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Resource for the San Diego Area

Discussion in 'Southern California' started by thewesterberg, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. thewesterberg

    thewesterberg New Member

    While searching online for some info for our upcoming trip to SoCal and DLR, I came across this very helpful website -www.tourguidetim.com

    He's got lots of great information for the whole San Diego area - from weather, to tips, to things to see and do. I've been finding it very helpful in planning as there's so much info and it's all in one place. Thought others might find it interesting as your planning your trips too!
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    IUTBAM New Member

    Very helpful! Thanks!
  4. sarefromoz

    sarefromoz New Member

    Thanks for that. I am finding it really hard to plan San Diego and this has helped a lot :thumbsup2
  5. thewesterberg

    thewesterberg New Member

    Glad it helped you out! I've gotten spoiled with planning Disbey trips because you're able to find great sites that have all the info in one place! San Diego was a bit trickier until I found that site.

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