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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by itutorfortravel, Dec 31, 2013.

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    Apr 1, 2008
    If I buy a slightly larger contract in order to have enough points to do a specific vacation every couple years but see the potential some years to have a few points left I can't use (and decide not to bank for whatever reason), is it ever an issue being able to rent out your points? I mean, if you can't do it yourself do those sites (there's one in particular but I don't remember the name) who rent out points always buy from DVC members or would they possibly not be interested in buying points and if so what would cause that to be the case?
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    During the recession there were a few people who found themselves unable to rent points - simply a supply demand thing.

    The other issue people have is not planning ahead. If your points are short term, you may not be able to rent them because finding a renter AND availability to match up can get hard. This is one of the reasons owners who rent points usually make them non-refundable. With a year to work with, finding an owner and availability isn't much of a challenge unless there is something like the recession happening. With three months - it becomes a lot harder.
  4. Deb & Bill

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    Mar 20, 2000
    DVC isn't that fond of members "renting" their points. They have thrown a few wrenches into the mix in the past and could do it again.

    Banking is the way to go when you have a few points left over that you don't think you will use during the current use year. So the next year, you get a little bigger or more point expensive resort or stay longer.
  5. CarolMN

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    Even though we talk about renting points, what we are really renting is a reservation. So if you want to rent extra points, you need to find someone who wants a reservation that will use the points AND the nights have to be available for you to make the reservation in their name. As mentioned above, that can be a problem without several months lead time.

    There are several brokers who "rent" points on behalf of members who choose o use them as a go-between. Most of the brokers have required minimums and do not buy the points from the member. They find a customer, get the member with the points to make the reservation, collect the money, handle escrow arrangements and deal with the renters' (customers') questions.

    One of the DIS DVC Board sponsors (who posts here under the screen name Daddio) has such a service. You can read more about how his service works on his website -

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