a travel bag for gate checking the stroller in Jan when we head down to wdw. Which one did you find fits best?

    4. Do you have a good suggestion for a rain cover? Something that we can use to keep the kids toasty and dry even in pretty decent rain?

    Thanks in advance!!!! :)
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    I don't have an answer for question 1 and 4 but I purhased the graco side by side raincover from walmart it was 12 or 14 dollars and for a cupholder I use the valco baby universal cupholder. I recently purchased a skiphop saddle bag on clearence at returnsforsale.com it was like 13 dollars it straps on and is perfect for stuffing things that you need fast access to I have mine hooked on the back of my stroller but you can also hook them on the sides.

    ETA~ walmart has the cupholders on their website and the jeep sbs raincover looks more like the one I have. they also have several jl childress accessories that would be great I personally don't like soft cupholders so I tend to stay away from those types of accessories and the valco ones are good and sturdy and my disney mugs fit nice and snug in them.
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    Question #2 - pocket for cellphone and keys? I'd never leave those in a stroller at WDW, so I wouldn't need a pocket for them - but it was handy to have a big mesh bag attachment for wet ponchos and sweatshirts. I found mine at Walmart in the baby section.

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