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RPR or CB?

Discussion in 'Universal Orlando Resorts & Hotels' started by KELLY, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. KELLY

    KELLY New Member

    We are finally getting to go back to Universal next year!! We actually booked another Disney cruise again but I'm just not a cruise person so we canceled it.

    I'm so excited. Anyway we stayed at RPR last time and really enjoyed it. But CB is around 400.00 cheaper for the 4 nights. I do realize we don't get Front of the line access with CB. But I'm thinking that is 400.00 for food. Would we need FOTL access our dates will be from 8/16 to 8/20? Then off to disney.

    The things I liked about RPR was walking over to city walk for dinner or catching the boat. Not sure how CB is set up or were on property? We will probably be going to city walk our first night to go see a movie and eat.

    I'm willing to pay more to get more. But just not sure the FOTL is worth over 400.00 to me.
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  3. RMulieri

    RMulieri New Member

    We went 8/18-8/23 this year and it was VERY busy( Harry Potter spiderman had 45-90min waits in the mid-morning).I wouldn't have wanted to be there without the express pass.Next summer Harry Potter expansion opens , and I imagine it will be even busier.CB will not have boat access.I think it will be walking or bus only.It will have early entry.
  4. KELLY

    KELLY New Member

    Thanks I just booked CB. But will probably switch it over. My max wait time is 20 minutes. I did a little more research and was able to figure out it was walk or bus. Both are fine with me. Maybe there will be some sort of package deal for my dates that come out. I only got a 3 day pass but did book our Broomstick breakfast already.
  5. damo

    damo <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><marquee behavior

    Remember that Diagon Alley is supposed to open next summer, so the parks will be very busy.

    You booked your Three Broomsticks breakfast for next August? Did you book a package? If so, please make sure you are aware of all the fees charged to make changes when you have a package. It is just as easy to book separately getting your tickets at www.undercovertourist.com and bookings through www.loewshotels.com

    That way, you can make any changes you want up until 6 days prior to arrival without being charged any fees.

    There is no benefit to booking a package.
  6. KELLY

    KELLY New Member

    I looked at everything and it seemed to be no different from booking a Disney package. Maybe I missed something?
  7. damo

    damo <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><marquee behavior

    It may not be different but there is no advantage and there are many disadvantages. It is just as simple to book the hotel and tickets separately. The onsite hotels fluctuate in price, a lot. If you want to take advantage of reducing your hotel price, booking a package is not advisable since you will be charged a change fee. There are often PIN codes that you can't apply once you've booked a package. Also, if you change your mind about anything, it will cost you to make those revisions in your package.
    If you don't book a package, you can change your hotel rate simply by calling and having it adjusted without any fees. You also only have to pay a deposit of one night's fees and the rest is due when you check out.

    From the website:

    Revision Fees:
    Once deposit and/or full payment is received, a $50 revision fee per transaction, plus any applicable services fees or price increases, will be assessed for any changes made to the reservation including, but not limited to, dates, air carrier, hotel, and ground transportation. If your vacation includes airline reservations, air change fees apply, plus a $50 per reservation revision fee and any other fees or price increases imposed by the airline will be charged. Fees are non-refundable. Certain types of airline reservation changes, including name changes, are prohibited based upon restrictions imposed by the carrier.
    Cancellation Fee for Bookings:
    46 days or more - Full refund^
    45-0 days - $200 fee per reservation, plus fees imposed by hotel, airline and/or other components
    ^Additional Terms & Conditions apply regarding transactions including air travel, Halloween Horror Nights, Blue Man Group, VIP Tours and Discovery Cove.
    Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing refunds.
    We accept American Express®, MasterCard®, Discover® Card and Visa®. For final payment we also accept personal checks, travel agency checks, money orders and cashiers checks. We will not accept third-party checks. Payments must be made in US ($) dollars. Reservations booked within 45 days must be paid with a credit card.
    For reservations that include air travel, the total price of airline tickets are due at the time of booking and must be paid in full, in addition to a deposit of per reservation as described below:
    46 days or more - $50 per person deposit, plus cost of Airfare, Vacation Protection Plan & select add-ons due at time of reservation
    45-0 days - Full payment due at time of reservation. (restrictions apply)

    Also, ticket prices are lower at many 3rd party outlets than when you purchase a package.
  8. glocon

    glocon New Member

    One of the best things for my family about staying onsite at UO is the express pass. Makes for such a different trip. If you can swing it, I say go for RPR.

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