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S.O.C.K. and Stitch Return to the World with a Dog **New 6/14** Day 8/9 The End p. 19

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by carissanboys, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. mommytothreeboys

    mommytothreeboys Active Member

    Aww...so sad that the trip (and report) are over. :( I enjoyed reading along and sharing your trip!
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  3. luvpoohandcompany

    luvpoohandcompany Active Member

    Loved traveling along with you all Carissa :) Cant believe how grown up the boys look (makes it so worth buying that group photo before they refuse to have one taken at all). Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and both your new jobs. Wish Chuck luck on finding something soon. :goodvibes
  4. DrMomof3

    DrMomof3 Active Member

    Awww. Such sweet comments about Baxter!
    Sounds like a really nice trip. I still can't believe how tall and grown up the boys are. We've never seen Flights of Wonder and I think my kids would enjoy it! :thumbsup2

  5. KathyRN137

    KathyRN137 ...and the greatest of these is Love

    Carissa, I truly enjoyed your report. But, I'm not going to let my DH read it because you did a whole lot of relaxing. He always complains that we don't relax enough at Disney! :rolleyes2

    Hope you do reports for your running trips!

  6. carissanboys

    carissanboys DIS Veteran

    Thanks for reading, Amy. :)

    The pictures and videos I've seen of OKW have me very excited! It definitely looks like my kind of place. Reminds me a lot of POR.

    They did enjoy themselves. I think we all enjoyed our LEGOLAND day the most. I know--all of you diehard Disney fans will wince at that, but we like to try new things and after several visits to WDW, I think we've reaching the point where it's time for us to vacation somewhere else. I still very much enjoy my solo trips down for races. :thumbsup2

    Thanks Missy :goodvibes

    Thanks Moira! Hope we can keep in touch. :flower3:

    I can't believe how many trips it took for me to finally see FoW! But it was fun and I think you all would enjoy it. :thumbsup2

    :rotfl: We definitely prefer to have some relaxing time. I think my family wishes I planned for more. ;) Fort Wilderness kind of makes it easy to relax.

    I may do one for my January trip so keep an eye out. :)
  7. KathyRN137

    KathyRN137 ...and the greatest of these is Love

    Will do! :thumbsup2

  8. luvpoohandcompany

    luvpoohandcompany Active Member

    Will definitely keep in touch Carissa (though the laptop is moving out alongside my daughter in 2weeks time :scared1: so I will be visiting the public library to use theirs for a bit). I am a wee bit shocked that I have a daughter old enough to move out but then again we did celebrate 25years married last Friday (I was obviously a child bride :rotfl2::rotfl2:). Changing times for us both but sure life would be very dull if it was always the same :goodvibes. I will be keeping an eye out for your running reports too. I still dream of that Disney race but fear I may have to walk rather than run as I've been a total disaster as far as weight management (need to lose 30-35 lbs) and exercise goes :mad: I doubt I could run the length of myself at the moment!
  9. scottny

    scottny <font color=blue>You better have crackers<br><font

    Great report. Thanks for sharing. Cute they give you a report on how Baxter did.
  10. carissanboys

    carissanboys DIS Veteran


    Happy 25th Anniversary!!! :woohoo: :cool1: :yay: :lovestruc

    I thought it was cute too. :)
  11. eandesmom

    eandesmom I'm with Beast

    Behind but slowly catching up!

    So many exciting things for you on the job front, I can only imagine what an adjustment it all must be. Hoping the right thing comes through for Chuck, re-entry is hard and it shouldn't be.

    Poor Baxter, it seems like the vacation wore him out!

    Big drag on the non -EMH...that's an hour of sleep! We thought FTBB was just ok too.

    I hope you like OKW, we love it. How is the training going?
  12. carissanboys

    carissanboys DIS Veteran

    Training is non-existent at this point. ;) I'm focusing on watching what I eat and being more active in hopes of losing some of the weight I gained back. I need to get better about working out on a regular basis. But since I'm only doing a 5k and 10k, I'm not real concerned with training per se.
  13. MeMom

    MeMom DIS Veteran

    Sorry I have been out of the loop for so long. The trip and then straight to church camp combo has allowed for very little computer time. I am so glad I had time to check in this morning and see all of your pictures - especially of Animal Kingdom! :love: We stayed two nights at Kidani on this trip, and the girls enjoyed doing the flamingo activity one morning. It was a perfect activity for them - Brooklynn, the all animal lover, and Bella, the mingo fan. :laughing:
  14. carissanboys

    carissanboys DIS Veteran

    Thanks Caren! I hope you had a wonderful trip. :hug:

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