Roomate Matching! Spring/ Spring Advantage 2013

Discussion in 'The College Board' started by GoldenFlower, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. NHSchool2012

    NHSchool2012 DCP Alumni -- Earned my Ears!

    Oct 8, 2012
    Is anyone still looking for a roommate arriving 4 February? I can send you my survey thing, but I'm hoping for one roommate in Patterson, wellness!
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  3. Musings

    Musings Mouseketeer

    Oct 1, 2012

    If only you were a girl.
  4. cldancer

    cldancer Earning My Ears

    Oct 4, 2012
    I know it's super last minute, but are any girls still looking for Jan 7- Aug 2 nonwellness? I have one roommate already & we're hoping to get a 2 bedroom.
  5. TheDreamYouWish

    TheDreamYouWish Eeyore's Optimism

    Jan 4, 2013
    Still searching for some roomies for a Jan 29th arrival. Please let me know if you're still looking!


    NAME: Courtney

    GENDER: Female

    BIRTHDATE/AGE: October 30, 1991/21

    ORIENTATION: Straight

    HOMETOWN: Weymouth, Massachusetts

    College: University of Massachusetts at Amherst

    MAJOR: Psychology


    ROLE: Merchandise

    TERM: Spring 2013

    Arrival: January 29th

    DEPARTURE: May 31st





    BUILDING: No preference at the moment.

    NUMBER OF ROOMMATES: No preference

    I COULD NOT LIVE WITH A ROOMMATE THAT: Is rude, inconsiderate, and/or extremely messy.

    WHAT I WANT IN A ROOMMATE: Someone (plural, lol) who is friendly and easy to get along with, and who loves disney of course!



    DO YOU DRINK? Occasionally with dinner or out with family/friends. Not over the top.

    DO YOU SMOKE? Nope.


    MESSY OR TIDY? Generally tidy. Sometimes things accumulate when I don't have time, but it doesn't turn into anything unbearable

    DO YOU LIKE TO COOK? I love to cook! I know I'll be broke down there, but I wouldn't mind occasionally being able to cook a nice dinner for the roomies :)

    NIGHT PERSON OR MORNING PERSON? I'm more of a night person, but I can get up the morning when I need to (which will most likely be the case :p)



    FAVORITE CHORES? I don't really have a favorite... but I have no problem doing any.

    LEAST FAVORITE CHORES? Same as above, really. No problem doing any.

    HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT SHARING? I don't mind sharing, as long as you ask me first. The only thing I might be more stingy with on this is food, as I am gonna be quite tight on cash.

    DO YOU SNORE? I've been told that I do, and I am gonna buy those nasal strips before I go down. I apologize in advance! :worried:

    WHAT TIME DO YOU USUALLY GO TO BED? It depends. If I have to be up early in the morning I try to be in bed by 11.

    WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP ON FREE DAYS? Roughly 9-10am, but since I'll be in Disney I am anticipating getting up earlier to take advantage of everything around me! :)

    I PREFER TO SLEEP IN A ROOM THAT.. is dark for the most part. If someone needs a little light to see, that is fine, but all I ask is that they're quiet as possible.



    THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOU: Friendly, honest, and easy-going.

    ONE GOOD QUALITY: I like to make sure that everyone around me is happy.

    ONE BAD QUALITY: Sometimes I'm too sensitive for my own good.

    FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Suits, The Office, Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, Full House (still :p)

    FAVORITE MOVIES: Any Disney Movie, Mr. Holland's Opus, Drumline, 21 Jump Street, Something Borrowed, most movies (can't think of more at the moment)

    FAVORITE MUSIC: Green Day is my favorite band, and I also like Bowling for Soup, The Beatles, music from the musicals Rent, Hairspray... I listen to almost anything really.

    INTERESTS: I'm an avid marching band nerd... been doing it for almost 8 years and I've learned and grown so much over that time. I enjoy books, hanging out, listening to music.



    FAVORITE MOVIE: It's so hard to narrow it down... let's see though. A Goofy Movie, Tangled, Little Mermaid, Up, Wreck-It Ralph, Toy Story (all of them). Those are my all time faves.


    FAVORITE PRINCESS: Cinderella.

    FAVORITE PRINCE: Prince Charming

    FAVORITE PARK: It's a tie between Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.

    FAVORITE RIDE: All of the mountains at Magic Kingdom, Rockin' Rollercoaster, Test track, Expedition Everest, Soarin'

    NUMBER OF TIMES AT DISNEY? Twice. My first time was in '06 and my second was in 2010 with my high school band.

    WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT AT DISNEY? Being able to meet all these people from all different parts of the country/world, and being able to stay in one of the greatest places I've ever been to for 4 months! :banana:
  6. codysisco

    codysisco Earning My Ears

    Jan 8, 2013
    Hey everyone. I'm checkin in the 29th and lookin for roommates . I know I'm like one of the only guys to post on this but if anyone has info that'd be cool. My fb is Cody Sisco an Instagram is siscosisco If you wanna hit me up
  7. harmonykhkairi

    harmonykhkairi Earning My Ears

    Jan 14, 2013
    I arrive tomorrow but I figured maybe someone be looking for a roommate maybe still and will happen upon my post.


    Name: Kayleigh Millward

    Gender: Female

    Birthdate/Age: May 7, 1989/ 23

    Orientation: Straight

    Hometown: New Port Richey, Fl (less than 2 hours from Orlando so there will actually be a lot of freedays that I go home. I also know the area very well, including the Tampa Bay area. Also expect me to often invite my local friends to visit me. I have a boyfriend who lives less than an hour from Disney whom I will be trying to see at every chance we can create, whether he comes to visit me at Disney or I drive to Valrico.)



    Role: Costuming

    Term: Spring Advantage 2013

    Arrival Date: January 15th

    Departure Date: August 2nd

    Flying or Driving: DRIVING. I actually just bought my first car specifically so I'd have one to drive to and from and around during my program.



    Wellness / Non Wellness: non-wellness

    Building: Patterson or Chatham

    Number of Roommates: I'd rather not have a ton of roommates. I can do 7 roommates but I doubt I'd be happy with 7 roommates.

    Good Qualities in a Roommate: Considerate, asks before touching anything that doesn't belong to them, generally tidy and shares in chores.

    Bad Qualities in a Roommate: Inconsiderate, partier, entitled, complains a lot

    Do You Drink? Not often

    Do You Like To Party? Not particularly. I'm a bit of a homebody but like just chilling with people with similar interests.

    Do You Smoke? Absolutely not.

    Medical Conditions? Allergic to sulfur (eggs) and caffeine (soda and coffee)

    Messy or Tidy? Depends on who you talk to. Most of my friends think I'm a clean freak, my family thinks I'm a slob. Basically I grew up in a family of clean freaks and I just happen to not be the "freakiest" of them. I have OCD when it comes to organization and will get annoyed if things are not where they should be. I don't like things to be extremely messy or dirty. I have a bit of dirt/germ phobia too so things that are particularly messy I will get very irritated and won't go anywhere near (so I tend to keep things cleanly enough that they don't get to a point that I won't venture close).

    Biggest pet peeve? Dirty bathrooms and people who take or touch without asking first. This is a big one for me because I just hate people touching my stuff in general.

    Do You Like to Cook? Absolutely. I grew up cooking and baking with my mom and grandma

    Night Person or Morning Person? Extreme night owl.

    Do You Have a Current Job? Sorta have a couple odd jobs and I might be keeping them while on the program during my freetime. I perform store audits for alcohol checking (a reason that even though I'm not at all a heavy drinker, I may have between 5-10 bottles of alcohol due to these audits). I also do prop, accessories, and wig styling commissions for local cosplayers (which I'm hoping being in Orlando finally will open me to more business).


    ROOMMATE Q&#8217;s

    Favorite Chores? Laundry, Vacuuming, Dusting, Organizing (I mentioned I have organizing OCD)

    Least Favorite Chores? Toliets/Showers (this is probably mostly because I live with two very disgusting brothers and everytime I get household bathroom duty it's nearly to the "I don't want to touch or even walk into this room because it's so dirty and full of germs" point. If the bathroom is kept tidied I probably won't mind it as much. Also Garbage, hate garbage duty.

    How do you feel about sharing? Ask first. I'm not a selfish person by any means (I often get accused of being too kind hearted and getting used by others), but general rule of thumb is don't use or touch without doing the polite thing and asking first.

    Do you snore? Not

    What time do you go to bed? I have no set bedtime. As of right now I've been awake since I woke up last night at around 8:30pm. That was after going to sleep around 5:30pm. My schedule is typically all over the place but I do actually prefer to sleep during the daytime. I'm figuring my schedule for work may change some of this for me but if I find I have a super early or late shift you may find me sleeping in the mid-morning, afternoon, or early evening.

    What time to you wake on free days? see above

    I prefer to sleep in a room that: No real preference. Quiet is nice but absolute silence is not always entirely necessary. I can sleep with some noise. Light is no bother since I prefer to sleep in the daytime anyways.



    Words that describe you: Can be quiet and shy at first and sometimes I've been told I come off as inaccessible. This is not the case I simply have a hard time connecting and speaking to others sometimes. Otherwise I'm extremely kind, caring, generous (to a fault), creative, and a total geek/nerd.

    Good quality: When you get to know me I'm one of the best and most loyal friends you'll ever have, going out of my way to help others. I'm respectful, compassionate, and calm.

    Bad quality: perfectionist, competitive (in games I will do my all to win), can sometimes be a bit overbearing in certain situations. Loud when I'm comfortable with the people around me.

    Favorite TV shows: Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, Teen Wolf, Face Off, Project Runway, and just about any anime you can think of.

    Favorite movies: Lord of the Rings, Titanic, Romeo+Juliet, Harry Potter, Any Disney Movie

    Favorite books: Lord of the Rings, His Dark Materials, The Dark Tower, Percy Jackson series, Artemis Fowl, The Dark Hunters series (do not mention Twilight around me, I've read them and they are not literature and are the only books I would ever, EVER consider burning/banning).

    Favorite music: I listen to a little of everything, rock, techno, pop, classic rock, j-rock/pop, country, etc

    Interests: I have a ton of interests. I love anime/manga, I play a lot of J-RPGs (Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy series are favorites I will probably have a ps2 with me) and other games (I love Half-Life, Portal, and recently have been playing Amnesia and AudioSurf on Steam). I cosplay (make costumes and dress up as my favorite characters) to attend conventions (I'm currently doing about 5-7 cons a year). I run a group that is quite popular in the convention circuit here in Florida known as The Otaku Army. We host panel shows and cosplay groups as well as mini-events and meet ups. Otherwise I like typical stuff like watching movies, reading (love reading), and I love to write and draw when I have spare time (which is not often enough).



    Favorite movie: Either Peter Pan or The Little Mermaid

    Favorite character: Peter Pan and Tinker Belle

    Favorite Princess: Ariel

    Favorite villains: Lock, Shock, and Barrel (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

    Favorite park: That's tough but I think I have to go with Hollywood Studios.

    Favorite ride: I like a bunch of them but I think my all time favorite Disney thing to do is seeing Fantasmic. I absolutely love that show.

    How many times have you been to Disney? My family has had annual passes for the past 5 years or so and we go ALOT. So I can't even begin to count the number of times I've been there.

    What are you most excited about working at Disney? I have wanted to work for Disney for a long time. It's a dream to maybe someday work for the studios in Burbank or just anywhere that I could be hired for graphic design, web design, video editing, or minor animation work (I'm definitely not talented or skilled enough in animation to aim for actual animation work)

    Majors: Graphic Design and Animation

    College: Rasmussen College (I graduate in June thank goodness for small favors)
  8. Princess victoria

    Princess victoria <font color=blue>Williams' Hips Don't Lie xD<br><f

    Jan 26, 2008

    Name: Victoria Serafin

    Gender: Female

    Birthdate/Age: July 6th, 1993/ 19!

    Orientation: Straight

    Hometown: Dallas, Texas



    Role: Merchandise

    Term: Spring Advantage 2013

    Arrival Date: February 11th

    Departure Date: August 9th

    Flying or Driving: Driving 18hrs. lord help me.



    Wellness / Non Wellness: Doesn't matter, but i'm under 21 so :( lol

    Building: I suppose it doesn't matter here either? i haven't quite researched the buildings

    Number of Roommates: No preference

    Good Qualities in a Roommate: Reasonably neat and tidy, fun, nice. basically just someone who's fun to be around! haha

    Bad Qualities in a Roommate: rude, inconsiderate, overly messy.

    Do You Drink? At home with my dad, yes! but since i'm under 21 I can't quite in public yet. :sad1:

    Do You Like To Party? Yes! But I never go overboard. I just like to have a little fun.

    Do You Smoke? Never Cigarettes. mostly for personal reasons.

    Medical Conditions? Nothing major. I have slight ADD and am on meds for that, and I have seasonal allergies (mostly during the fall), but nothing scary.

    Messy or Tidy? a good in-between. I try to stay as neat as possible but I seem to have trouble keeping my clothes off the floor. I'm working on it though! haha

    Biggest pet peeve? Other peoples half-eaten food lying around. If I see it I literally start gagging.

    Do You Like to Cook? I freaking LOVE to cook. Especially for friends and family. I watch the foodnetwork religiously and have even started compiling a recipe binder for when I leave!

    Night Person or Morning Person? Definitely night

    Do You Have a Current Job? I'm currently at Victoria's Secret and have been there for about 8 months

    ROOMMATE Q&#8217;s

    Favorite Chores? I suppose Laundry. I'm not a big fan of chores but i'll do them when needed

    Least Favorite Chores? Dishes. I freak out when I touch other people leftover food. It's a weird phobia of mine.

    How do you feel about sharing? Sharing is Caring! haha jk but yea i'm totally fine with sharing! as long as you don't take more than your share

    Do you snore? Sometimes but when I do it's quiet

    What time do you go to bed? I don't ever have a set time. When I'm out with friends i usually don't get home until 1-2 am and i've been known to stay up until 5-6am. but if i do come home late I always try my best to be quiet so as not to wake anyone up

    What time to you wake on free days? usually anywhere from 11am-1pm

    I prefer to sleep in a room that: If i'm totally by myself i'm scared of the dark, but since i'll be sharing a room most likely darkness is totally fine.



    Words that describe you: Accepting, nice, shy (when i first meet a person. after we get to know each other though i open up a lot more), fun. describing myself is weird for me haha i feel conceited when i do.

    Good quality: I never judge and am accepting of any kind of lifestyle a person lives. I like to think i'm a fun person. I try to stay positive.

    Bad quality: at times i can get a bit emotional and i have very occasional mood swings.

    Favorite TV shows: How I met Your Mother! BBC Sherlock, Say Yes to the Dress, pretty much any program on foodnetwork or cookingchannel! And most anime

    Favorite movies: Disney movies of course. but my all time favorite movie is Moulin Rouge!

    Favorite books: Harry Potter x84930715803. I also love the Children of the Djinn series, the spiderwick chronicles, and the percy jackson series

    Favorite music: K-POP! I'm a little obsessed currently. but besides that, I love rock, pop, jazz, pretty much anything except country.

    Interests: Yo, i'm giant nerd. I love anime and pretty much anything "geek culture" encompasses.


    Favorite movie: Brave

    Favorite character: Aladdin

    Favorite Princess: Belle

    Favorite villains: Hades!

    Favorite park: Animal Kingdom. and Magic Kingdom

    Favorite ride: Expedition Everest for sure

    How many times have you been to Disney? 5-6

    What are you most excited about working at Disney? EVERYTHING. and It's a great opportunity since i'm hoping to end up in a disney musical at some point in my life!

    Majors: Vocal Performance

    College: Richland College.

    Also as a note: I was supposed to live off-site, but due to some really stupid people those plans fell through only yesterday, and am now having to live on disney property which explains my late post! I'm hoping to find at least one person before I leave.

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